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Shadow of The Moon: The Damn Devils shovel with the wine close by on ‘Gravedigger’

With the night pitch black and the darkness in their eyes, The Damn Devils do what they need to do, so they can pay tribute to the lost ones on their new single called ‘Gravedigger‘.

The Damn Devils are an online indie hard-rock act based all over the USA who have joined forces during the horrific pandemic, to fire in with a strongly performed song about those late nights that most choose to forget ever exist.

This is the shivering story about the ghosts down under, as the night shadows into the still of the time in the early hours of the night, that most sleep through. The ghosts are swaying in the wind and things are getting creepy, as you do the job that you are paid for but probably wish you didn’t have to do it sometimes.

With a catchy sound, they fuse frightfully well together and stomp in as a band that might be far away from each other, but strike a chord win your heart.

Gravedigger‘ from the US online hard rock band The Damn Devils, is a powerful entry into our minds, as they show us the dark moments when those who didn’t make it are put to rest. Life goes too quickly, but we only realize that when its too late.

Stream this new video on YouTube and see more on the bands IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Making it work: Vinyl Grenade ‘Find A Way’ to our inner senses with powerful new single

With passion strewn all over this stunning track, Vinyl Grenade return with this supremely powerfully sung rock ballad about love and how you will ‘Find A Way‘, if you love each other enough to make it work.

Vinyl Grenade¬†are an exciting four-piece online band, who set out to make original music that soars into your heart and never lets go. They sizzle deliciously on your speakers griddle and fuse a song together that grabs your attention and makes you feel self-reflective about previous times you with found a way, or when things faded into the night and weren’t seen again.

This is the true story about hiding the worst parts of you from your special human, as you don’t want to lose them. This is only driving a wedge in between you, which you’ve just realized and you find yourself wanting to make amends as soon as possible, to rectify the situation.

Find A Way‘ from online indie-rock act Vinyl Grenade, is that strong explosion of soundscapes that you makes you wonder if you can be together with that special soul that you really care about so deeply. With a sensational electric sound that has your hairs standing up to attention, they transform the day with an epic track worthy of many spins.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things seems to just go pear shaped. Giving it another shot through heartfelt communication, is the only way to really know for sure if its meant to be, or not.

Hear this excellent new single on Spotify and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen