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Leicester’s Olly E hopes that we can join together and find those ‘Connections’ again

Bringing us a wall-breaking message that urges us to shatter this moody curse that is clouding so many millions from their true purpose, Olly E wonders if the time will come when we join hands to be saved from ourselves again on, ‘Connections‘.

Olly E is a Leicester, UK-based alt-rock artist who also performs with his live backing band and makes a sterling blend of inspiring music packed with punchy riffs to savour.

Connections is written about the need to come together and forget our differences in order to create a better world. We can be brought up to hate through a need to fit in when deep down we’re wired to get along. The message that kindness forms the path forward whereas division leads to ruin displays the track’s vision to unite in order to save humanity from self-destruction“. ~ Olly E

With an enthusiastic display that captures your attention right away, Olly E breaks away all previous barriers and shows us that by staying positive, life is such a better place to be inside no matter what the challenges.

As an outsider, missing a sense of belonging has fuelled a fire within Olly E as reflected in his lyrics, when thoughts become words on the page. Seeking solace in songwriting, he aims to give hope through his music to those who feel lost or alone.” ~ Olly E

Connections‘ from Leicester, UK-based alt-rock artist Olly E is one of those cheerful singles with a real message for us to learn from in this negative time for humanity. His aura is optimistic and with catchy lyrics and vocals that remind you of the 90s, this is an old soul who is sure that things will change for the better eventually.

An uplifting vibe awaits all those who have an open mind to see that there is actually hope, as music is that healing energy after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rise And Shine: Leicester rock artist Olly E pushes away the fears on ‘Through Oblivion’

As he uplifts us all to brush off anything holding us back in achieving all our goals in this short life, Olly E sends us a fighter-like message of hope on his new single ‘Through Oblivion‘.

Olly E is a Leicester, UK-based alt-rock solo artist. This is a confident musician who blends in rock, pop-punk, rap and pop, as he seeks to help others find hope through the darkness during these challenging times for humanity.

About the celebration of life, being grateful for the small things and keeping a positive mindset, the track explores Olly E’s purpose, of bringing hope through music.” ~ Olly E

With a spirited vocal experience and smooth raps that shakes your attitude up from its previous unhealthy slumber, Olly E is rather beaming – on this find-that-sun single – that shows us that he will never let anything or anyone bring him down no matter what.

Through Oblivion‘ from the Leicester, UK-based alt-rock solo musician Olly E inspires us to take charge and to never let anything hold us back. This is a mindset-shifting anthem that urges us to feel that much-needed gratitude, which shall have you smiling so brightly and in turn helping others to face their fears head-on to conquer all. Life is better when you are on the right path after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Losing Touch: UK artist Olly E urges us to find our core human touch again with ‘Beyond This Reality’

As he opens up our thoughts to seeing a vibrant world that should be way more free, Olly E looks for something beyond meaningful, far away from what he sees now called ‘Beyond This Reality’.

Olly E is a focused indie alt-rock solo singer, guitarist, drummer and rapper from Leicestershire in England. He makes that caring music to help others who feel lost and afraid in this rather strange world. He performs with such care and intricate interwoven melodies, which touches your hungry palate just right.

”Seeking solace in songwriting, he aims to give hope through his music to those who feel lost or alone.” – Olly E

With a real message and a huge passion to help others who are feeling the same as he, you get a sense of warmth with a musician who sings with so much passion and brings such an important topic to the fore. He is a wildly talented artist and you feel like he will only improve over time — as his self-awareness grows and is able to travel with his music — to inspire crowds all over on a similar journey.

Beyond This Reality’ from the thoughtful Leicestershire alt-rock multi-talented artist Olly E, shows us a world that is losing touch and needs to find its conscious again before its too late and we all turn into roaming robots, that have lost our souls.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen