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Serving Gas: Jl Bout-It gets the whole bag stacked full on ‘4 Zones’ (feat. P-Dub of GME)

With that Quarterback mentality throwing dimes all day, Jl Bout-It is taking over all ‘4 Zones‘ (feat. P-Dub of GME) as they tear up the fragile competition, with a barrage of savage raps that makes fake emcee’s nervous.

Vincent Di’Amond Berry aka Jl Bout-It, is an American rapper, singer and record executive of Paperchase Muzik. He flows that street vibe to show the whole world what is really going on out there in his hometown, despite what the news says.

They rap with such purpose and make a statement that shows you all you need to know about their intentions with this game. These two are here to play it the best they can, as throwing touchdown money stacks into their bags, is the only thing on their minds.

With a full venom of powerful beats, you feel the superior lyricism strike through as they avoid temptations and strive to make that master plan work to perfection.

4 Zones‘ (feat. P-Dub of GME) from the highly motivated Jl Bout-It, is that straight up tale about going for it no matter what. This is that grab and run music with lots of raw street appeal, as they fire in and leave through the side entrance, without setting off the alarms.

Hear this fire new track on Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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That Sweet Craving: LA’s PYXIE lights up the nights adventures with the catchy indie-pop/rap track ‘Flattery’

As she busts a cheeky move on the tempting dance floor after work, PYXIE tells us what she likes on the fresh new body-moving single called ‘Flattery‘.

PYXIE is an original puzzle-solving indie pop/hip-hop artist from sunny Los Angeles, who loves the creation of those magical words and its many forms that fascinates the hungry mind, as she enchantingly evolves into her own brand of unique music that is wonderfully ever-evolving.

With her lovable penchant for learning new things each day with such alluring innocence, she flow in between the rap, funk and RnB genres the most, morphing them together depending on where her imaginative juices take her to that particular day.

This is the story about loving it when you hear those smooth words from a former stranger, your mind suddenly races and you love the rush each time. You only want it honest though, as that is what you are truly after and nothing less.

Flattery‘ from LA wordsmith PYXIE is a fearless song from a criminally underrated indie singer/rapper, who puts in her best work yet with a display of pulsating lyrics combined with her confident vocals, that will make the shyest of us blush with excitement.

Hear this rising talent on Soundcloud and see more of her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Rock

Cascades Of Crashing Wonder: Abandon the Fall hit the nail on the head again with ‘Forever’

Taken off the superbly sparkling star-gazing four-track EP ‘Infinite Seasons‘, Abandon the Fall step up just in time with the stunning instrumental single called ‘Forever‘.

Abandon the Fall is masterminded by the experienced artist, producer, and songwriter Juan Espinoza. He has creatively formulated the type of act that boggles the mind throughout, as he helps us clean out the dusty goggles that we have been wearing during this horrific pandemic, as the fabulously unique Rock/Rap/EDM sound washes over our thirsty bodies, to make us feel happy and hopeful again.

This is a sumptuous effort, full of pure goodness and wonder. Each part of the track has been carefully crafted by a professional who is totally at one with himself, as the melodies marvel the mind and has you in exhilarating raptures of excitement after a long hiatus.

Forever‘ from Abandon the Fall is a striking track that hits home hard in your consciousness, as you close your eyes and imagine the world in a better place, your heart beats faster somehow as you remember what all the possibilities are in front of you, if you just open the door a bit wider and let your body free.

Stream this powerful new song here on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

T.N.L.C takes us to church with their jazzy high vibe hip hop track, ‘Divine’

There have always been conscious hip hop artists on the airwaves, but in 2020, the spotlight fell away from artists trying to keep the problematic stereotypes alive and onto inspiringly insightful artists such as rap artist Divine.

By fusing their faith with their love of Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar and Logic, hitting play on any of his tracks is worth it for the lyrical connection alone. Then when you factor in the soulfully jazzy vibes that match T.N.L.C’s magnetic personality, it’s an all-consuming experience.

The best introduction to his sound is ‘Divine, a sunny soundscape that practically radiates with assured, optimistic energy. If any young hip hop fans are searching for a role model, they won’t go far wrong following in the humble footsteps of T.N.L.C.

You can check out the official video to Divine on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Eli Da Vincii – Melancholic chilled Hip Hop with ‘I’m Gone’

Born in Brooklyn, NYC, the arguable birthplace of Hip Hop, Da Vincii grew up on the flow of Biggie, Tupac, Lauren Hill, and Mary J Blige, and that, along with the obvious Eminem and Dre comparisons too, comes through in his music.

