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The China Blue has unleashed their latest Synthpop Earworm Always on My Mind

US artist and producer The China Blue has recently dropped their most evocatively hypnotic Synthpop single yet with Always on My Mind.

With the euphoric vibe, the hazy yet intricate production and the level of atmosphere weaved into the Pop hit, don’t be surprised if the perennial Pop earworm worms its way onto your contemporary Synthpop playlists after the first hit.

The up and coming artist may have borrowed an element or two from 80s Synthpop with the retro synth lines, but Always on My Mind doesn’t just hit the contemporary mark, it glides right past it thanks to the tangible ingenuity which The China Blue used to orchestrate this sweetly amorous soul-steeped single.

You can check out Always on My Mind for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Olivia Rees – Darker Night: Viscerally Compelling Alt Trap Pop

Pop singer-songwriter Olivia Rees has recently released her phenomenal Alt Pop hit Darker Night. Expect to be hit with full-frontal emotion, viscerally compelling lyrics and hypnotically atmospheric electronic instrumentals.

It’s strikingly meta lines such as “I lost myself when I looked for you” which puts Olivia Rees’ striking style leagues apart from any other up and coming Pop artist in 2020. With a nuanced infusion of Hip Hop in the rhythmically arrestive beats and plenty of bite behind her vocals, Darker Night is as distinctive as it is captivating.

It’s tangibly clear that Olivia Rees never set out to assimilate with this passion-soaked hit. It oozes with authentic creative ingenuity.

You can check out Darker Night for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Ross Alan sings his way out of heartbreak with ”Sagittarius”

The ever-evolving Ross Alan is a pop singer-songwriter who resides in Chicago in the USA. He returns with his vibrant new single called ”Sagittarius”.

Formerly known as Ross Jernigan and now residing in Chicago, Ross Alan has re-branded name-wise and with his new album, ”Cold Blooded” that dropped on July 10th- he is only rising high in the music world.

Sagittarius” is all about thinking that you are over that special person in your life. Things were good and then they fell apart unfortunately. Are you truly over them? This is the story here and the feeling is that Ross is over that lover now but will it last is the question.

Ross Alan does well on ”Sagittarius” and shows off his strong voice with a solid effort here. He is real talent who is only just getting started.

Stream this new R&B/Pop song right here on his Spotify music channel.

Head to Facebook for more music news on this artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Maia Zakay storms in with frustrated but elegant new release ”2 Nice”

Maia Zakay is an American singer, songwriter, model and actress. She was born in London but left the UK for the bright lights of Hollywood when she was 7 years old.

She is back with her new song called ”2 Nice” and this young future superstar delivers with an outstanding vocal performance off her album ”Speak up”.

2 Nice” is all about being messed around and finding that you are way too soft with the particular love interest. You are a kind person inside and feel like they are taking you for a ride. Maia shows her frustration and I love how to she breaks everything down in this new release. Her vocals are crystal clear and the tone is fantastic.

Maia Zakay is going to be a huge star as she is immensely talented and seems to have the desire needed to fully reach the top. She has also written hooks for artists such as Cardi B and Beyonce so you know she has the skill-set required.

2 Nice” from Maia Zakay is a quality R&B-Pop song that perfectly shows that this young artist is not going to be messed around any longer. She is rising fast to the top so keep an eye out for this fantastic talent.

Stream this fire new track right here on her Spotify.

Find out more about the fine artist on Facebook.

Check out Maia’s journey on her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Candian artist Avry soothes the nights tension with new track ”Close To Me”

Avry is a singer-songwriter from Toronto in beautiful Canada. He sets the dance floor alight with his hot new R&B effort called ”Close To Me”.

The Vancouver-born singer is in top form here and this is a wonderful song. It’s pure and full of sultry lyrics. You can feel the tension here that is soothed by the sexy style and wordplay.

Avry is also part of a trio named 4.0.4 with fellow producer Memblm and vocalist NS. He rides solo on this one and the new song is full of R&B/Pop fusion that makes your feet move.

Close To Me” is all about wanting to spend time with that special person in your life. You want to be close to them but aren’t putting too much pressure in the moment. Keeping things natural is the way forward here and seeing what happens. You don’t want to lose the free-spirit in your life but would love nothing more than being with them all the time.

This is one of the smoothest song of 2020 that has a great message to it. Avry is in fine voice here on ”Close To Me” as he seductively enters into our world with this tremendous effort.

Check out the Spotify link for this song and show support there.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Iván Ortega returns with triumphant Latin Pop song ”Por la Calle”

Iván Ortega is an emerging Latino pop singer whose music expresses his personal journey and he shines on this brand new single called ”Por la Calle

With singer Juanes as his main influence, Iván Ortega uses music as a tool to process and heal. He aims to help other people heal through his music which is such a selfless reason that is so great to see. Iván sees music as a collective experience that is for all to enjoy and learn from.

Por la Calle” means ”Down The Street” in Spanish and this is exactly the kind of vibe we get on this vibrant track from Ivan. He sings with such confidence and knows that his music is good. There is a party vibe here and I could see lots of fans dancing to this song.

Iván Ortega shines brightly on ”Por la Calle” and this Spanish song is very memorable. I will be heading to Spain soon and can’t wait to see this artist live as it will bound to be a fun time. This is a terrific song that is perfect for those summer days with friends and family.

Stream this new song via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


David Givens shows us his strong vocals on new R&B track ”Delusional”

South Carolina native David Givens is a USA based singer-songwriter who performs mainly Pop/R&B and EDM.

Delusional” is the new and powerful single release from Trinidadian David Givens and he gives it all on this one. With a strong voice and lots of passion, this experienced singer impresses on this new song. This is all about knowing someone that things that they have control over you but they don’t at all. David makes it very clear that this isn’t the case in no uncertain terms.

David began performing when was a child and began his life as a pull-time performer in 2015. He maintains his proud Southern Gospel influence he gained growing up in Green Pond in South Carolina.

After the success of his previous work, David is hard at work with his upcoming album ”Phoenix” which is set to drop in 2021. This is a fine musician with a bright future as he has what it takes to reach the top.

Stream this new track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


San Francisco’s Kiani Alexandra drops new track with sparks flying on ”All Talk”

San Francisco, California is the home of new kid on the block Kiani Alexandra who is a Pop/R&B artist. This fantastic and dynamite singer is back with her new song called ”All Talk”.

The message here is that Kiani doesn’t want to be alone but isn’t allowing herself to be played by anyone again. This young singer shows maturity on her new track and this is a very pleasurable listen. Some people are all talk and Kiani drops the mic while throwing shade at anyone who doesn’t get her vibe.

All Talk” is a terrific new track and I really like Kiani’s voice. This feels like a growing artist with a massive future. The California based singer-songwriter heats up the speakers here with her real talk. This is a musician that is only going to improve as her confidence grows and grows.

Stream on Spotify right now to enjoy this song.

Find out more about live shows and Kiani’s journey via her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


RAYNA has made her debut with the stylishly quiescent Indie Alt Pop single “Let Me”

Let Me (Let Go) is the stunning debut single from up and coming Indie Pop artist RAYNA. The adjectives ‘artful’ and ‘accessible’ don’t’ often meet each other in reviews but Let Me is anything but your average debut single.

The track plays with nuances of Shoegaze and Neo-Classic Pop while allowing the track to ooze mainstream contemporary appeal. As you listen to the accordant progressions, the biggest changes you’ll pick up on is the emotional intensity which comes in arrestive fluctuating waves. The stylish quiescent production is one thing, the evocative propensity of Let Me is quite another.

If you’re as aurally sensitive as me, don’t be surprised if RAYNA’s debut single has you fighting back the tears.

You can check out RAYNA’s debut single Let Me (Let Go) for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sinikka Monte has pushed forward the evolution of Pop with her latest sultry Indie earworm “Play Pretend”

Play Pretend” is the latest resonantly mesmeric Pop single from up and coming Austria-based artist Sinikka Monte.

If you’re taking names of the artists in possession of the voice of the new generation, you’ll want Sinikka Monte’s name at the top of that list. The Indie Pop hit transcends archetypal moody Pop with a passion-soaked delivery of unfiltered and unapologetic emotion while keeping the sound stylish and radio-worthy. There’s a smorgasbord of it on show, making it all too easy to warm to Sinikka Monte’s resoundingly arrestive sound.

Sinikka Monte may be fresh from her inception, but there’s already an irreplicable maturity to her sound which won’t be easily ignored. Get her on your radar now. She’ll end up in your ears one way or another.

You can check out the official video to Sinikka Monte’s single Play Pretend which dropped on June 19th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast