Learn From My Mistake: The Deserves tells us the true story of how ‘Love Is Strange’

Wrapped inside a highly-reflective tale of how a past relationship just appeared to sadly fade away like a lost shoe in the gusty wind, The Deserves explores the broad force of that weird feeling you can’t seem to ever explain on the breakup story of ‘Love Is Strange‘.

The Deserves is an indie-country band that performs amidst a vintage feel and carries you to a place that you can remember if you close your eyes long enough to recognise the time and place.

Guiding us into a somewhat sad story that transports you into a broken picture that was once so bright, The Deserves directs us into their world which is so pensive and sombre. This is the story of questioning why this didn’t work out, as the words fail and you put it down to bad timing to make you feel a bit better about the whole experience.

Love Is Strange‘ from the mysterious underground indie-country band The Deserves, is a thoughtful new single which will have you feeling so reminiscent about that previous relationship that just didn’t work out. You can’t explain why and it really eats at you ravenously – as you take another sip to water down the pain burning horrendously inside your fragile soul – and vow that the next one will be a more productive time for your heart to feel the true nurturing of a special soul.

Rather be single than be in the wrong romance is what they say.

Hear this new single on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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