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FLEUR ROUGE drops powerful single Growing Pains

Singer/songwriter FLEUR ROUGE has released her single ‘Growing Pains’ infusing the Pop sound to complete this mesmerising and vibrant piece.

Telling an honest story through the meaningful lyrics, adding in that calming sound of the plucks of the strings on the guitar, combining that upbeat high energy melody that flows throughout.

This piece is one of them that will constantly be stuck in your head and played on repeat, the upbeat melody that collides alongside the incredible vocals it’s what makes this piece one to listen too.

FLEUR has this modulated vocal, with this smooth texture tending to reach out to hit the high notes but does it perfectly. When she sings she gives it this more powerful and lively energy as you listen through her uplifting vocals and meaningful lyrics that she portrays throughout.

Check out FLEUR ROUGE’s Growing Pains by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall



American singer-songwriter Chris Peters released his latest track ‘Miss Communication’ on April 15th 2020, a passionately folk ballad.

The whole song develops around acoustic guitars, gentle notes and multiple vocals in a genuine folk style that prides itself on a brilliantly creative song-writing for a widely harmonic outcome. Chris Peters talks about the early days of a relationship – when everything feels so unsure and undefined – and how sometimes it’s better not to focus on the uncertainty but just live in the in-between. The only way to go through it is establishing open communication: he’d rather have miscomunication than to “miss communication with you.“

If we’re talking communication here, this song says many things you may not want to miss out on.

Check out ‘Miss Communication’ on Spotify for yourself.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Millie releases her powerful and funky EP Outliers

Millie has dropped her latest six-track collection ‘Outliers’ intertwining the sound of Pop but adding in a little jazz, every piece is filled with high energy and groovy melodies.

Always using the guitar to create those funky instrumentals as the guitar begins it’s electric shreds and the drum beats adding in that infectious energy that Millie portrays through all of her music, giving it a real uplifting feeling as you listen.

Millie’s vocal ranges tend to have that more modulated and tending to have that brittle texture to them the higher she goes with her voice, adding a bit of rough edge as she sings at a low-pitch volume. Always stretching out her voice to collide with the melody as that begins to pick up volume and suspense. The rhythm and the vocals go hand in hand and they flow so well together.

Some pieces on the anthology are live pieces, which is interesting to listen to the different atmosphere and the way the voice sounds. If Millie didn’t prove how fantastic her music was before then the mesmerising pieces of stripped-back live music is on a different level. Sometimes with live music it can be a hit or miss, but Millie owned it.  Hearing her voice as it is in all its glory was dreamy, hearing the roar emotion pouring through each word, the powerful instrumentation that collides alongside in such an incredible way.

Listen to Millie’s EP Outliers by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Jane H releases latest single Seashell: A mesmerising Pop single

Artist Jane H has dropped her latest single ‘Seashell’ fueling her powerful vocal range through this incredible Pop piece.

The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the beach gives it this soothing atmosphere as the pluck on the guitar strings begin to take over, having this really peaceful essence throughout as the background is filled with calming melodies.

As the lyrics are sung in such a compelling way, it’s filled with so much power and that pours through in every single second. The vocal ranges that Jane portrays are impressive, having that mellow brittle tone to her voice, that fits perfectly with the overall feeling the song gives off.

Every single part of the song is done in such a mesmerising way, as it comes towards the end the instrumentation gets louder and the vocals hit the high notes as the suspension builds through the use of instruments.

This piece is one that is a hit in itself, it has so much emotion that flows through it and it’s so relaxing to listen too.

Listen to Jane H’s Seashell by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Ria Carval has dropped her single Reflections: A powerful piece with incredible vocals

Artist Ria Carval has dropped her Pop infused single ‘Reflections’. Through her mesmerising vocals and meaningful lyrics to create this infectious track.

Starting off with a techno style vocal leading into the soft melodic tone that Ria has. Portraying a fairly synthesized sound through parts of the song. The vocal ranges are incredible as she hits the high notes so effortlessly and pure emotion tends to pour through each word that is sung, in a rather mesmerising way.

The beat is more on the simpler side, having that upbeat melody that seeps through the rest of the elements, using a variety of effects to create the overall rhythm and as the vocal pitch picks up the instrumentation gets more powerful and loud as the sound of piano keys fills the air.

Through the lyrics and impressive vocal ranges as well as the way it combines with the rhythm is why this song is such a hit in itself, through the story that is told through the words and the way she lets feelings come through her voice in such a compelling way.

Check out Ria Carvals single Reflections by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myal


Howl in the Valley releases EP Rock Candy Sessions

Up and Coming Folk-Rock band Howl in the Valley have dropped their latest three-track collection ‘Rock Candy Sessions’.

Having a range of different instrumentation throughout each track, from the harmonica, to the calming sound of the acoustic guitar, adding in that slight tap on the tambourine.

Some elements really bring in that Folk sound however on the track ‘Driva’ that infuses the Rock element, by adding in that slighter heavier riff on the electric guitar and amping up the volume through the instrumentation. The vocals use a lot more volume, rather than the previous track which was very mellow and soothing.

The end track is definitely the one that stands out the most, you really hear the pure roar emotion that comes seeping through the vocals, as the tone is kept at a steady pace and having that rather brittle tone in places. Using the guitar as the main instrument for this one, giving it it’s own time to play the calming riffs in a short guitar solo.

Howl in the Valley has created a really mesmerising collection of stripped-back songs, it’s just them with their instruments in all their glory and it’s really impressive.

Listen to Howl in the Valley Rock Candy Sessions by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Chris Mossop – Candle In You Still Burns – Relax the senses and burn anew

A gentle guitar, accompanied by an ethereal cello, ease the listener into three minutes of tender bliss. In your mind, you walk, with our humble narrator. All those worries, burdens that seemed so important, start fading as Chris Mossop takes us, without asking, on a sensory journey.

In taking the decision to listen, give yourself over to him, he takes you to an old Oak tree. The place where he sits, bathing in light, and now invites you to share. In this place you can rest, strip yourself  of all weight, and find a way to keep burning bright.

Alone, for a moment, and then revived.

Passion firing, lighting up the horizon, like never before.

Facebook / Official website / Instagram / YouTube / Twitter / Apple Music / Spotify

Review by Lisa Knight


Chris Hobart has dropped his single Wolf Pack: Synth Indie Rock at it’s finest

Up and coming artist Chris Hobart has dropped his single ‘Wolf Pack’ embracing the wholesome sound of Synth Indie Rock, it’s a masterpiece.

An impactful instrumentation pulses through this piece, that loud bang on the drum, using the synthesizer to create that catchy melody and adding in humming and a chant, giving it a more powerful meaning.

The way the rhythm is changed from the beginning, middle and end keeps you listening. Towards the halfway point, is where the Indie Rock elements take their lead, the loud high-pitched riffs on the guitar, the clash on the drums but still keeping that same synthesized beat but lowering the volume on it so it gently collides alongside the rest.

Chris creates a feeling of suspense through his vocal ranges, keeping it rather flat in places but hitting them high notes perfectly, having a rather silvery tone when it comes to his voice and wide array of pitches

This one is one that will be listened to by many and will definitely be on repeat, so be sure to check this one out.

Head over to SoundCloud now to listen to Chris Hobart’s track Wolf Pack.

Review by Karley Myall


Sean Miller releases EP Everywhere I Roam

Northern Michigan, singer-songwriter Sean Miller has dropped his seven-track collection ‘Everywhere I Roam’.

An anthology filled with excitement and pure energy flowing through each piece, having this really uplifting way about them, infusing the sound of Pop-Folk with the super upbeat instrumentation and the high-pitched energetic vocals.

Some are a lot more laid back, making you feel a sense of relaxation as you listen, some a lot quicker and louder, the strums on the guitar are harsher and the vocals take a more fast pace approach seeming a little rougher. Having that mixture between the two different styles of song and really making it his own in such an incredible way, not to mention the incredible duet with Lara Fullford on track four ‘Phone Call Smiles’ a love song sang in such a mesmerising way as each vocal bounces off one another perfectly.

Listen to Sean Miller’s EP Everywhere I Roam by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


‘Follow Through’ by Alexa Zaro: The Next Big Thing.

It’s not often you hear a voice like Alexa Zaro. It’s a cross-genre timbre that hits you right in the gut and makes everything she says soulful and heartfelt. Her sound is rich with a touch of Country, Folk, RnB and Pop and ‘Follow Through’ is the perfect song to show off her unique talent. She is obviously comfortable in her skin and knows her voice really well because she is amazingly dextrous, and her performance oozes confidence and self awareness.

Born and raised in New York, Alexa has honed her craft and is a fully formed artist. Her songwriting has depth and honesty and the structure is pure Pop, with some great chants in the out-chorus that is sure to have everyone singing along. She uses the lyric to reel you into her world and makes you the confidante you didn’t know you wanted to be. She wears her heart on her sleeve throughout the track and it really is a treat to be a fly on the wall in the life of Alexa Zaro.

Listen to ‘Follow Through’ by Alexa Zaro on Spotify and tell us what you think.

Review by Susan Harriott