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Sell Your Soul: Dylan Koski shows massive frustration with the selfish on ‘Mother Superior’

With a groovy vibe and some supremely catchy riffs, Dylan Koski takes us on a real reflective ride that has your ears perked up in anticipation of a deeply significant moment of art named ‘Mother Superior‘.

Dylan Koski is a self-aware indie-rock artist from Columbus, Ohio. He smartly makes that relevant music which has you mind alert and ready for knowledge, as he puts us in a thoughtful trance with his purposeful music soundscape.

His songwriting draws influence from Rory Gallaghers fiery guitar solos, the atmosphere of Pink Floyd and the Beatles fearless approach to songwriting. with a modern twist.” ~ Dylan Koski

You feel his old school soul shine through as he performs with so much fierce intensity, as he sings with a strong mindset which gives you so much hope. This is the story about showing those who bring others down will not be tolerated – as he stands up to be counted in the fight to teach others – that you can indeed make a difference through music.

Mother Superior‘ from the well-respected Columbus, Ohio-based indie-rock artist Dylan Koski, shows us a man who has a tremendous fire in his belly to always speak the truth, no matter what. He sings with so much meaningful intent on this riveting track – that shakes the speakers and has your mind thinking of those who have no shame – in webbing their claws around those who only seek to live a good life.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Harsh Lessons Learnt: Ferrari CoxKasino made it to the right lane of superior self-awareness on ‘Now I Know’

After dealing with a tough stretch that required a deep rethink of his path, Ferrari CoxKasino rises up to show the world what is actually possible, if you believe in the right way on ‘Now I Know‘.

Ferrari CoxKasino is a skilled emcee who after ten years behind bars, shows that you can indeed have a better life and not go down the same tracks as before, if you want it enough.

He raps about trusting the wrong people back in the day, doing things he wouldn’t do now and thinking clearer than before. After a lot of time to think about life, he now flows about positive messages and how to live to bring change to your family, without doing things that you might regret later on.

Now I Know‘ from the confident and self-aware emcee Ferrari CoxKasino, is a ride to find that enlightenment that might not be cool to some, but is actually the only way to have a long-term happiness that will guide you through the bad times forever. This is a rare trap-filled track with a message that inspires hope, not darkness and fake lies that do you no good.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Running In Circles: Brooklyn’s Horse Radish meander wonderfully on sad memory via the ‘Labyrinth’

Released off their delightfully innocent seven-track debut album from this year called ‘Snake Charmer‘, Horse Radish takes us on an intricately scintillating ride through the maze of life with ‘Labyrinth‘.

Horse Radish is a Brooklyn, New York-based folk band made from true friends, who make that deeply intimate music about heartbreak and overcoming your fragile emotions to wisely fuse it stronger together, so you may love wholeheartedly again and feel that nurturing warmth all over your body.

”Horse Radish’s 2021 debut, Snake Charmer, is an ode to the space suspended between longing and heartbreak.”- Horse Radish

This is the thoughtfully special song about those loving memories about that special soul you once met, your mind wishes that you were together but for some reason, it didn’t happen. The sweet love was there and then just like a bird flying in the sunlit sky, it was swept away and only a distant memory remains.

Labyrinth‘ from Brooklyn’s self-aware folk act Horse Radish, feeds those missing nutrients into your hungry body, so you may feel soulfully enhanced again, to brush off the negative energies of the past year and roam free into the wild again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking for better: Pennsylvania emcee Don $av refuses the average world on ‘This Can’t Be Life’

Taken off his latest six-track EP called ‘The Motion Picture‘, Don $av is at his self-aware best on this real inside look into the current world situation on ‘This Can’t Be Life‘.

Don $av is an exceptional Central Pennsylvania emcee with African roots, who makes that consciously alert hip-hop about real issues, that he sees each day on the street around him. He raps with meaningful style and tears the bars off the hinges with confident charm.

He saunters in with that extra hungrier attitude that defines the great from the average, as this is all about opening your mind to what life should be like. His eyes are wide open throughout the effortless gem and this is all about looking for more meaning in such a confusingly divisive world that needs to mend bridges quickly, before they all tumble down forcefully.

With a consistently appealing flow, he smartly wraps his wise words together to make a tasty rap sandwich that is so edible, you might need a second helping.  He teaches us lessons about true life struggles, as each verse is tremendously constructed and his flow is smooth and deep, with a pulsating purpose.

This Can’t Be Life‘ from the top drawer Central Pennsylvania emcee Don $av, has that pure quality strewn all over the track as he shows us that life can actually be better, if you want it enough.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money don’t sleep, people do: East Oakland’s Cholly Maq teaches us how to make that dough on ‘Million Dolla Mouthpiece’

With street lessons of how to keep that paper flowing for years, Cholly Maq brings his quality raps and cash tips we need to take note of, on his new track called ‘Million Dolla Mouthpiece‘.

Cholly Maq is a quick-fire self-aware East Oakland solo hip-hop artist with more charm in his left pocket, than most of us will ever have in our lifetime. He gratefully takes his shot away from the ego-filled world of rap groups, by branching out by himself and seems to be growing with every bar that he drops.

With his smooth flow and witty stories about the heart-wrenching inner-city poverty in his local area that has unfortunately engulfed so many for far too long, he brings the heat with a top track that has your head noddin’ and your body groovin’ along happily, while making you realize that you need to make something of your life. Waiting for the postman all day isn’t going to deliver you anything after all.

Million Dolla Mouthpiece‘ from the street-smart emcee Cholly Maq, is that true-life message about never slowing down to take a break, as you will slowly lose your touch and someone hungrier will take over. He brightens up our day with a quality release that gets you to think of ideas on how to jump on the money train quickly, before its too late.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen