Novit Terminus Orchestrated A Darkwave Descent Into a Euphoric Descent With ‘Take Me Down’

Take Me Down by Novit Terminus plunges listeners into unchartered intersections of EBM, Post-Punk, Darkwave, and Techno and drenches its audience in an infectiously rhythmic rendition of sonic Jungian shadow work that is poised to become a sanctuary for darkwave electronica fans seeking liberation from the dark reverberations of their own minds.

Fans of VNV Nation, Ari Mason, Electro Spectre, and Black Nail Cabaret will find themselves irresistibly drawn to this release, which offers a cathartic outlet for emotions as blackened as the industrial-tinged, Eastern-rhythm-influenced progressions.

Each element of Take Me Down attests to Novit Terminus’ cultivated skills as a sonic architect. The euphoria-inducing crescendos, tension-fraught build-ups, and spectral whispers of philosophical poetry come together seamlessly. The result is a track that permeates the soul as deeply as the rhythmic pulses permeate the body.

Novit Terminus’ return to music after a successful tenure in historic preservation and higher education is marked by a profound exploration of trauma and recovery. This project is not just a return to form but a therapeutic journey through shadow work, making Take Me Down a significant and poignant piece in the artist’s discography.

Take Me Down was officially released on May 31; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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