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‘I’m Not Like You’ from London’s Best King IV is an ode to the new school UK Hip Hop

Best King IV is a London-based emcee who returns with his new conflicted rap single called ‘I’m Not Like You‘.

King is an 18 year old rapper, vocal engineer and producer. He makes music of all genres, blending them with Hip-Hop. From Jazz to Lo-Fi, R&B to Pop, the only thing his songs all have in common is the blend of Hip-Hop.

I’m Not Like You‘ from UK rapper Best King IV is a deep dive into the world of British Hip Hop right now. This is a song about wanting certain things that are cool but you don’t really want them. It might be shoes, watches or girls. You are still trying to find your way in life and work about what you really like and what to be. The pressure to dress like what is in fashion is massive these days and a real shame really. We should be able to dress anyway you want.

Best King IV from ‘I’m Not Like You‘ is a fine new effort from the talented London rapper.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Baltimore Hip Hop artist Akilah Divine is simply fantastic on Hip Hop statement ‘Tribe’

Fast-rising Baltimore Hip Hop artist/poet Akilah Divine is back with a heart-felt and real message with the visuals for ‘Tribe‘.

Akilah Divine is a singer, rapper, spoken word artist, actress and model. Not to mention, she is a proud college graduate working consistently to fulfill her purpose in life. Akilah aims for her music to be an experience that resonates with all people and to give them something they can connect with and feel.

At the age of five, Akilah developed a love for music and would pretend that every household object was a microphone. From the sandbox to responsibility and adulthood she always found her way to the stage where her voice and presence became the key to people’s hearts.

Tribe‘ is about standing up for what is right. Right now there is so much wrong in the world and this is an artist who is doing what she feels is right. Too many people are dying and there comes a time when enough is enough. The Black Lives Movement is one of the most important causes of our lives. Akilah Divine is on the front-lines and doing what musicians have done before her. Show the world what is really going on.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


GTD Kari rolls in with fiery flow on ”Like Mike”

The underrated GTD Kari is back in a big way and the young emcee rips in with ”Like Mike”.

Like Mike” from GTD Kari is all about how life is crazy right now for this underground rapper from Sacramento in California. He comes in with finesse on this new single that has a massive freestyle flow that showcase this emcee’s brooding lyrical ability. The consistent flow is refreshing and he is rapping in his own style. This has a 90’s feel fused in with the new school.

US rapper GTD Kari ciphers in with a confident swagger, his music is thoughtful and you can tell that he is original. With so many rappers copying one another, this is dope track that is a true story of trying to make it in this music game. Surviving the hood too. ”Like Mike” from GTD Kari is track that deserves a listen due to the tight flow and real message.

Check out the previous release GTD Kari Ft Lul Jody- Gleeked Up.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


East Detroit’s Cloudy Skiies freestyles on debut Hip Hop release called ”Pope”

Cloudy Skiies is a young American rapper from East Detroit in the USA. He slams down the bars on the hungry debut track called ”Pope” that throws down the gauntlet in the Hip Hop world.

This is a freestyle type song that is fresh and real. Cloudy raps really well and shows lots of grit and determination on this one. He let’s it known that he isn’t down with any cops and any other fake people. He wants to become huge in the Hip Hop game and isn’t letting anything or anybody stand in his way.

Pope” is a well-laid out tune that has proven popular already despite barely being out. This shows what a loyal fan-base this young rapper has and this bodes well for the future.

East Detroit rapper Cloudy Skiies is a name to watch as he storms out the gates with ”Pope”. He is clearly in the mood to get his name out and has used the corona times to fine-tune his skills and bring out music. If he can stay focused and connect with the right cats that believe in him, we could be witnessing a new bright name in Hip Hop.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


FYAMOJI flies in from space with trap-filled ”Megaman”

FyaMoji is a rapper and producer from the Central Coast of California. He is back with his new spacey Hip Hop track called ”Megaman”.

After growing up with Hip-Hop legends such as 2Pac and N.W.A when he was young, this is an artist who brings his clever wordsmith to the mic. Currently an independent artist, FyaMoji produces all of his own tracks with his own signature trap beat that echos through the speakers.

Megaman” is taken off the new album called ”Flare Up” and the temperature has definitely risen with this new lead track. This is new school trap music for the modern era due to the sound and quick-fire vocal delivery. This young artist is headed for the moon with his smooth style. He mixes singing and rapper to impressive results.

FyaMoji shows off his unique flow onMegamanand this space-trap beat will certainly be popular with the young rap crowd. He is determined not to flop and with this hard working attitude he is destined for great things.

Stream this new track here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Album review: Dazzle rips the chord with fantastic ”Kingship”

The UK emcee Dazzle returns to uplift his community with the powerfully Hip Hop/Reggae infused album ”Kingship”.

The London artist impresses mightily and starts in menacing mood with ”Already (Intro)”. This sets up the game and then it’s the Reggae soaked ”Everybody Talkin”. I really like the buzz on this one and it flows through the speaker to get me listening intently.

London” heads through the whole city and stories of his life in the majestic city. This has a grimy UK feel to it and this is probably my favorite track. ”Foolish” is next up and this starts with some wonderful female vocals that I would like to find out more about. Dazzle soon swoops in and pulls out his bars that sinks through the track.

The album is complemented by the remaining tracks ”In My Head”, ”Special”, ”Roll Up”, ”Dangerous”, ”Real”, ”Just Another Day”, ”Know Now” and the remix for ”Immortal”. I enjoyed ”Special” the most here as it has a familiar sound and the song is one to groove with all might.

Dazzle certainly knows how to put on a show and this album is a highly skilled produced effort that gets me in the mood. This is one of the UK’s shining lights in the Hip Hop scene.

Stream the full album right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jammin’ Alone shows us the way of life with ”Por la Vida”

Jammin’ Alone is a mostly self-produced rapper from Des Moines in Iowa. With a unique take on traditional hip-hop sounds, Jammin’ Alone sculpts beats around his calculated flows, refreshing choruses and hard hitting lyricism to tell his stories. This is a real life textbook on what life is all about. The ups and downs of the wild world.

Por la Vida” is a story about life and living. No matter what you might as well enjoy things and figure it all out. There is a crafty beat here and this song jumps up on you. This is about finding a reason to do what you do and do it the best you can.

With a slamming beat this is a memorable song from the Jammin’ Alone outfit outta Iowa. This is a track with all the ingredients you like in a Hip Hop remixed style. ”Por la Vida” is a winner for 2020.

Stream this gritty tune right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Gotti 100 sends a message with raw and rugged ”Hood Credit”

Atlantic City rapper Gotti 100 has just got out of jail and he is keen to send out a message. Tired of selling drugs and getting into trouble this young emcee wants to get in the Hip Hop game and ever get out. This is a clear message of his intent and has already made moves by announcing that he is going to be on New York legend Jadakiss’s next mix-tape. This is a great move and one that will help him reach the next level in the crazy Hip Hop world.

Hood Credit” is a statement message from Gotti 100. He is tired of jumping in and out of jail. He knows that hood credit is vital but he wants more. He wants the respect of the whole music scene so he can show what he’s got now. A strong move and this is very honest and self-aware. With a raw flow on this track made from home due to corona this track comes off like a freestyle which is very memorable.

Gotti 100 is a name to watch as he raps his way to the top. With a way in now there is no telling what level he rises to.

Stream this new street banger via his Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


OvaDos brings the heat with fiery Hip Hop single ”Homicide”

OvaDos leaves it all on the line with the brand new single called ”Homicide”. This is all about going for it and not stopping for anything or anybody. People that are holding you back are sadly going to have to understand. This is no time to be distracted as OvaDos is on a mission to head straight to the top of the Hip Hop game.

Blowing up is the only things on OvaDos’s mind. They are willing to smash through any barrier and we shouldn’t sleep on this producer-rapper. Big things are expected in 2020 and moving forward.

The lyrical ability is on full show here and I enjoy the smooth flow and no-nonsense approach. The beat is simple but effective and I feel like OvaDos is building up slowly and getting everything prepared to make it big.

Homicide” is a very underrated track but perhaps not for long.

Check out this fantastic emcee’s new track right here on Spotify.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Georgia native Essence flows through with real questions on ”WTF Is Love”

Love is a tricky game. You fall in deep and then realize that it was lust. You feel let down by the person you opened your heart to and it hurts real hard. Drinking numbs the pain for a while but then you feel angry and feel let down all at the same time. Getting over it can be tough but a good lesson. You just want to find someone that loves you for you and has genuine intentions. Having good people in your life to help you get over these feelings is so vital.

Waynesboro is a city in Burke County, Georgia in the United States. This is the home of female R&B singer/emcee Essence. Oh boy, can this girl sing. She is hurting right now and brings the heat with this new lyric video release called ”WTF is Love’‘. I like her flow and she has mad skills as a singer and raps with absolute rigor on this one. The US performer is set for big things and I can’t wait to see her mature and get that huge breakthrough that she deserves.

Stream this new song here on her YouTube and more from this fantastic performer who keeps it real.

Check out her Facebook music page to see news on upcoming shows.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen