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Why Be Just A Name When You Can Be A Young Legend?

If you are looking for where urban music, the genre that grew from hip-hop and rap innovations, that subsumed older soul and R&B sounds, goes next, then Fyf Aaron is one answer to the question. Clearly coming from all of those musical places simultaneously but using a more electronic, post-pop wrapper to bind it all together, Young Legend is the sound of the future of the genre being re-written.

It’s confident and cool, young and fresh, combining youth appeal with more mature underground vibes and the result is a track that is less interested in where we have been and more fixated on where we are going. The past is fine if you want to play the nostalgia card and revel in past glories but Fyf Aaron is cleverer than that, he knows that you don’t make a name for yourself by doing what has already been done. You make a name for yourself by leading the genre into whole new musical areas. And why stop there, why be a name when you can be a legend.


MC Caribou – Wolf in Cheap Clothing

One fascinating paradox about art is that limits can prove freeing. Narrow your parameters and you might find solutions you wouldn’t have if your choices were infinite.

It might seem odd to compare the contrivance of those new highly acclaimed dope rap songs we hear lately to the simple act of making a mellow solo rap music. After all, the form is not exactly unusual, having been around longer than the stretch of the lyrical flow of those old school rap album which everyone loves to stack its cassette tapes in the pigeon hole of an old chevy ride.

“Wolf In A Cheap Clothing” is a one man  ensemble in the genre of hip-hop and rap music. The degree of comfortability, calmness and turgidity which the artist relentless exudes whilst he sings is something that’s uncommonly seen these days.

With a balance of forward-thinking experimentation, a vocally and gritty boom clap production, this track is a strong showcase of conformity and simplicity . Mc Caribou’s track has a “came from nothing” vibe, with the artist sharing his perspectives in an honest way.

He’s genuinely invested in his craft and this charm helps capture independent Hip-Hop’s most favorable qualities in one track release.

Lyrically, the artist is a wise writer, with smart storytelling and subtle philosophies from his direct experiences etched into the “Wolf In A Cheap Clothing” track. His laid back demeanor isn’t one to be interpreted as lazy or passive; as an MC, he tells it like it is, with a confident lean in his posture and a watchful eye on his future.

This track is a well-executed project from a promising artist. You can help but just love the smooth flow and the simplicity of the rap lines in the song.


Unique Creation – Arena: Amplified Rhythmic Rap Dominance

Unique Creation is exactly what it says on the tin. The emerging Hip Hop Rap artist has recently released his latest single Arena. I will always have a soft spot for UK Grime artists with a feverish flow and amplified rhythmic dominance that almost allows you to forget that there’s a track under the bars. It would be easy to compare Unique Creation to artists such as Dizzee Rascal, yet with his latest single Arena Unique Creation proved that his hyped up, high-vibe sensibility puts him in an entirely different league, even if there is a slight reminiscence in the Rap flows. Behind all of Unique Creation’s beats is a heavy EDM effect that switches it up from the same old 808 beats that we’re all tired of hearing. There’s plenty of hooks & drops in Arena, not forgetting the constant switch up in vocal styles, starting out with a Scroobius Pip style spoken word before transgressing into rap verses that mix it up from Grime to Harsh Hip Hop Rap.

If you’re looking for hyped up Hip Hop, look no further than Unique Creation’s latest single Arena, head on over to SoundCloud to check it out yourself.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Unhome – Protest Songs by Rafa Selase – A Fearlessly Compelling Alt Hip Hop Composition

Forget listening to rappers who are still spitting weak bars about getting totalled on Hennessey. Turn your attention to artists that endeavour to shine a ray of light through the disparities of the 21st century and reflect what we’ve already lived through historically.

The video to Rafa Selase’s new track ‘Unhome’ is one of the most compelling combinations of harrowing sound and visuals I’ve ever witnessed. Selase has become notorious for his collection of protest songs composed to show the world what is never seen on the mainstream news. His approach to music may leave you thoroughly depressed and reaching for the tissues, but, I’d rather listen to music made to educate people about the real world than listening to a self-aggrandized rapper brag about how dope he is. Wouldn’t you?

Beat wise, from Rafa Selase you can expect elements of Acid Jazz, Alt Hip Hop & Folk combined with his poetically poignant lyricism. You can check out the video to Unhome on YouTube, if the video doesn’t move you, it’s safe to say you’re dead inside.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Josh Breezzyy – Outer Space ft. Vanja Jelača: The Rhythmic Approach to Pure Poetry

When pretty much every lyric being a mic drop moment, digesting the magnality of Josh Breezzyy’s latest track Outer Space is pretty much impossible on the first listen of his stand out single featuring Vanja Jelača. The contrast of Vanja’s haunting vocals against Breezzyy’s relentless lyrically perfect Rap renditions creates a compelling dynamic to the track that most Hip Hop artists could only dream of. The lyrics in Outer Space are just pure poetry, his rhythmic approach to Rap is more than enough to immerse you into the narrative of the track. Whilst it could be loosely classified as a love song, Outer Space is so much more. Josh Breezzyy bares his soul to the world through the lyrics of this track in a domineeringly spectacular way that I can honestly say I’ve never heard the like of before. The East Cost tortured Rap artist has been blowing up the underground Rap scene since 2014 with his major releases Gone But Not Forgotten and Something About You yet, I have no doubt that his 2018 debut Outer Space will put him on the map.

You can check out Josh Breezzyy’s track Outer Space featuring Vanja Jelača on Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nyke Ness – Roll in Peace: A Fierce Freestyle Flow

There’s something bewitchingly intimate about Nyke Ness’ Freestyle flow, how he allows his Rap verses to run with a seamless veracity through a rhythmic prowess that doesn’t know how to relent. The hauntingly Old School Hip Hop beat rattles and thrashes in the background, providing Nyke Ness the perfect platform to lay down his dope lyrics. The Maryland based Rap artist has an infectious vibe behind all of his tracks yet Roll in Peace which was released on February 4th, 2018 is a testament to his almost superhuman ability to flex with his verses. In the past he’s collaborated with other major artists such as Vicu and Sir Reeb yet standing on his own two feet Nyke Ness hits the ground running. I have no doubt that this is just the beginning for Nyke Ness and his blinding style. With a two minute track, Nyke Ness has definitely left an impression on me, even if I couldn’t keep up with the lyrics (I’m sure they were awesome).

You can check out the official music video to Roll in Peace on YouTube along with his other mixes and collaborations.

Show some love to Nyke Ness over on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mesa Verde – Unveilien: Rap Riddled Art Rock

Mesa Verde’s 2006 tack Unveilien from their album is by far the best sound I’ve heard this year. I’m only 12 years too late on the uptake of the bands’ poignantly Lo Fi Art Rock sound mixed with urban vocals. You really do get the best of both worlds; the genres seamlessly intertwine for a pioneeringly blissful experience in sound.

As the vocals blow your mind, the track floats upon the upbeat vibes through the verse, when it hits the bridge, it’s hard to believe you’re listening to the same track as the melody transcends into grungy, reverberated riffs. The unrelenting fever that exudes from the instrumental sections is electric, you get caught up in the cacophony and as the track starts to beat down you can finally catch a breath. The progression is absolutely flawless, how they even managed to throw in some Screamo vocals is beyond me. If you’re a fan of Nada Surf, Super Furry Animals and Pavement you will fall as hard for Mesa Verde’s sound as I did. I

It’s pretty safe to say Mesa Verde have got a new number one fan. If you fancy fighting me for the title check out Mesa Verde’s track Unveilien on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Micky Mouth – Another Level: Meet the King of Authentically Gritty Rap

Walton Beach Florida based artist Micky Mouth has already said it, he’s on another level. His debut single ‘Another Level’ is testament to his furiously eclectic style which incorporates his eclectic music taste which includes Rock, RnB & Hip Hop. His taking no prisoners demeanour is authentically gritty and real, it’s clear that he’s not just another wannabe player that’s slapped on a façade to win over his fans. Micky Mouth is the real deal, the epitome of raw originality with the ability to create hard tempo beats that don’t fail to grab your attention before having you revel in his lyrical fury.

Micky Mouth started freestyling at the age of 17, it wasn’t long until he bowled his audience over with his witty prose and verbose lyrical style, but it wasn’t until 2010 that the insanely talented artist began making a career from his charisma. After releasing a few albums back in 2011, and 2012 he bided his time to polish his skills before dropping the sensational debut hit ‘Another Level’ which you can now check out on Spotify:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Young R-rah – Flex: Not Your Average Ringtone Rapper

As Scroobius Pip once said, ‘Thou shall not make repetitive music’, that’s an ethos that has stuck with me, so whenever I hear a track that flows with repetitive lyrics, my first instinct is to detest it. Yet Young R-rah’s debut mix Flex is a Rap Hip Hop track that translates into a stampede of sound that fans of harsh tempo Hip Hop will definitely be able to get behind. Young R-rah has an irresistible hype that you can’t help being moved by, he makes his lyrical flow seem so effortless around his savage beats.

The Tallahassee based artist dropped his debut track Flex in January 2018, and fans are already insatiable for the resounding sound and monstrous lyrical layering that he is able to treat fans to after 13 years perfecting his sound. Along the way Young R-rah has had plenty of successful endeavours including being placed within the top 200 artists on Reverbnation. With tracks like Flex, it’s no wonder. You can check out Young R-rah’s track Flex on Soundcloud using the link below:

If you like Young R-rah’s sound, link up with Young R-rah via Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


AB Sku – Scheme & Plot: Dope Down-Tempo Rap

Scheme & Plot is just one of the standout tracks on AB Sku’s (Alan Barnwell) first album Friday the 13th which was dropped in January 2018. If you like your Hip Hop Rap experimental with a palpable pace, and a fathomable flow, you’re going to be in heaven with this track. The minimalist Trap beat rings in the background making Scheme & Plot the ultimate chilled out vibe to kick back to. It’s clear that AB Sku really doesn’t take himself too seriously with his tongue in cheek lyrics which follow a steady flow, allowing you to lap up the comedy vibe that the Kingsport, Tennessee artist has created.  The album is comprised of an eclectic mix of sounds, making it a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

AB Sku takes pride in creating original sounds and vibes, allowing his music to follow his own uniquely styled path, so if you’re looking for a fresh, contemporary mix, what are you waiting for?

You can listen to AB Sku’s full album Friday the 13th on Spotify using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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