December Fades reached the pinnacle of synthwave seduction in his latest single, With You

December Fades

LA singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, December Fades, has delivered what will undoubtedly be revered as the most seductive synthwave sound of the summer with his latest single, With You.

The moody reverberations beneath the transcendent tones emulating from the glassy synths which echo the neon-lit euphoria of the Weeknd create a scintillating contrast while simultaneously injecting profound depth into the unfiltered passion in the love song that invites you to witness the darkness beyond the light of connection.

With all the makings of a radio-ready perennial pop earworm and the sincerity of a soul-bleeding candour in its rawest form, With You broke the summer pop mould. The single stands as a testament to December Fades’ affecting approach to rendering romanticism into his productions which may drift between styles but they always arrive on the airwaves with cinematic flair, infectious melodies, and lyrics sharp enough to tear their way through the coldest of souls.

Stream With You on all major platforms, including Spotify, from June 14.

For more ways to listen and connect with the artist, check out December Fades’ official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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