‘I’m gone’, from Da Vincii’s new EP ‘Melancholy, is an outstanding piece of chilled hip hop that’s…well…melancholy in its lyrical content. Da Vincii has some excellent vocal flow, his delivery perfectly suiting the track. The beats he’s overlaying work perfectly too, suiting the downbeat nature of the lyrics. It could work beautifully as the incidentals in a movie, think 8-Mile obviously, or Detroit; it’s got that sort of autobiographical story-telling narrative. It’s an absolute stormer of a track.

You can hear ‘I’m Gone’, and the rest of ‘Melancholy’, on Spotify. Check out Eli Da Vincii on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Hip hop Music

Trevino Andre invites hip hop fans to follow his lead with ‘Chasing My Dreams’

Fairfield, CA-hailing hip hop artist Trevino Andre has an arsenal of hard-hitting tracks in his mixtape, ‘You Know That I’. The perfect introduction to his soul-laced sound is his old school jazz-laced track ‘Chasing My Dreams’ that keeps the tones rich and the lyricism raw.

Within that smooth and compelling contrast, you’ll find the magnetism which draws you into the essence of the track that paints a gritty image of the struggles we’re subjected to as part of our optimism-stealing mortal coil, then follows up by letting you know how to find the resilience to overcome them.

You can check out Trevino Andre’s mixtape, You Know That I for yourselves by heading over to ReverbNation.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Getting What She Wants: J Whit isn’t impressed by those ‘Puppy Eyes’

He raps with a statement delivery that tells it straight up, as he drops off the post to make a point. J Whit returns with his latest single about the now-undesirable girl he has worked out on ‘Puppy Eyes‘.

J Whit is a indie-pop rapper with a different style of music to the rest, as he brings in those unique flows that are mixed with a beat that will have you trying to place if you have heard this before.

This is the story of feeling that she let you down, as she lets out those cute eyes to the random strangers, and gets anything she wants. You aren’t too happy with this as its all been seen before, as your optimism dissipates and you realize that you want to be with someone that has more backbone in life.

The raps and beats combine on ‘Puppy Eyes‘. to add a layer of saucy sizzle to a song that is all about wanting more in life and not settling for someone that is cheap and the opposite to loyal.

Your mind has expanded like a balloon full of water and you only want to grow so you are truly happy. J Whit’s mind is made and there is no turning back now.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

Lyrical assassin Sharif Hassan takes on gold digger culture with ‘Facetime’.

Harlem, New York-hailing rap artist Sharif Hassan points out the pitfalls in Millennial living in their soulful yet savage debut album, ‘Black Millennial’.

You scarcely need his bio to tell you that he started as a slam poet; each line in the standout track, Facetime, is practically a lyrical assassination for anyone with the audacity to buy into gold digger culture. Many rap artists may have enabled the culture by glamorising it, but Sharif Hassan paints a gritty portrait of just how insidious it is. With the dubstep style beats in place of the usual flat 808s, this high vibe vindicating track is well worth consideration for your summer hip hop playlists.

You can check out Sharif Hassan’s 2021 album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music

Sharpshooter (S.S) proves to be a lyrical force to be reckoned with in their single, ‘Legendary’

Pennsylvania hip hop artist Sharpshooter (S.S) has been creating hip hop for 15 years, always staying on-trend and in tune with current issues around injustice, as his 2020 album, ‘This Ain’t Nothin’ 4’ proves.

The standout single, ‘Legendary’, allows Sharpshooter (S.S) to exercise their lyrical wit and shine an all-baring light on the conflicting duality in our lived experiences.

With a nod to the struggles of introverts who want to succeed, the increasing toxicity of our digital world and music fans tendencies to not heed the wisdom in lyricism, Sharpshooter (S.S) has plenty to say and all of the talent and precision to ensure that his lyricism hits hard. With his convictive poetic precision, he is definitely worthy of his moniker. But under all that talent, there’s a magnetic charisma and soul which makes it all too easy for their razor-sharp analogies to blow your mind.

Check out Sharpshooter (S.S)’s album This Ain’t Nothin’ 4 via Spotify. Ironically, it is everything a die-hard hip hop fan could ask for.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music

MOW AWOL has dropped his grinding trap track, ‘No Question’.

Breaking US Trap artist MOW AWOL extended his legacy with his latest track, ‘No Question’, which asserts his domineering presence in 21st-century hip hop.

Playful, almost neo-classic notes weave around the solid 808s, creating an absorbing platform for MOW AWOL’s bars that seamlessly switch from deadpan versing to high vibe bars to create a multifaceted track that won’t fail to pull you in. He may be relatively fresh from his debut, but with his magnetic charisma, witty dominant lyrics and beats that compel you to look from the intricacies in the hook-filled multi-layered mix, he’s worth room on any Trap fans radar.

You can check out No Question for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast