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December Fades reached the pinnacle of synthwave seduction in his latest single, With You

December Fades

LA singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, December Fades, has delivered what will undoubtedly be revered as the most seductive synthwave sound of the summer with his latest single, With You.

The moody reverberations beneath the transcendent tones emulating from the glassy synths which echo the neon-lit euphoria of the Weeknd create a scintillating contrast while simultaneously injecting profound depth into the unfiltered passion in the love song that invites you to witness the darkness beyond the light of connection.

With all the makings of a radio-ready perennial pop earworm and the sincerity of a soul-bleeding candour in its rawest form, With You broke the summer pop mould. The single stands as a testament to December Fades’ affecting approach to rendering romanticism into his productions which may drift between styles but they always arrive on the airwaves with cinematic flair, infectious melodies, and lyrics sharp enough to tear their way through the coldest of souls.

Stream With You on all major platforms, including Spotify, from June 14.

For more ways to listen and connect with the artist, check out December Fades’ official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Isabelle Mettle charted new constellations of soul with her interstellar track, Jupiter and Mars

Isabelle Mettle

In the cosmos of contemporary RnB, Isabelle Mettle’s latest single, ‘Jupiter and Mars’, is a celestial defiance of the ordinary. From the outset, the track asserts its uniqueness with stabbing synths and spacey euphonic iconography. The influence of Erykah Badu, Prince, Jill Scott, and Blood Orange is palpable in Mettle’s work, yet she transcends these inspirations to assert herself as a firebrand of a visionary.

Mettle, a London native, brings the city’s rich musical heritage into play in her latest release by weaving the rhythmic beats of RnB with the smooth sophistication of jazz. Her soulful sound is a reflection of an artist who has not only mastered her craft but also knows how to push boundaries. The track’s transition from a strikingly future-embracing intro into a melodious groove is seamless, with Mettle’s divine vocal lines adding a touch of classic soul to the stylistically rich composition.

What sets ‘Jupiter and Mars’ apart is its ability to straddle genres effortlessly. The track sits comfortably between the raw, unfiltered energy of Brooke Combe and the ethereal, dream-like quality of Warpaint. Mettle is not just following trends; she is setting them in constellations of her own making.

Jupiter and Mars will come into Earth’s orbit and hit the airwaves on February 23rd.

Stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Supa Philly – PERCOLATE: A Retro RnB Revival with a Modern Heartbeat

Supa Philly, a band seasoned by decades of musical evolution, returned with their latest single, PERCOLATE, a track that masterfully interweaves the vibrant essence of ’80s synth-pop, funk, and disco into the fabric of R&B.

The song’s essence, deeply rooted in political inspiration, resonates with a message of love and unity, a beacon of hope in today’s fragmented world. Its lyrics, “Life is short… No more hate… Show your love… Percolate,” echo as a mantra for our times, urging listeners to embrace a brighter, more harmonious path.

Supa Philly’s rich heritage, having shared the limelight with legends like Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Monkees, infuses PERCOLATE with a depth and authenticity rarely found in modern music. The blend of experienced voices with fresh, dynamic tones creates a vocal synergy that is both stirring and soulful.

The honed songwriting chops lend a refined yet spirited character to the track as the production melds classic synth lines with contemporary rhythms, crafting a soundscape that is both nostalgically familiar and thrillingly new. The gospel-influenced backing vocals add a layer of majestic depth, reminiscent of the soulful echoes of R&B greats.

As we eagerly await their upcoming release, ANOTHER FOOL (On a Hill), it’s evident that Supa Philly continues to redefine the boundaries of music. This track is an essential listen for those seeking a rejuvenating musical experience and a reminder of the enduring power of unity and love.

Get into the groove with PERCOLATE via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wassko has unveiled his moody RnB synth-pop rendezvous, Not Around

Wassko broke ground and hearts with his debut EP, Figured You’d Care, featuring the heartbreak hit of a standout single, Not Around. With a sonic signature that scribes itself between the Weeknd and The Midnight, Wassko reached the pinnacle of RnB-infused synth-pop style in Not Around, which becomes a dualistic lesson in sincerity with the vocal contribution from Rama, who gave the other side of the love story where elusiveness has severed the connection.

Even though the Haifa-residing artist only made his debut with his genre-melding sound, which frequently borrows from RnB, hip-hop, soul, EDM, and punk, last year, he’s already well on his way to establishing himself in the industry.

His 2023 EP is a testament to how honed his skills have become; it takes a fine balance of songwriting dexterity and sonic engineering to visualise such a complicated yet perfectly-rounded hit that paints raw emotion in kaleidoscopic colour, instead of the black and white lenses which are typically used to orchestrate love songs.

Not Around was officially released on June 30; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ride the new wave of UK RnB with L’Rockett’s ‘Ain’t My Love Story

Cambridge, UK-hailing singer-songwriter and producer L’Rockett has pushed the envelope of RnB by writing his antithesis of a love letter, Ain’t My Love Story.

Fully owning up to the recklessly dumb assumptions that spring to mind every time someone causes our hearts to skip a beat, the RnB pioneer ripped up all of the fantastical tropes and refused to sell even more unrealistic romantic expectations to his listeners. In his track which melds elements of synth wave, alt-pop and neo-soul into the instrumentals that cradle his vulnerably inviting vocals, L’Rockett stands by his word of taking you to places you’ve never been before.

After making his debut, the exceptionally promising artist has been on heavy rotation on BBC Introducing, with his music being selected for ‘Track of the Day’. Perceptibly, the best is yet to come for the up-and-coming artist as he continues to say the unspoken and breaks boundaries with his sultry electro-pop RnB flavour.

Ain’t My Love Story is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast