Rise And Shine: Leicester rock artist Olly E pushes away the fears on ‘Through Oblivion’

As he uplifts us all to brush off anything holding us back in achieving all our goals in this short life, Olly E sends us a fighter-like message of hope on his new single ‘Through Oblivion‘.

Olly E is a Leicester, UK-based alt-rock solo artist. This is a confident musician who blends in rock, pop-punk, rap and pop, as he seeks to help others find hope through the darkness during these challenging times for humanity.

About the celebration of life, being grateful for the small things and keeping a positive mindset, the track explores Olly E’s purpose, of bringing hope through music.” ~ Olly E

With a spirited vocal experience and smooth raps that shakes your attitude up from its previous unhealthy slumber, Olly E is rather beaming – on this find-that-sun single – that shows us that he will never let anything or anyone bring him down no matter what.

Through Oblivion‘ from the Leicester, UK-based alt-rock solo musician Olly E inspires us to take charge and to never let anything hold us back. This is a mindset-shifting anthem that urges us to feel that much-needed gratitude, which shall have you smiling so brightly and in turn helping others to face their fears head-on to conquer all. Life is better when you are on the right path after all.

Listen to this honest new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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