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Where Did They Go: BEE wonders what happened to that fleeting love on ‘Blue Sky’

After being drawn into being a musician thanks to watching the legendary Shakira live when he was just fifteen years old, BEE looks above to bring in the fresh clear vibes of a new dawn, on his new single called ‘Blue Sky’.

BEE is an inspired Abu Dhabi indie pop singer-songwriter, who loves to create that stunning soundscape that lifts you off your seat and takes you to sun-lit places, that you didn’t know were possible before.

He sings with such love and fire, the relationship didn’t happen the way he though it would, as he loved her so much. With a confident voice and true determination in his veins, you feel the story wash over your heart and you remember when you lost that person who you wanted to be with forever.

Blue Sky’ from the exciting Abu Dhabi indie pop singer-songwriter BEE, is a touching story about how sometimes love doesn’t work out sometimes, no matter how much you want it to happen. Life can be harsh, but holding onto those sweet memories is always a way to feel that you made a connection, that might be reignited one day when your eyes lock again.

Stream this song on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London-based singer Israel Nke is magnificent on ‘Moonlight’ ft Shakira

Nigerian-born singer Israel Nke is here with a fantastic Hop Hop soul single called ‘Moonlight‘ ft Shakira.

Moonlight‘ is about the pain of a loss, the depth of a split-second decision and the lasting effects. With beautiful piano sounds illuminating with some noises of the street, we are soon underway. From there there beat turns to reflective Hip Hop and mellow rap vocals that gets you in the mood.

After leaving his polygamous father in Nigeria, to a life on the streets and a term in prison, this all led to his eventual redemption as a singer-songwriter. This is the debut single is ‘Moonlight‘, a song that speaks about how a split-second can change everything.

London-based Israel Nke has found his way after a life that was close to the bottom. He has emerged from the onslaught and is happy inside. He is happy as he is making great music and spreading his message of never giving up despite the odds. A comeback is always something to support if the intentions are pure. ‘Moonlight‘ ft Shakira¬†is a fine track that lights up 2020’s peace flag.

Stream here on Soundcloud to hear this great song.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen