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Put It Together: Luke Crimiel pleads for them to stop flashing and always hating on ‘Show Me’

With an annoyed attitude that has grown tiresome of their silly games, Luke Crimiel brushes off the pesky small-mindedness on the engrossing new single ‘Show Me‘.

Luke Crimiel is an absorbing Lafayette, Louisiana-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie pop singer-songwriter, music producer, skilled dancer, and respected multi-instrumentalist. He is an artist who sings from the heart and its clear that he isn’t afraid to show his emotions, so that he may help others who are perhaps feeling a bit down in life or love.

My family always had music on. It was a lifestyle. Happy times we play music, sad times we play music. I think it would have been impossible for me not to have been influenced by my musical family.” – Luke Crimiel

You feel his terrific vocals that shows his growing maturity, each note is sung with an enthralling grace that has you wondering who really got him so in depth within this track. The scene has been set and the intrigue is so intense, the beat takes your mind inside the inner workings, and this is such a fascinating listen.

Show Me‘ from the multi-skilled Los Angeles-based music producer and indie pop musician Luke Crimiel, is a wildly compelling track which has you thinking deeply about those people who seem to enjoy seeing you lose. You took it for a while on the chin, but are now making the move to end this, as its time to speak up.

Sometimes you need to say something for anything to change, otherwise you might sit back for years and keep on taking unnecessary punches.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Real Deal: Guam-born TonyaJae searches for the genuine soul on ‘Show Me’ (ft. Carlo V. and Spell)

As she looks deeply right into their eager eyes to see if they could be the one she has been looking for, TonyaJae asks for evidence of the true intentions via the top shelf new track called ‘Show Me‘ (ft. Carlo V. and Spell).

Tonya Jaemarie Terlaje Ascura aka TonyaJae is a polished Guam-born, San Diego-based RnB/pop singer-songwriter, who has been creating since she was just four years old. She makes that honest soundscape that looks into your soul, as it gives you the strength to stand up for yourself and follow your dreams with no looking back.

Her striking voice is so electric as she shows the frustration of meeting too many fake hearts before, as she only wants to be with someone who is going to support her and teach her new things. That deep love is what she truly desires and you can feel that she is self-aware enough, to know deep inside what she really needs.

Show Me‘ (ft. Carlo V. and Spell) from the stunningly smooth-voiced RnB/pop singer TonyaJae, is a loving song about wanting someone to truly try and get you for who you are, as you are not just looking for the same old average. Knowing ones self-worth is the peaceful passageway to walking into the most beautiful place, you have ever seen in your life.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and follow her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen