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Lose yourself in the snappy, sleek, and hypnotically seductive hit Angel Dust by Peech. and Nevi

In collaboration with Nevi, Peech. released another viral-worthy hit with the drop of Angel Dust. The striking exploration of modern rock’s potential is a bold statement of Peech.’s artistic evolution, which is especially significant as he reembraces his status as an independent artist.

The song’s intricate blend of old-school groove, funk-infused basslines, guitar lines that reverberate through the attitude of rock and a solid pseudo-trap backbeat creates an absorbing juxtaposition that pulls you right into the cutting-edge core of Angel Dust.

Peech.’s snappy vocal delivery, characterised by a razor-sharp cadence, perfectly complements the song’s rhythmic foundation. This element not only showcases his vocal versatility but also adds a dynamic layer to the hypnotically seductive hit which exhibits the artist’s flair with weaving complexity into an accessible format.

The production of “Angel Dust” is sleek and polished, elevating Peech’s unique instrumental style to new heights. The result is a sound that is as distinctive as it is captivating, leaving listeners with a lingering sense of awe and addiction to the rhythmically flawless alchemy.

The influence of bands like Highly Suspect and Royal Blood is evident in Peech’s approach to evolving rock music. Peech. takes these inspirations and pushes them further, infusing his tracks with a stylistic ingenuity that sets him leagues apart from the rest.

Angel Dust hit the airwaves on November 24; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

PEECH- Redroom (Prod.Ramsey): The face of modern day RnB Rap

Up and coming Hip-hop and Rap artist PEECH has dropped a killer track ‘Redroom (Prod.Ramsey)’’. The Utah rapper has some serious talent and one that needs to be recognised.

Raping can be such a controversial genre when it comes to music, but in reality they’re the ones that keep it the most real which is exactly what PEECH does.

The fact that he’s fairly new to the scene and creates tracks with such confounding instrumentals and not to mention the roar emotion that seeps through his perfectly timed vocals, they flow so well together and it’s so impressive.

You can’t help but connect to the deep yet relatable lyrics as it’s sung in an incredible way. PEECH brings his thoughts and experiences and turns them into something that has potential to be a huge hit. He proves that you can still create something that stands out from the rest, even if you haven’t been making music for years.

For those that are a lover of contemporary Rap and RnB you have to listen to this, you won’t regret it.

You must check out PEECH’s single Redroom (Prod.Ramsey) by heading over to Sound Cloud now.

Review by Karley Myall