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Sulking By The Swings: Cardiff’s Year of the Dog are okay with being the bad guys on the excellent ‘Arch Enemy’

After memorably appearing on Netflix’s hit comedy-drama Sex Education as the Swing Band, Year of the Dog return with their wonderfully catchy new single from this compelling outfit on ‘Arch Enemy‘.

Year of the Dog is an entertaining Cardiff, Wales-based six-piece brass-house soul band. With a lip-licking taste for the delicious rhythms of funk, ska, reggae and swing, this is a finely tuned outfit who certainly know that sweet spot in our hungry music-loving stomachs.

Recorded at the famous Monnow Valley Studios (Oasis, Stone Roses, Black Sabbath) the single is a nod to their childhood days of listening to chugging rock bands like The Dandy Warhols and The Black Keys, fused with their current unmistakable brass-blasting punch and professional suave.” ~ Year of the Dog

With a supremely enjoyable funky fresh sound and gritty vocals mixed with such cleverly-penned lyrics – the spectacular mountain visuals adds so much to the setting – and has your head bouncing joyously to a wonderful track, from a band who will have you dancing around with their catchy style.

Despite lockdown sweeping away their 2020 summer tour, the band have managed to keep themselves busy, earning a feature on BBC News ‘How To Be A Band In Lockdown’, and two interviews on BBC primetime radio.” ~ Year of the Dog

You feel the foot-tapping experience here and the skill level witnessed is of a world class standard from a well-respected group, who will surely start touring worldwide from 2022.

Arch Enemy‘ from the Cardiff, Wales-based brass-house act Year of the Dog, is a thrilling song that takes you back to those school days when you had a crush with someone who didn’t feel the same way. You then proceeded to be mortal enemies rather than friends, as you both lived different lives when you things could of actually been so different.

Performed with a real edge and hunger, this is a rather memorable track which will have you turning the volume up to the maximum.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Like A Shadow: UK multi-instrumentalist Dougieto gives us the tour of his mindset with ‘Me, Myself and I’

As he flies high into the sun-lit sky of optimism and slaps his trusty bass with vigorous excitement, Dougieto splendidly shows us into his forward-thinking world on his latest single all about what he has been up to hidden from the world with ‘Me, Myself and I‘.

Liam Browning aka Dougieto, is a UK-based Aldi supermarket worker during the day, who is also an intriguing multi-instrumentalist by night, and performs a variety of different genres from ska, metal, to hip-hop.

He smartly makes that likable blend of underground music that is superbly simple, full of honesty, and packed with shelves of brisk music vibration for us to sing along with, as we bounce our heads to the appealing vibe.

With a gritty edge and a smoothly constructed delivery, we are introduced to an everyday man who has something rather unique about him. He has confidence wrapped all over him, raps with a introspective demeanor, as he flows through into our minds with relatable stories about how life is going, and what his dreams are. Becoming a star is of course the end goal – but the journey there and keeping it real – are the main elements to all his creative heart juices, that makes him an artist to easily support.

Me, Myself and I‘ from the UK-based keyboard player, guitarist and bassist Dougieto, is a top notch performance from a lovable guy who just wants to make good music. There are no boring and fake braggadocios raps here, only truthful insight into his busy life right now. He is a passionate music lover who wants to be heard, as he revs up his engine and lets the clutch down.

This is the type of song to feel inspired by, and a valuable lesson in which we can all take note of. If you love something enough, just do it and never look back.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see his IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dougieto rises with his debut release ‘Phoenix’.

UK-based multi-instrumentalist Dougieto made an official introduction on the airwaves by releasing the live recording of his energetically original single, ‘Phoenix’. If you can imagine what it would sound like if Leftover Crack pulled in Zach de la Rocha for vocals, you’ll get an idea of what is on offer.

With power metal buzzsaw riffs served alongside funky ska-punk staccato rhythms, one thing that Dougieto could never be accused of is being predictable. Phoenix is a progressively adrenalizing exhibition of his instrumental talent that we’re sure will see him go for in 2021 and beyond. With his ability to lay down riffs at blistering speed and seemingly make any genre his plaything, success is almost a given. We can’t wait to hear a mixed and mastered work from him to follow the epic teaser.

You can check out the live recording of Phoenix for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Flow State serves soul food in their latest single, Pancake Love.

Alt electro duo Flow State has unleashed their most archaically avant-garde single to date with their jazz fusion single, ‘Pancake Love’.

The South-West, England-hailing artist delivers a versatile fusion sound that makes jazz, electro-swing, ska and blues-rock the cornerstone in Pancake Love. As soon as you hit play, you’re forcibly shunted from the 21st-century by the sun-bleached reggae tones that brighten the subversively surreal track that bears reminiscence to Creepshow, Horrorpops and The Brains. But as you can probably gather from the track title, Pancake Love comes with sticky sweet flair and affection as opposed to macabre inclination.

You can get your fill of Pancake Love by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Flick Of A Pen: California band Joker’s Hand show us into the ‘War Profiteer’

As their curious minds go into the dark midst to fully see what is going on despite the distractions, Joker’s Hand show their displeasure with how money is made from so much suffering on ‘War Profiteer‘.

Joker’s Hand is a thriving two-piece indie alt- rock/punk band from Torrance, California. They cook up a tasty ska-fused track here which showcases their rising talents with Kevin Kawano and Matt Lau, letting it rip on how messed up this profit-driven world really is.

This is the story of how politics can be so thoughtless sometimes — as many people are struggling — whilst the horrific greed and decay of morals, is so worrying and needs to change urgently. They cleverly add their sarcastic undertone to this promising single, that has a real message that needs to be heard far and wide.

They sing with so much passion and honesty, as they show you into their thought process while doing it with a cheeky grin on their faces too. The performance is top notch, as the catchy rhythm has you listening intently the whole way though.

War Profiteer‘ from the talented Californian two-piece alt-punk/ska/rock fusion band Joker’s Hand, opens up the truth newspaper to page through the truth and to dispel the fake. They have a likable sound that has you impressed and nodding your head, while your whole body follows to join in.

Stream this truthful single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not Like Before: Indiana’s underground Ska legends Coolidge are back with exciting new single about changing on ‘We’re Alright’

Taken off their vibrantly creative new album ‘Condition Transmission‘, Coolidge smash the door open on their latest single about changing perspective in life called ‘We’re Alright‘.

Coolidge is an experienced five-piece Ska-punk/rock band from Indianapolis in Indiana, USA. They play their hearts out on each note, their minds are connected in such a way that they know what each other is doing and they bring the classic old school mentality with them.

This is the story of being shy before, but as you have gotten older you have opened up your voice to speak from the mind and to never let anyone else put words in your mouth. Times have changed from the past when small minded folks thought they knew you and you feel like this is the best way to live, rather than being quiet as a mouse and getting stepped on when you are just minding your business.

They perform with an exuberance that is abundantly entertaining and you turn them up some more to fully hear their quality rise to the top of the speaker. This is a band that have put thousands of hours into their sound, as they clearly enjoy playing together too.

We’re Alright‘ from the lovable veteran Indiana Ska act Coolidge, is a true story about how sticking up for yourself really matters in life. You have evolved for the best and if others can’t see that, its their loss after all.

Hear this rocking new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC act Not from Concentrate showcase their growing talent with ska flavored ‘If You’re Wrong’

After over a decade as a band, NYC outfit Not From Concentrate are back with one of their best songs yet on ‘If You’re Wrong‘.

They began as a college ska band in New York City. and over the years, the groups sound and personnel changed, as nature happens. Sticking together, the sound is more alt-rock but of course has that Ska core to the bones of the soul.

After touring the East Coast extensively, the group are looking to add to shows like with the legend King Django. With a respected name, this is a band that is looking to play on awesome stages, with artists they respect.

New York City band Not From Concentrate impress on their latest single ‘If You’re Wrong‘. This is a self-aware track that sets the tone, the vocals are gritty and real, the bands sound grows on you as the song keeps you rocking throughout. With so many stylish and different influences, you get the feeling that this is a band that are truly at one with themselves, and their instruments.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australia’s April And The Drift deliver illuminating jazzy-reggae 2020 soundtrack with ”Garbage Rules”

April And The Drift is a spellbinding singer-songwriter with a life long dedication to elevating her majestic music skill set and the results are gift wrapped with delicious jazzy blues reggae treats. The songwriter who was born and raised in Copenhagen is so honest and showcases her voice splendidly here. Teaming up with multi-talented lead guitarist and pianist Fidel Carmona, the duo primarily go the organic route. They utilize natural instruments that slide straight through your sensitive soul.

With a horror theme park sound to begin this masterpiece- this marks the year that is 2020. Unfortunately garbage leadership is holding back the world right now and the stench is quite horrifying. Luckily April And The Drift send through a jazzy-reggae and soul-pleasing song to make us all happy inside our weary brains.

April’s sultry, sensual but always classy vocals mixed with the ska reggae vibes adds a shoulder hugging song that rises above all pettiness on ”Garbage Rules”.

This is a marvelous soundtrack that keep your energy up with lots to think about. Australian based April And The Drift highly impress here and this is one of the best songs of the year by far. Rubbish dominates right now but times are changing. Mount Glorious is how high this sound elevates me.

Get your ears a beautiful boost on Spotify.

Gig info is right here on the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jesse Grossi – Aquarius: Sticky-Sweet Reggae Pop Rock

Reggae is renowned for its feel-good vibes and ability to feed us sun-soaked grooving euphoria, but in Jesse Grossi’s enamouring mix of Reggae, Pop,  Ska and Rock Aquarius you’ll feel a smorgasbord of uplifting emotions.

The track kicks off with an atmospherically moody Indie Rock prelude before breaking into punchy Ska rhythms which lead up to sticky-sweet Pop rock choruses with plenty of inventive instrumental experimentalism thrown in for good measure.

For anyone who grew up holding Peter Andre’s hit Mysterious Girl close to their hearts, Aquarius isn’t just a playlist essential. It’s the ultimate Reggae Rock taste breaker.

Naturally, we’re all too excited to hear what the LA-based artist will release next.

You can check out Jesse Grossi’s single Aquarius for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DiDs Music & Steph Evans – No Taboo: The Ultimate Sun-Soaked Ska Pop Playlist Essential

“No Taboo” is the magnetically smooth latest single from DiDs Music & Steph Evans which has already been adopted on plenty of people’s summer playlists; and with the ska rhythms infused into the vibrant Indie Pop soundscape, there’s really little room to wonder why.

The authentic sun-soaked vibe behind No Taboo effortlessly feeds you feel good rhythms while the unfalteringly flawless vocals verse lyrics which go far beyond just scratching at the surface of superficiality. No Taboo may be a light, and easy track to listen to, but that didn’t stop DiDs Music & Steph Evans from penning poignant and inspiring lyricism which inspires the listener to throw away the shame about their own identities.

You can check out DiDs Music & Steph Evans’ single No Taboo for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast