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Mad Atoms explode with pop funk prowess on ‘Ready To Go’

LA-based funk outfit Mad Atoms have released their catchy new track ‘Ready To Go’.

If palm muted funk and foot stomping bass notes are up your alley, Mad Atoms might just have something for you with their latest release ‘Ready To Go’. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, but the simplicity in this track is what funk is all about sometimes: just a good time. Mad Atoms’ style of funk is draped in an old school sound and ‘Ready to Go’ helps epitomise their carefree and happy approach to music. 

‘Ready To Go’ hits its highest notes when it comes to an earworm of a hook that will keep you humming it for a long time – and the guitar work on this track is simple but very tuned in to what this style of record needs. Definitely check out ‘Ready to Go’ if you’re into modern funk with a poppy, carefree approach.

You can listen to ‘Ready To Go’ on Mad Atoms’ Spotify account here. 


‘’Late Departure’’ from London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ is music made for flying in the sky

If I could fly, I would want this music to be in my ears while cruising up in those high rising clouds. London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ has made an absolute gem here. 

I feel so relaxed right now, taking a big stretch and clicking the stiff back into its desired location. This is a future house groove with an old school jazzy house feel and I like it. There is no pretentiousness on the song, all of the beautiful sounds and background effects are perfectly meshed together. Call  it Skydive House I say.

The drums coming in during tha back 9 of the song is very welcome, the ambience flows like a happy festival goer after lockdown has ended. London’s ‘Auxiliary Jack’ has quietly snuck up to 2020, tapped her on the left shoulder and just ran to the opposite side to sneak in.

This is pure House music for the ages and it’s soul replenishing good for the battered heart. 

Listen up for more releases from this underrated UK House producer with an awesome name. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Atlanta Rapper/Producer ‘Yahchi B’ drops visuals for his self-assured‘’Quarantine Freestyle’

‘’I’m not your boyfriend, bae or anything in between.’’ Sending a message to the ladies in his life, ‘Yahchi B’ is quite fine with being single right now as he is on a quest for global respect and recognition. 

Heavily influenced by Nas, Outkast, Tupac, Rakim, Eminem, and Kanye West, you can feel the old school style in his lyrical delivery. He mixes in his own new school style while on the mic and the results are quite impressive.

Formerly from the Bronx in New York, ‘Yahchi B’ made the move from his roots a few years ago and this change seems to have paid off. New York is a great city but it is easy to get lost in the suffocating environment of NYC Hip Hop. His style fits the more relaxed but music-crazy South USA.

In the Hip Hop game since 2012, this veteran rapper & self-produced artist has amassed quite a good following since his debut. A very confident Emcee, his flow is impressive, the beat real fly and with a summer time/chill by the pool with your bikini or swim shorts on energy to it. 

Stream this Atlanta rapper’s YouTube visuals right here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Swami Lushbeard releases Enemy: Infusing that old school Rock sound

Hailing from Los Angeles, Swami Lushbeard has dropped their latest single ‘Enemy’, now this is one hell of a throwback to the 80’s Rock scene, but giving it a more modernised twist and it’s perfect.

Starting off with the bash on the bass drum and the pluck on the electric guitar strings as the hit on the cymbal takes place, switching to the hardcore tune on the piano and combining each element to create this loud and manic instrumentation. But also having that occasional funk sound to it with the upbeat and lively melodies that flow in and out.

Having a rather gravelly tone to the voice, adding in that heap load of energy as it courses through the sound throughout. Having these infectious harmonies and grooves and you can’t help but love them as they combine all the elements of a hit rock song together and completely smash it.

Now if you’re a rock lover, be sure to check this one out.

Listen to Swami Lushbeards Enemy by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Happy Freuds – Break: It’s full of energy and major throwbacks

If you want something that’s going to throw you right back to the old school Classic Rock days then this is the one for you. Happy Freuds have this contagious energy, manic instrumentation and insane vocals, that real rock feel that throws you right back.

‘’Break’’ is a track that you can’t help but love, it’s energetic, chaotic and has so much personality that shines through, as a listener you can hear how much energy goes into the music and how well it comes out.

They have this talent that definitely shouldn’t go unnoticed, the guitar riffs are so precise and electrifying, the light taps on the drums and not to mention the killer vocals that just completely top everything off, it all combines so well together.

Happy Freuds have clearly shown the Rock world what they have to offer in this track, just by showing how good old school Classic Rock can really sound. A band with huge potential to make it massive and one we can’t wait to see do so.

Be sure to check out Break for yourselves by heading to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


K.I.R.K – Elevate: 2PAC Would Be Proud

K.I.R.K promises an Old School Hip Hop revival, and he delivers. K.I.R.K AKA James Kirkendoll is a producer & sound engineer from Atlanta, US. It’s clear that he’s mastered his sound. Now perhaps it would be time to master his style.

The production of the track can’t be faulted, it’s flawless, well rounded and maintains a smooth flow throughout. However, this Hip Hop & Rap artist seems to be more on a journey to match his Hip Hop idols such as 2PAC & Kendrick Lemar rather than really investing in his own brand of music. It lacks the lustre and true lyrical passion. The vocal score almost comes across as apathetic, which is a real shame for this emerging artist.

An artist with such amazing mixing talent has the potential to go far. Elevate is just one of the tracks to come off the Elevation EP which was brought out in July, yet it’s gone down with mixed reviews. It’s one thing to go for the whole Rap legend aesthetic, but if you can’t back it up with a little soul, what’s the point?

Check it out for yourself using the Soundcloud link below:


Joffery Hollsworth set out to release a brand new song titled “Morning Fog”

Joffery Hollsworth is an artist with a truly unique approach to his blend of music.

Recently, he set out to release a brand new song titled “Morning Fog”. This is a song that showcases the artist’s full range of abilities, as well as his great vocal range and lyrics-writing skills. The songs blurs the lines between hip-hop, pop and R&B, going for a crisp and punchy production value.

This song has a very upbeat, yet smooth drum groove, which blends in really well with the song’s melodies and themes. Joffery’s voice is warm, direct and expressive, with a truly old school feel that echoes the golden age of the hip-hop genre.

All in all, this is not just a great song that appeals to fans of hip-hop: this track has a great laid-back attitude that would appeal to and of all kinds of music. I can certainly see myself blasting this loud when driving in the sunshine this summer!