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Old Man Sings: Sarah Streitz drops the moody gem to reflect with called Lonely Woman Blues

Executed with that gritty show-like sharpness which will please fans of the illuminated underground, Sarah Streitz sings with a world-class attitude which will soothe many a sad soul with her Lonely Woman Blues.

Sarah Streitz is a Santa Fe, New Mexico and Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie singer-songwriter who makes those timeless-like tracks to play for hours.

Cruising through with her high-heeled shoes on which shall sizzle the airwaves just right, Sarah Streitz is at her supreme best and shall bring many hearts a warm gift to treasure forever.

Gliding so elegantly like a night out with genuine friends who won’t leave you behind, as our speakers sizzle and another sip is consumed.

Lonely Woman Blues from Minnesota-based indie singer-songwriter Sarah Streitz is a must-listen for anyone who likes classic sounding music. There is a real flourishing vitality on offer here, which shall shake many stale cobwebs away. Sarah seems to sing with so much class and desire, with her expert storytelling abilities brought to the fore.

If you want a trip down memory lane, this is the perfect tonic.

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Had No Stress: New Mexico hip hop artist Julian Kushman misses those happy days on Back In ‘06

Feeling so down lately and wondering why his mind keeps on twisting when the opposite is needed, Julian Kushman shows us deep back in the day when the less stress days made everything okay on Back In ‘06.

Julian Kushman is a Ruidoso, New Mexico-based indie hip hop artist who pours his heart and soul into each track and makes meaningful music.

They have similar messages as me, everything they say I can relate to. Most of the time, I just feel worthless and I don’t want anyone else feeling that way. I think what motivates my music is not wanting other people to feel like I do.” ~ Julian Kushman talking about Logic, Phora and Mac Miller

Lathered in so much truthful insight and raw bars to slice open the actual story, Julian Kushman showcases a witty mind and so much fearless tenacity to tell the story he knows needs to be told.

Back In ‘06 from Ruidoso, New Mexico-based indie hip hop artist Julian Kushman is an excellent song which should shock many and relate with millions. With so much bravery and honest lyrics about what it’s like to feel you want to end things, this should be a real eye opener for those who don’t realize how worrying the mental health of the world is.

Recalling those happy days can always trigger a positive vibration.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Anticipating: Sarah Streitz looks for the right time to make that move on Waiting

In the shadows for too long and taking us into a mysterious ride through the desert, Sarah Streitz rolls through and stares right through the tinted glass on her latest groovy wonder, Waiting.

Sarah Streitz is a Santa Fe, New Mexico and Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie singer-songwriter who makes that nostalgic blend of music made with pure heart.

Pouncing through our speakers with a brave intent and taking us through a complication love affair, Sarah Streitz has dropped a fascinatingly moody single to play loud when you are in a mood to think deeper than ever.

Gritty in nature and packed with a vocally striking performance, this is a striking single to plug in when you need to hear something real to the core.

Waiting from Santa Fe, New Mexico and Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie singer-songwriter Sarah Streitz is a hugely memorable release that shall rattle the core of so many who feel this monumentally riveting experience. Released from the upcoming 4th album Different Space, this is a simply stunning single which shall sharper those eardrums and get you in a dreamy state of affairs.

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We Get High Like This: Taylor Paul finds the neon lights with someone truly special on ‘Slow Motion’

After the much-appreciated album from 2020 called ‘The Way I Saw It‘, Taylor Paul is back with another real gem which is all about finding someone wonderful who makes you feel like you are living in ‘Slow Motion‘.

Taylor Paul is a New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He blends in aspects of folk and blues, to create an authentic blend of feel-good music vibrations.

As summer comes to an end, this is a reflection on small glimpses of possibility that have come out of this year.” ~ Taylor Paul

Sung with a really smoothly textured vocal shimmer that has your eyes in a content glimmer – this is a stunning single to think deeply with as you see your dream person standing right next to you – as you look for those romantic shooting stars together.

Coming off a concept record about having cancer, I definitely wanted to turn the page to a more fun and laid back era of music.” ~ Taylor Paul

Slow Motion‘ from the New Mexico-based indie pop artist Taylor Paul, is a love-struck story about feeling so incredibly in tune with the world when you are with your ideal partner. The world calms down and everything is so vivid, as you look into their beautiful eyes and feel so alive inside your whole soul.

This is such a pure song made with a true passion for all things real, and leaves a memorably peaceful mark on your mind during these troubled times.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All I See Is Ghosts: New Mexico-based artist Taylor Paul wants to get away from the bad vibes on ‘Another Day’

With a skilled fisherman’s precision sharpness as he looks to where he needs to be, Taylor Paul knows that he needs to move from all the spooky memories that restrict his sleep on his new single ‘Another Day‘.

Taylor Paul is a calm New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He forges that old school and new school sound together perfectly, as he fuses his own light into where there is so much darkness.

You feel his honest attitude flow vividly through the speakers as his mind looks for a way out. With a smoothly tuned vocal toolbox – his vocals are a pleasure to listen to throughout – as you find strength from his striking lyrics that certainly has you thinking deeply.

Another Day‘ from the New Mexico-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer Taylor Paul, shows us a story that shows you how he wants to grow, but feels like he is falling in his dreams and needs to find that exit sign quickly. With a freshly tuned voice, he sings with such reflection and you feel his anxious energy, which needs to be healed before its too late.

Only through being in a place where you feel safe, can you truly be free and fly into the sky to reach those dreams.

See this quality new music video on YouTube and find out more on his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keeping Things Real: Genevieve Zamora drops the excellent new single ‘No BS’ (feat. Gifted)

With her soul alive and feeling extra creative, Genevieve Zamora is back with the top shelf new hip-hop/RnB laced single called ‘No BS(feat. Gifted).

Renowned audio engineer, singer-songwriter, online class educator and proud owner of Southern Royalty Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Genevieve Zamora makes music that helps you relate to real life, as we all go through ups and downs whilst desperately needing that heart-warming uplifting feeling that helps things be better again, after a cold winter of chaos.

After being married for twenty years and having two beloved children, she has decided to get more of her music out there to the world and this feels like a renaissance to see what else there is to achieve. Her creative juices are flowing over the top of the waves and you can just sense that she doesn’t ever back down from any challenge.

This is the story of showing that you don’t play any games and this what you do is for real, you don’t have time for seeing those fake sharks bite themselves on social media while doing nothing of substance, as you are making things happen and keeping life legit.

She sings with such class and the raps bounce perfectly on a crisply produced beat that has you nodding your head, whilst your body just wants to dance and get into the mood.

No BS’ (feat. Gifted) from the inspiring and multi-talented Genevieve Zamora, is a sign of things to come from a woman who knows what she wants. Everything screams quality here and the subject matter is real, which is a welcome curve away from the usual overly embellished stories on the airwaves, that has you questioning their morals. Keeping things in reality is what this whole project is all about after all.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Taylor Paul returns with new indie pop song ‘Stranger To Myself’

Taylor Paul returns with new indie pop song ‘Stranger To Myself‘ and this is a terrific effort that is made with a lyric video too.

A musician and producer from Carlsbad, New Mexico, Taylor also plays guitar in the band Earth Brothers and loves different music projects to work on.

Taken off the new full album, ‘The Way I Saw It‘, this is a fine single that has lots of heart and passion inside the tracks wrapper, the vocals are fiery and the beat takes you places.

You feel like you are a stranger right now when you look in the mirror, can you release yourself and move on. You want to be happy and smile each day, you just need to find yourself. The sooner the better and you need to be strong right now to flourish.

Taylor Paul brings us his new indie pop song ‘Stranger To Myself‘ and this is a track that will be so memorable down the line. This is a young artist with lots of passion and the music output lately is very impressive. With a huge passion for music and a real talent, this is the type of music we love in 2020.

Click here for the YouTube page.

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Taylor Paul looks for inspiration to heal up on ’25’

Taylor Paul sings with such sadness and worry on his new single called ‘25‘.

New Mexico singer-songwriter Taylor Paul had a tough 2019 and this year has been even worse due to the pandemic. With a broken heart and a tired voice, he sings for inspiration here. This video is so simple and gets the message across without any games.

You feel like things can’t get worse, the last year and a bit has been horrible. You know you need to stay positive but are disconnected from the world and feel out of place. You need to inspiration to make it through as you know your fans rely on your music.

Taylor Paul might be sad right now but the music is straight to the soul. ‘25‘ is a great song from this talented singer who is bound to find his mojo again soon.

Head here for the YouTube page.

Click here for the Insta page.

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Drvven is on top form with sensual release on “So Don’t Let Go”

So Don’t Let Go” from young artist Drvven is such a honest story of complete love from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Las Cruces is a city in New Mexico, on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert and this is wherein we are flown away to the love story of not wanting to let go of that special one in your life. You know that this feels right. You can feel it in your sand-filled boots while being around someone that makes your heart flutter backflips into 360 degrees of real life falling in love in 2020.

Drvven’sSo Don’t Let Go” is a piece of marvellous magnificence served up to remind us to keep the ones that we care about close. Letting go is last thing you want in the world. Sometimes its not anyways possible but it’s worth a try if you feel it in your bones.

Stream this fresh new R&B mood setter that will make candles blush on Spotify.

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