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Adelaide’s Orelia glides freely with their breezy new single, ‘Parachute’

Taking us to soar-filled pinnacles that make us sit back and allow our bodies to float naturally into an enchanting place of wonder, Orelia has assembled a single so calming that you will feel like your whole mood has been flipped into a better mindset on, ‘Parachute‘.

Orelia (pronounced Oh-Ray-Lee-Ah) is an Adelaide, South Australia-based indie 4-piece band who bring us a soulful mix of hope, love and loss in their own incredibly genuine way.

Puts you in the driver seat of your first car, on your first road trip, to see your first love, feeling like you are floating on a breeze. Everything is new, vibrant and you want it to last forever.” ~ Orelia

Orelia is the kind of tranquil outfit that you tell your pets, friends and family about. They make much ear-pleasing music that ignites your smile to become alive again, with such kind lyrics and a tight beat to match, that shows you their genuine connection together.

Parachute‘ from the highly likeable Adelaide, South Australia-based indie act Orelia, is a body-moving-to-a-better-place type of single from a band who make that pure harmony you just want to hug all night. With crystal-clean vocals and a stunning vibe that will be caught kindly in your throbbing veins like when you kissed for the first time. There is so much sweetness inside this song that you might need to go to the dentist tomorrow, as they take us on a floating journey of love.

Life is so much better when you know that you are with your forever, as you hope that they truly feel the same as you too.

Hear a single that will cause your heart to flutter beautifully on Spotify and see more moves on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: Weslynn

Founded in fall of 2013, three Arizona State University schoolmates and long time friends (Jared Geyer, Greg Olin, and Kevin Holmes) started to play music under the band name WESLYNN. They started gaining a fanbase in their hometown of Phoenix, AZ by playing coffee shops, cover gigs, and releasing original home recordings online. The following year they released professionally produced 5 track EP titled Dark Days. The album was engineered and produced by Nashville recording artist, David Dreas. May 2015 yielded the single What Went Wrong. In a statement to Cronkite News at ASU they said, “Everything we have been through has brought us closer together. We have individually had so many personal trials, that when we start playing music, it all fades away. The world is constantly changing and throwing tragedy into our lives, but WESLYNN has given us the opportunity to rally around each other and made us even closer friends. This music is a direct response to those hard times of love and loss.”
After a yearlong hiatus, this Indie/Pop/Rock band is back stronger than ever. They recorded a 5 song EP in spring of 2016 with producer Dan Parker; leading off with the single titled, Strange Feelings. They draw their inspiration from bands such as Augustana, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, Queen, and classic pop rock bands. With smooth vocals, haunting harmonies, and grooving guitar vibes, WESLYNN’s mature sound and style reaches people of all ages. The band continues to focus on writing new music.