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Interview: Ozzie Aguilera tells us more about the debut EP EVOLVING

We had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Ozzie Aguilera via her car recently and we felt the love. We heard about her new single EVOLVING, her decade-long respect for Kali Uchis and with a cute dreamy air wiggle, we find a lovely human who projects peace and love in an often harsh world.

Hello there Ozzie Aguilera. Thank you for joining us today. What did you have for dinner last night and where in the world do we find you?

Ozzie: Hi! Thank you for having me. I appreciate you and everyone at A&R FACTORY so much! I actually had steak last night. One of my really good friends took me out to celebrate my birthday and the release of my debut EP “Evolving”. It was amazing, but I’m currently in my car. I just finished wrapping up a session at the studio.

Please tell us more about your 5-track debut new release EVOLVING.

Ozzie: “Evolving” is my coming-of-age story. I had a really tough upbringing and I wanted to showcase where I am at right now, on my journey through healing. The healing stage can bring up a lot of different emotions that you may not be ready for, but you’ve got to take the initiative and trust the process. I intend to reassure people from different walks of life that being vulnerable is necessary at times. It’s okay not to be okay, but giving up should never be an option.

If you could perform live with any music in the world, who would it be and why?

Ozzie: Kali Uchis! I would love to work with her one day. I flew down to Houston last year to see her in concert, and she killed it. She’s set to go on her own tour this year, so I’m excited to see miss Kali again. I personally have been obsessed with her for almost a decade now, and It makes me so happy to see her thriving in every single thing that she does.

How would you describe your sound to an alien who has just landed on earth?

Ozzie: I would describe it as a smooth and dreamy air wiggle, haha. Hopefully, he or she is able to even understand me, but I’d much rather perform my leading single from “Evolving” for them.

Do you have any specific goals for the rest of 2023?

Ozzie: I want to step out of my comfort zone and dip into different styles, but I am for sure still going to be releasing music that comes from my heart. As humans, we’re constantly evolving, and I plan on staying true to myself. I want to keep growing as an individual and never take my artistic abilities for granted. I’ve been working towards this moment for many years, and I am so glad that the ball is finally rolling.

What was the last movie you watched?

Ozzie: I am not even going to lie, I couldn’t tell you the last time that I watched a movie. Although, I’m currently binge-watching this show on Netflix “Travelers.” It is so good! I wish we had the ability to time travel.

Last, what hopes do you have for humanity as a whole and do you think kindness is lacking when it’s needed most?

Ozzie: World peace seems far-fetched, but It shouldn’t be impossible. I pray that all of humanity will be at peace one day. Absolutely! Kindness is for sure lacking when it’s needed most. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be a decent human being, there is enough darkness in this world.

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Oklahoma’s Ozzie Aguilera drops impressively motivating single Pretty Boy

Promoting self-awareness and individuality, Ozzie Aguilera might have dropped the anthem of substance which we have all been looking for on Pretty Boy.

Ozzie Aguilera is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based indie pop singer-songwriter who has risen from the depths of self-doubt and continues to shine so brightly.

Questioning yourself should never be an option under any circumstances. You have to hold your head high, and constantly remind yourself who you are.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

Pouring all apprehensions away like a kind warrior who is here to guide us away from treacherous waters, Ozzie Aguilera is on top form with Pretty Boy and shall alleviate all doubts into the past like a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Pretty Boy from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based indie pop singer-songwriter Ozzie Aguilera is a marvellously devised track to get inspired by right now. Skyrocketing so freely and with a conscious decision to help the world flourish through genuine energy, this is one of the more illuminating efforts of 2023 so far.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ozzie Aguilera channelled their natural sultry beguile into the dream pop fantasy of a resilience-advocating single, You Can’t Give Up

The autonomy advocator Ozzie Aguilera is a sonic vision in their latest jazzy RnB dream-pop single, You Can’t Give Up. The single testifies to the strength that everyone who goes against the heteronormative mould has to muster to stand a chance in a world that claims to celebrate individuality before beating down anyone that shines a little brighter than the rest.

The powerfully demure single extends the ‘haters gonna hate’ conversation to serve as a reminder that there will always be times when you feel like giving in, but relenting to that entropy will never be your only option.

The Mexican American singer-songwriter, makeup artist and entrepreneur may claim to strive for emotional expression over perfection; in my view, they’re a faultless pioneer who always leaves us arrested by their ethereal grace and natural sultry beguile.

You Can’t Give Up was officially released on December 9th. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Not Afraid: Ozzie Aguilera keeps things romantic on your true love

With a passionately radiant energy to burn right through all the small-minded haters, Ozzie Aguilera senses that this is the moment to stand up tall and see where the night shall lead on your true love.

Ozzie Aguilera is an Oklahoma City, USA-based indie dreamy pop singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast who composes music to inspire us all.

I make music with the intention to heal from my traumas. I try not to focus too much on the business side of it all, because as of right now I don’t create to please others. Having a difficult love life inspires my writing a lot, and loving someone who will never love me back has helped me learn so much about myself.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera showing us deep within the vision

With a silky charm that will surely make even the most grumpy smile, Ozzie Aguilera is rather illuminating and shows us an intense desire to remember on a delightful track to play loud all evening with that special human.

your true love from Oklahoma City, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter Ozzie Aguilera is a genre-less gem from a creative who likes to shine brightest when it truly matters. Sung with refreshing honesty and intertwined into a bow of brilliance, this is a single for anyone who might be slightly afraid to love wholeheartedly again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ozzie Aguilera is fresh from his seductively unapologetic Latin Jazz-Pop single, Nasty Boy

Here to prove there is little more awe-inspiring than someone completely embracing their autonomy is the Mexican American singer-songwriter, MUA and entrepreneur Ozzie Aguilera and his latest Latin Jazz-Pop single, Nasty Boy.

The soulfully unapologetic single delivers the eloquent reminder that everyone you meet will have their own narrative of you, but yours is the only one that is true and that carries any weight. The light year colour-seeped melodies give Nasty Boy an almost dream-like feel, while Ozzie Aguilera wraps his sultry vocal dynamism around the well-metered swoon-some canter of the lyrics.

Nasty Boy was officially released on August 12th. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ozzie Aguilera wants to know so much more on debut single, ‘Yo Quiero Saber’

Wondering why some are so afraid to be alone, Ozzie Aguilera shows us a new creation that will float you into a fascinating world of intrigue and is loaded with English and Spanish lyrics to learn from on, ‘Yo Quiero Saber‘.

Ozzie Aguilera is a dreamy-soul/pop artist, entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast who is always looking to develop and likes to be considered genre-less.

The amount of love that I have for music is unexplainable. It’s more about how the vibe of a song makes you feel and where it takes you, other than just the words themselves.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

A new artist with plenty to prove, Ozzie Aguilera reminds us that the creative path to being happy with oneself is a long and arduous one, but fantastically worth it if you believe in yourself enough.

I’m big on harmonies, melodies, and getting lost in the creation of my music.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

Yo Quiero Saber‘ from the dreamy-soul/pop solo artist Ozzie Aguilera is an electric performance from an innovative soul who has had a traumatic life growing up and feels like is just starting this compelling journey to being happy with the process to the victory line. Sung with real gusto and bringing forth a sound that is new to many, this is a single that shall hypnotise and captivate many who like to see music evolve to keep the progression alive.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen