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Ride Together: Houston RnB singer-songwriter folxzb wonders why their true love is with someone else on ‘YDLR 2.0’

With a silent X vibe that has your lively ears feeling tranquillized and somehow aroused at the same time, folxzb feels that his ultimate soulmate is with the wrong person right now on his new cuddle-close release ‘YDLR 2.0‘.

folxzb is a Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul artist, who mixes in some Trap with his sound that is massively shaped by his home surroundings and personal relationships.

Released from his distinguished new 8-track ‘Moments After‘ album, folxzb is in a highly studious mood with a track that will have you reminiscing about your true love who is for some reason with someone who doesn’t harmonise with them at all. Sung with a thriving emotion from a loved-up man who knows what he wants, this is a rousing experience that might give you shivers all over your spine.

YDLR 2.0‘ from the Houston, Texas-based indie RnB/soul solo musician folxzb, is a colossal effort that is sung with a real class and desire to be with his special lover. He feels their magnetism stream through his body each time they are together, as he wonders when the time will come when they will be holding hands real tight.

Sometimes the best love is the one that keeps you waiting, for the right moment when your hearts connect as one.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lost In Time: Baltimore’s San Junipero drop deep debut track on ‘Tears in Rain’

With their band Legends of Et cetera on a long-term hiatus for the time being, San Junipero bring the umbrella on the terrific debut that will have your curious ears perked up to attention, on the debut track called ‘Tears in Rain‘.

San Junipero is a music project of Utah Miller, a gender-fluid musician based in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the type of sound that is made from deep in the soul and transmits an original sound, that is authentically dusty and fresh groovy, well-made and filled with so much love.

The subjects of the songs are Miller’s personal experiences with mental health, drug use, movies, tv shows, wealth inequality, climate change, love, death, and robots.” – San Junipero

This is the sad story about those moments that are swept up in time, as you recall their memory and wish that they were still around to be with you. This is such an introspective story – and will take you places you forget existed – or where you wanted to forget to avoid hurt, but know deep down that you shouldn’t.

Tears in Rain’ from Baltimore-based San Junipero, is a stunning track and have indeed achieved the goal of creating something beautiful. With a reflective start, this song gets into the full flow after three minutes, and we are taken on a reflective ride that is quite remarkable. This is memorable track that has your heart in a flutter, as you remember those times when you didn’t get much sleep, as you stayed awake thinking about those lost friends who you really miss.

See this new YouTube audio and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Watching them walk away: Alexander Broussard is quite breathtaking on ‘How Does It Feel’ (ft. Lana Wolf)

Taken off the latest eleven-track album ‘Now‘, Alexander Broussard returns with a deep piano-filled song that asks us ‘How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf).

The Netherlands-based indie-pop pianist and singer-songwriter, Billy Joel fan and former touring band member Alexander Broussard, is a truly gifted musician, who is back to his roots and is feeling so refreshed after this decision to do his solo music again. This is his first love and after three decades performing other artists music, he is on a mission to make as much quality original creations as possible.

This is the fascinating tale about caring so much for someone and how watching them walk away, really strikes your heart like a ice block, and makes you wonder if this is the right decision. Disconnecting from this once flourishing love is so sore on the soul as you see them waving at you in the distance.

With effortlessly luscious lyrics from her and his strong tone, these two make a lovely tender-wrapped team full of mystique and wonder on this almost-cinematic single- that will have you thinking about your previous relationships in life.

How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf) from the soulful Alexander Broussard is a true intimate sonic soundscape for the ages and brings back the classic feeling in your bones, which is so rare to hear these days.

With quality all of the place, this is a sensational single that might have you in tears or feeling quite reflective about past memories.

Stream this carefully crafted single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Askil Fangel returns with reflective indie track ”96 Percent”

Askil Fangel is composer, bassist and vocalist who is based in vibrant London. The London-based Norwegian musician who is a self-confessed coffee addict returns with the reflective new single called ”96 Percent”.

96 Percent” is a chilled indie song that has a tasty mixture of indie and electronic music. I find this to be quite a reflective journey from Askil. This is about talking things through with a close friend to get the full picture. It’s all about getting things straight in your head and making a plan on how to help both of you.

Askil Fangel shines on ”96 Percent” and he has such a unique voice that keeps you listening intently. He is a true storyteller and I feel like I’m on a train while listening to him. I’m looking outside and thinking very deeply, perhaps even over-thinking things. This is a very self-reflective song that makes me feel a little bit sad but I enjoy the sound and my head is always swaying along to the quality musicianship.

Stream this soulfully chilled song here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Andrew Maxwell Morris sings his way into our hearts with love lost ”All Over Now”

You want the love to last but you have no choice in the matter. It’s so vivid after having that face to face chat that tells you it’s all done. When you hear those words you realize that those memories will fade quickly. Or will you both still feel the burning passion to try again and not worry what your friends think?

All Over Now’‘ from Andrew Maxwell Morris is a breakup journey and it makes one very reflective. I sit here a bit gloomy wondering what might have been. I think to the future and hope that I can be the best man possible for my next girlfriend and hopefully Queen. After some growing up, it’s time.

Andrew Maxwell Morris is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. As well as performing at Glastonbury Festival for the past ten years, he has supported Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and Marillion. An impressive resume indeed.

This song is off the new album ”Save The Light” from April this year. This song impresses highly and his experience shines brightly for the whole UK scene to see.

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Soundcloud is the home to stream this track and his whole collection.

To find out more about live shows and more info head to his Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen