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All My Timelines Love Me: Jay Threatt rejoices on his favorite time of the week with ‘Good Ole Tuesday’

As he sings with such enthusiasm about the best time of the week for him, Jay Threatt gives us some insight into what soothes his soul, with the provocative new single ‘Good Ole Tuesday‘.

Jay Threatt is an entertaining North Mississippi indie singer-songwriter and music producer, who makes those fun songs that takes the top off your mood and takes you to a place that is far away from the stress of the world.

This is the story about appreciating a day where the energy is a bit more relaxed than most, as the summer comes in and the appreciation is high with what is awaiting on his timeline, no matter what the social media channel.

He sings with such a fun style, his voice reflects his mood and performs in such a way that lets you know that he doesn’t take life too seriously, as he brings us a lighter moment to take away the darkness.

Good Ole Tuesday’ from North Mississippi singer-songwriter/producer Jay Threatt, is that chill track to sit back with, as you groove with an entertaining artist who sends us a mellow vibe, that has you smiling and singing with him.

See this vibrant new single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Won The Lotto: Western Massachusetts emcee Tyler Gifted gets in the ‘Pablo’ zone

With his confidence at an all-time high, Tyler Gifted moves into the next gear of success as he gets all that he has ever dreamed of, on his new catchy single called ‘Pablo‘.

Tyler Gifted is a skillful Western Massachusetts-based rapper and producer, who makes that type of hip-hop that has your attention, as he drops rhymes that others wish they had thought of.

“I’m a one stop shop. you get the producer, the artist, and the writer all in one spot”. – Tyler Gifted

This is a track all about moving to the next level as he feels like he is ready, the business is only going sky-high upwards, his flow smooth and gritty, you feel his style oozing from the video as he takes his team to the top of the mountain.

Pablo‘ from Tyler Gifted, is the hip-hop movie-like soundtrack that fills you up with memories from the popular series that showed his life in full. This is a track that is rapped with high velocity from a rapper in top form, as he breaks bars down like a ninja who is on a mission. The hip-hop world needs to know that a new force is on his way to the top, no matter who or what is in the way.

Stream this fire new video on YouTube and follow his movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Slow Down: Emerging producer Pincey urges us to take a breath on ‘Rat King’

With his trademark mask on tight and ready to inspire us, Pincey tells us to avoid falling into the treacherous trap that so many find ourselves in, with his groovy-filled new single called ‘Rat King‘.

Rincent Veyes aka Pincey is a mysterious Gardena, California-based electronic artist who like to keeps things under wrap personally, as he makes that crisp sound melody, that has you feeling good and inspired about life.

This waterfall-like track fills your body with hope again, as the catchy riffs grip tightly onto your soft skin to let you know that you are indeed alive and not in some weird dream. You feel a sense of relief gushing all over you, that an artist is so self-aware, his mind alert with the possibilities that are right inside you, if you know where to find the key.

Rat King‘ from the enigmatic producer Pincey, is the call to wake up from the common walk that so many take, that actually takes you around where you want to go, instead of inside those good vibes that makes you happy.

With a chilled exterior and lots of soul, this is exactly the type of message that is needed in this copycat world.

Stream now on his Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Your Eyes: Swedish producer Carrión drops spectacular tropical house summer hit ‘By My Side’

As the breathtaking beat marvels your mind like a skilled magicians illusion, Carrión hugs our healing heart with his soothing new single that will put a spring in your step called ‘By My Side’.

Alexander Carrión aka Carrión is a captivating Uppsala, Sweden-based indie music producer, who creates that spectacular tropical house music, which has you soaring high above the crisply formatted clouds, as you escape reality for a few minutes.

This is the message of having that deep love no matter what happened before, as your souls are connected so sweetly and nothing else matters. Your love for each other is more than you ever thought possible and the worlds are charged together as one, to reflect a beaming light that can’t ever be blocked out.

By My Side’ from Sweden’s terrific electronic producer Carrión, is a touching dance-filled journey of wanting that special soul right next to you. This is a peachy beat that tastes so good, as you wait for summer to come back so your tan and good times return, after the glumness of recent times. This is a song to hold onto, as you turn it up and wish for those incoming better days.

Stream this catchy new song on Spotify and see their story unfold via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Remember Her Forever: Ambient musician Robot86 drops incredible new two track release in memory of his grandmother called ‘Last Night On Earth’

Sending our emotions into a spin with a release that is in loving memory of his grandmother who tragically passed away due to Covid-19 recently, ‘Last Night On Earth‘ shows us Robot86‘s feelings at this particular moment and the horrid dread that is lodged into his soul forever, as he felt so helpless.

Robot86 is a London, England-based electronic producer who’s music forges such strong emotions, with anger and frustration melted together, as a more calming energy also layers over all to give us such a fascinating and sad experience, somehow all at the same time.

On both these two tremendously constructed singles ‘Last Night On Earth‘ and ‘Space Fly‘, we find an artist in supremely inspired form. After losing someone he cared for so deeply, he has calmed his own mind by helping others too.

You feel in such a trance as a small tear flows down you cheek in sadness, you feel the pain and the broken heart, each second has been made with such love and the blustering beat on the 2nd track, certainly catches you unawares at the pulsating sound with enters your core.

Last Night On Earth‘ from London, UK-based electronic producer Robot86, leads us up above to the places so far away in our mind, as we bathe in these haunting sounds that has those cinematic old school breakbeats and such well-crafted soundscapes, that has our feelings uncertain, as we reminisce the past and connect it to the future.

The world may be a wild place right now, but through electronic music we can all be together as one throughout all moments that define us. It is the escape.

Stream this top new two-track release on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What Is In The Future: UK producer Sentry drops bass-filled wonder with ‘Untold’

Featuring lots of atmospherically elegant piano soundscapes that has you feeling so relaxed and calm, Sentry soon smashes down the hammer and lets all those ‘Untold‘ stories out with absolute precision.

Sentry is an enthralling electronic music producer from the South West of England in the UK, who uplifts our consciousness with that calculatingly melodic, euphoric and ambient-infused future bass music, that has so much heart-healing appeal.

You get lost in the gaze of this sensationally produced song — that has you locked in for the whole story — which takes you to a place where you need to go. The breaks and quick change of direction takes you by surprise at first, as the piano of the past lures you in, while the futuristic bass takes you over the mountains to the place, where you need to be at. Growing stale in your comfortable state, isn’t what needs to happen to truly elevate your mindset.

Untold‘ from the UK-based electronic music producer Sentry, is a sky-elevating performance that will have you in a different mood to before, as he smartly fuses his skills into creating a movie-like soundtrack, that thumps into your eager soul and doesn’t leave anything left on the table. Reaching for your dreams and telling the real story, has never been more important.

Hear this vibrant new track on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Worry About It: Legendary worldwide producer and DJ Aruhtra takes us away to another world on ‘Stay Together’

With a style of music that has you feeling happy again, Aruhtra returns with a fantastic new electronically charged track that will have your body in scintillating raptures of delight with ‘Stay Together‘.

Aruhtra is an in-demand UK-born, multi-talented Marbella, Spain-based electronic music producer and DJ, who is known the world over with his residency at Nikki Beach, Marbella and La Suite Club in Puente Romano, plus his weekly live radio show.

He makes that uplifting type of sensational music that is from all genres such as house, garage and commercial, as his distinguished taste is never ending, which helps him stand out from the rest.

This is the story about staying close, the day is just young and the night is awaiting you if you want to take it that far. The party flow has you captivated and this is the perfect song to sip on while enjoying those simmering summer days, where the tans and good vibes come out to play.

Stay Together‘ from the experienced and supremely skilled UK-born DJ and producer Aruhtra, has your smile alive and your mind awake to all the possibilities out there. This is a song that grabs you close and doesn’t let go — as you imagine the warm sunny skies — as the good times arise.

Stream this top track on Soundcloud and see his IG for more news and upcoming releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alex Bright defies convention with his symphonically visceral electronica album ‘Building’.

Alex Bright

Bristol-based artist and producer Alex Bright is set to release his album, Building, which obliterates the notion of genre and introduces the lister to pure uninhibited electronically-crafted expression.

From neo-classic increments to symphonically cinematic scores complemented with pulsing bass to experimentation with elements of nature; you will find it all on the absorbing 7-track release. Alex Bright isn’t afraid to paint across the tonal spectrum, mischievously throwing together light and dark textures to create stunning sense of utopic/dystopic duality.

With such scarcity of reminiscence,  eclecticism of style and veracity of emotion, Alex Bright’s sound expresses what words cannot, making my job impossibly hard but gratifying all the same. Discovering exceptional producers who defy convention and can still speak to you on a primal level don’t crop up every day.

You can check out Alex Bright on his YouTube Channel and by heading over to Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rebuild From The Rubble: UK-born rapper Max Thomson never gives up on finding his tribe with ‘I Wonder’ (feat. Brittney Barber)

As he diligently searches to find the optimal transmission of someone who thinks like he does, Max Thomson returns with lighter in hand, on a sensational song that should be stuck in your mind for weeks on end called ‘I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber).

Max Thomson is a supremely skilled UK-born, British Columbia-based emcee, producer and singer, who fuses that truthful music into one melting pot of self-discovery. He seems to improve after each track released and gives the lucky listener a real perspective — that is definitely needed into this quick-swipe world — which needs to slow down for its own long-term good.

This is the incredible message of keeping the faith burning no matter what, when it could of been easier to give up and forget about everything. In this savage world, there are many obstacles to climb and you might slip sometimes. Getting up and doing what feels right, is the only way to really being happy inside the deepest and most important part of your soul.

She sings with the wind blowing into her long hair, the genuine passion is so visible from her striking eyes which piece through into your eager mind, that hungrily seeks something more meaningful than the usual.

His raps are breathtakingly honest, with quick-fire verses about hiding the nerves under the surface and almost giving in — as he builds up steam and shows his inner strength, to closely follow his manifested dreams to where they are meant to fly — so high into the star-lit sky above.

I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber) from the soulful Canada-based hip-hop artist, producer and singer Max Thomson, is the song you needed to hear in 2021. This underrated artist brings us a quality track that shows us that two souls who feel the same can be united as one. Their energies spark wonderfully like a lighter that has just refueled, as the fire burns bright on this excellent creation, that needs to be heard far and wide. Never give up, someone will always be listening.

Stream this new video on YouTube and check out Max’s IG for more tracks and adventures.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The prodigal son of SLAP house, K.S.M. returns with his sophomore single, ‘Through the Silence’.

K.S.M. followed on from their debut 2021 single with the ethereal feat of electronica, ‘Through the Silence’. Many artists promise to deliver originality in their mixes, yet, the Norway-based producer went the extra mile to stamp down his atmospheric signature take on deep house with his sophomore release.

The energetic bass rhythms in Through the Silence packs the track with a driving momentum while the female vocals add a touch of serenity to the soundscape; proving to be all too efficacious in keeping you hooked with every progressive transgression in the polished single.

K.S.M. is set to make major waves in the electro scene; 2 weeks on from the release of Through the Silence, the track had racked up over 50,000 streams on Spotify alone. If you pride yourself on having fresh artists on your radar, you will want to make room for K.S.M. who takes influence from SLAP House greats such as Alok and Tujamo.

Through the Silence is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast