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No More Tears: Morgane Oll leads us into infinity on Lightyear

Featuring an appearance from John Clementine, Morgane Oll wonders if it’s all a dream with the planet-seeking stunner to stare at the stars with, Lightyear.

Morgane Oll aka Morgane Ollivier is a Paris, France-based indie pop-folk artist who studied at the Royal Conservatory of Mons in Belgium and has been in the music world since she could barely walk.

Morgane’s father was a singer in the 1970s, and she often felt connected to him through his music, despite the difficulties of growing up in a family that moved frequently. Her mother passed away when she was just two years old, and the loss has inspired much of Morgane’s music. The song “She Falls” is a poignant tribute to her mother and a reflection of the sorrow and grief she feels.” ~ Morgane Oll

With a keen eye for words and so much authentic class, we find a super performance from Morgane Oll just waiting to be opened up like a much-awaited present. Catching our hearts and taking our minds into a distant place, this is a real gem to cuddle with when everything gets a bit too much.

Lightyear from the multi-talented Paris, France-based indie pop-folk artist Morgane Oll is a ray of hope and rather welcomed for its elegant mindset. Soaked in a magnetic combination of such outstanding proportions, this is a rather memorable song which has been carefully crafted with an excellent gaze of beauty to behold.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Peaks and Valleys Interview: Staying authentic despite the noise

Thrilling us with an interview packed with festival hopes, their new release How Far We Fell and showing gratitude, UK band Peaks and Valleys guides into their fascinating lives.

Hello there Peaks & Valleys. Thank you for sitting down with us. Where in the world can we find you today and what is your normal breakfast to get each day started?
Hello! Thanks for having us. Today, you can find us in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although, we tend to jump around quite a lot. Sometimes, we randomly go to Paris. Sometimes, we celebrate Midsommar with hedgehogs in Sweden. Sometimes, it’s hard to even get out of bed.

“Speaking of getting out of bed, what is your normal breakfast, Cammy?”
Meet Cammy. He plays acoustic guitar, sings, and cooks a mean bolognese.
Cammy: “Coffee and cigarettes.”
Meet Sylvie. She plays violin, steals flowers, and hangs out in train stations even when she’s not going anywhere.
Sylvie: “I don’t usually wake up in time for breakfast but when I do I eat whatever I feel like, or more realistically, whatever I can find in my fridge.”
Meet Kelly. She plays piano, harmonizes with car alarms, and, in her free time, plays catch with her inner demons.
Kelly: “I put this awful green powder into my smoothie and hope for the best.”

Please tell us more about your exciting new release?
Kelly: “How Far We Fell is a four song EP available on all streaming platforms now. We’ve put our hearts and souls into these songs, and I know everyone says that, but like, we really have. These songs stemmed from close proximity and Mexican food nights, impromptu songwriting sessions in graveyards, soggy BBQs, and dissonant daydreams hastily jotted amongst phone note grocery lists and IOUs.”

What are your goals for 2023?
Cammy: “My goal for 2023 is to keep living like I might get hit by a bus at some point. Helps me to enjoy everything that’s going on right now.”

Kelly: “In addition to Cammy not getting hit by a bus, I would say our biggest band goal is to record a full-length album. With over an album’s worth of original songs, we’re a bit backlogged having written so much music during the pandemic. Other 2023 goals include: building our fanbase, getting signed or represented, and really just performing as much as humanly possible.”

Sylvie: “I’d add that we are really hoping to find (or create!) our musical ‘home’– we feel we have not yet played at the ideal venue for our music and we want to keep honing in on what that is and where we can find it. We have recently talked about planning our own intimate gigs in venues conducive to truly listening and connecting, and bringing in like-minded artists.”

Where did the band meet, and how did everything start?
Cammy: “Kelly and I met busking in a tunnel that never used to smell like pee, but now it often does. The good old days.”

Kelly: “It’s such a shame because it’s such a magical tunnel. But yeah, I was on holiday in Scotland and heard him singing in said pee tunnel, and I asked if we could sing together. Afterwards, I had this strange premonition that we were meant to be in a band together, so I told him as much. Fast forward a few months, I’m back in Scotland again, I meet Sylvie playing a gig in the basement of a pub, a few weeks later COVID hits, now I’m stuck in Scotland, and Cammy, who was in France at the time, gets sent back to Scotland. So now, during the UK lockdown, we all join forces and inadvertently create a band. We started out by sending each other sound clips and ideas remotely, and started rehearsing in person as soon as we could.”

Sylvie: “After we met at one of the last live gigs before lockdown, Kelly asked me if I wanted to come up with a violin part for a song she and Cammy had written. I was immediately drawn to these people who didn’t see a global pandemic as a reason not to start a band. I think a big reason the band worked right away was our shared love of not only getting around difficulties that others might see as obstacles, but actually using them to our advantage. That beginning impetus continues to drive so many of our adventures, like the soggy BBQ mentioned earlier. We decided to go ahead and have a 4th of July barbecue even though the forecast said torrential rain– that day ended with hot dogs sticking out of Cammy’s pockets and a new song.”

Pros and cons of being a musician?
Cammy: “The upside of being a musician is giving ourselves a place where we can invent something. The downside is trying to figure out how to make the noise.”

Sylvie: “When someone comes up to us and says they were having a hard day and our music gave them a lift, or gave meaning and dignity to their sadness, that’s when I’m most grateful to be a musician. We do important work in realms where words can’t reach. As for cons– every performance could have been better.”

Kelly: “One pro of being a musician is getting paid in drinks & tipped in loaves of bread while busking. A match made in heaven really. A con would be coming up with a band name we all like. Maybe we should change our name to ‘Pros & Cons.’ What do you think guys?”

I love how you all enjoy blending genres. Do you feel more free to create whatever you feel like?
Cammy: “I’d say we feel as free as we feel like depending on the day. We’re always boxed in in some way or another. Just on good days we notice it a lot less.”

Sylvie: “Our genre-blending is very exciting for me as a violinist with a classical background– I never realized how much freedom was possible, and all without renouncing my origins. To really access that freedom I sometimes think it’s best to not even think about genre– as a wise homeless man once told me in a dark alley in Lisbon, ‘music is music.’”

Last, where can we find you all live next or do you have tours planned for the new year?
Kelly: “Having just had our EP release in Glasgow, we are taking a bit of a break for Christmas and New Years. But keep an eye on our socials (@peaksvalleysband) for gigs if you are local to Edinburgh or Glasgow. We are also submitting to a bunch of festivals for 2023, so we will be posting about that as well as soon as we hear back.”

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Life is but a melancholic dream in ALCHA’s candied cinematic alt-pop debut, Steady

‘Steady’ is stylishly cinematic alt-pop debut from the Parisian singer-songwriter, composer, and producer ALCHA (Alec Chassain), who amassed ample creative inspiration during his time in London before getting to work on his introspective dream pop project in 2021.

With the melodies containing blisters of Beach House and a touch of Grandaddy, ALCHA orchestrated a refreshingly original soundscape to pour his uninhibitedly honest vocals into, which will undoubtedly be a hit with any fans of John Grant. Although, admittedly, ALCHA boasts infinitely more affability than John Grant in his nuancedly quirky vocal delivery that rings with a sting of melancholy. Yet, Steady is the ultimate testament to his ability to pull luminous creativity out of dark spaces. If Steady doesn’t give you a soft spot for ALCHA, you’re officially made of stone.

Steady was officially released on November 4th. It is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Circonflex Interview: taking us back to our core with monumental new release Lorem ipsong

With their likeable charm and groovy treats to keep our hungry stomachs filled, we were blessed to speak to Circonflex about their excellent new release called Lorem ipsong. There are delightfully vibrant energies inside their music, so A&R Factory sat down and found out more about this dynamic outfit.

Hello Circonflex. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. To start, please let everyone know where you’re from and based currently?

Hello! I am based in Montreal, Canada! But Circonflex also has offices in Toronto and Paris (France!). We speak French, English, and….a bit of Latin!

When you close your eyes and imagine the vision of your new project called Lorem ipsong, what do you see?

We actually wrote this during the pandemic. Our vision was to put a smile on people’s faces during such a difficult time. We thought, music IS a universal language, and these lorem ipsum lyrics are non-specific, so everyone can dance!
Also, I like to imagine songwriters starting to use the Lorem Ipsum lyrics to help them to find a new topline. It helps designers to structure their graphic design, so why can’t these lyrics help composers structure their melodies?

Have you found the live music scene in your local area feels back to normal again?

Pretty much! It’s so great to see people getting together again. I can’t wait to walk into a venue where a band is actually playing a Lorem Ipsong cover!

How would you describe your sound to a complete stranger?
Our sound can vary quite a bit – really it is anything YOU want. We pride ourselves in writing orginal (bespoke) music that resonates. We also do audio branding: so we are known to discover the sound you’ve been searching for.

Your new song is super funky and certainly gets my feet tapping. Do you love making tracks that get the party started?
Absolutely! Have you tried memorizing the rap part? Challenge accepted?

Which musicians in the world inspire you the most?
You know, there are so many great musicians! It’s hard answer this question honestly. But these days, my favorite songwriter is Cicero – who actually wrote the lyrics of Lorem Ipsong in 45 BC!

Do you have anything lined up gig-wise in 2023 and where can we find you?
Hopefully writing more tracks that people love! We made Lorem Ipsum sound amazing – imagine what else we can do!
Which makes me think – maybe we should try and remix the song? Or is there anyone out there who’d like to give it a try?
The stems are available right here:!

Find this facinating outfit on Spotify.

View their website for more.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Sunshine Coast RnB artist Oscar Hope wants that romantic trip with his sweet lover on debut track ‘Paris’

With nostalgically-pleasurable vibes that sends you into a lustful mood that has you thinking of the perfect place to kiss your lover, Oscar Hope has us smiling genuinely with his first single that is all about wanting that getaway which shall never be forgotten with ‘Paris‘.

Oscar Hope is a 20-year-old Sunshine Coast, Australia-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who has had a thrilling start to his career.

Started making music at 12 years old after watching the trailer for ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and has ever since been growing and developing his sound into something different and personal, connecting to listeners with ease.” ~ Oscar Hope

As one of the most promising RnB artists in the world right now, Oscar Hope is absolutely dazzling on this vocally-excellent single that will surely put you in a dreamy hand-holding mood that you will feel so enraptured by. This is what class personified sounds like, with a sizzling soundtrack that will cause many candles to be lit.

Paris‘ from Sunshine Coast, Australia-based indie RnB artist Oscar Hope, is one of those rare tracks that are simply excellent and gets you in the mood to save your hard-earned money so that you may take a trip that could possibly change everything. With that paradise in his eyes as he imagines kissing his lover in front of some of the best views in the world, this is a late-night track to play when you are slow-dancing with that soul who makes you blush when you are sleeping.

Listen in to this love-filled single on Spotify and see more of his move on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want Chills: Gaby Duboisjoli returns with the memorable French/English single ‘J’veux des frissons’

Motivated by her parents’ career as cancan soloists at the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris, Gaby Duboisjoli is back with her superbly-created single that might take your breath away with its true beauty on display with ‘J’veux des frissons‘.

Gaby Duboisjoli is a multi-genre loving rural French village-born, London-based indie electro-pop solo artist and pianist who is always looking to evolve her musical compositions.

J’veux des frissons was commissioned by Litzic Music and is a poem written by Sylvie Helly set to music and performed by female indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli. it will be premiered live on 12 October as part of the Arts Council funded “Women Do South” festival in Clapham, London. The track was mastered by Joe Nevis, and speaks of missing the stage, the thrill of performing and the buzz of an audience.” ~ Gaby Duboisjoli

With her lusciously cultivated vocal proficiency that is quite bone-tingling at times, Gaby Duboisjoli is at her best on a well-constructed single which shows off her elevated mindset which is truly a wonderful listen.

J’veux des frissons‘ from the sensational London-based indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli, is a delightful experience that will have you closing your eyes and envisioning being with that special person who gives you the chills when you see them. Sung with a calming ambience that is such a pleasure to witness – this is the kind of track to put on loud after a long day as you soak gleefully in a hot bubble bath with the candles lit beside you – as it might cause you to feel a lot more relaxed than before, as you take your tired mind away from any stress in the world.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feelings Taking Over: Birmingham’s Olly Powell knows that they have potential for lots of French kisses in ‘Paris’

Featuring a song so funky you might need to dust off those sunglasses to slide them on your beaming face real slow, Olly Powell is at his stunning best with a new track all about wondering if she will join him for the weekend in ‘Paris‘.

Olly Powell is a Birmingham, UK-based indie music producer, multi-instrumentalist and RnB/soul and hip-hop artist who loves to always be evolving into the best version of himself possible each day.

Learning to play the guitar from an early age, he grew up on Rock and Blues giants Santana, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix which lead to Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Mayer. In his early twenties, his musical direction changed when he was introduced to D’Angelo and Erykah Badu.” ~ Olly Powell

Olly Powell displays his colossal capabilities yet again on the groovy love track ‘Paris‘, as he electroplates the speakers and lets us know that he is ready for a real commitment, as he wants her to know that he is for real. Showcasing his thunderous vocal ability with a bass bin-busting background – this is such a pleasurable listen that takes you away from the dull world – and into a kiss-filled one instead.

Paris‘ from Birmingham, UK-based indie music producer, multi-instrumentalist and RnB/soul and hip-hop solo artist Olly Powell, is such a vibrant track that is made with a cheeky grin on his face. He wants his future lover to be with him in this romantic city, so that they may see the sights and perhaps hold hands whilst trying out some French kissing too. What is more romantic than that anyway?

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more of his travels via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Never Used To Give In: Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter Remy Sher misses that last dance in ‘Paris’

Following on from his terrific ‘Fool’s Gold EP‘ from 2020, Remy Sher is absolutely stunning on his latest single all about that sad heartbreak that just can’t be repaired like before on ‘Paris‘.

Remy Sher is an eighteen years-young soulful indie-folk/rock solo musician, nature lover, and impressive multi-instrumentalist from mountainous Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. He makes that classic sound from a peaceful place which is influenced from all the world class artists who have come from his area, as he sings with such a tremendously likable style.

A self-produced indie-folk tearjerker, Sher blends acoustic guitar with warm harmonies and synthesizers”. ~ Remy Sher

This is one of those warm and resplendent listens that shows you into his beating heart, as Remy Sher lovingly takes us on a road-trip through his understandable emotions – to a place which shows us what happened – when they were supposed to be together forever. The lost love blew away like the gushing wind, as he is left to pick up the pieces and mend his fences which have been broken from being let down, so that he may open up his soul again.

Paris‘ from the incredibly skilled and youthful Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles indie-folk/rock singer-songwriter Remy Sher, is the sad story about wishing you could of had that romantic stroll in one of the most romantic cities in the world. You recall looking for those elusive fairies together and being so close – however the long distance away from each other took such a heavy toll after a while – and you couldn’t quite bring it together no matter how hard you tried.

Love can be so harsh sometimes, especially if it means more for the one person than the other.

Stream this fab new single on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paris — Kavkaz full album review: ГИБКИЙ ЧАПЛИНЪ (Gibkiy Chaplin) returns with the incredible Indie-Blues-Jazz masterpiece

The Ukraine artist ГИБКИЙ ЧАПЛИНЪ (Gibkiy Chaplin) is back with a 20 track album that you can’t help but be intrigued by on Paris — Kavkaz.

The music textures are so mysterious and meaningful, the skill on the guitar to create this music is truly unbelievable. His deep voice is so alluring and is magnified on the lead single Kavkaz (Official video). The ability to tell a story is so majestic and the Jazzy Blues feel is so cinematic as it intertwines with your tired soul.

Other highlights are definitely ‘gellhorn‘ with the track taking things up a notch and this emotion filtering out onto the speakers to our absolute delight. ‘komnata uh da uh’ is another quality track and the bluesy beat gets your head moving and feet tapping with the ominous tone and atmospheric energy.

Paris — Kavkaz is the excellent full album from Ukrainian artist ГИБКИЙ ЧАПЛИНЪ (Gibkiy Chaplin) is one of those underground gems that deserves its due listen. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can appreciate the fantastic music that fills your heart with a sound that reminds you of a movie. There are a few songs that have English too so this can be enjoyed by the whole family. This is that truly deep music that is moving and transcends genres as its in its own class.

Click here for the full album link on Spotify and see their journey on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding yourself again: European Electro-Pop/Downtempo duo Anaté drop fascinating debut single ‘Confusion’

The gorgeous vocals and clean production captures your imagination right away as you drift into a visual vortex of emotions that both excites and scares you too. Anaté toys with our emotions to captivating effect here in 2020 with debut song ‘Confusion’.

Anaté is a supremely creative collaboration between elegant singer & songwriter Ana who lives in Paris and Berlin, with Milan based producer Delman handling the soundscapes to electrifying levels of pure enjoyment. You can tell that they share the same vision musically as this is cinematic experience that is so rare and compelling.

“My debut single Confusion talks about duality. It’s about the conflict between what we want and what we are ‘allowed to want’; between who we are and expected to be; between emotion and reason. We all experience moments of inner conflict like that. Confusion explores these contrasting concepts and invites us to embrace both.” – Ana

Set for release on the 28th November 2020, this is a debut track that has so much tease and intrigue already. The deep thoughts of being in that vividly beautiful dreamy world you have created for yourself, while also dealing with what current reality has to offer, has truly opened up your eyes and soul to conflicting emotions.

Anaté’sConfusion’ is an irresistible listen that makes you feel as though you are transporting in the Matrix and can slide from each world as you please. The journey to finally embracing yourself and accepting these thoughts is a long but ultimately self-healing mission. After all, knowing yourself better will help you love deeper and open your heart to many possibilities.

Hear this wonderful creation on Anaté’s Spotify and find out more about their vision on Facebook and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen