Keeping Things Real: Genevieve Zamora drops the excellent new single ‘No BS’ (feat. Gifted)

With her soul alive and feeling extra creative, Genevieve Zamora is back with the top shelf new hip-hop/RnB laced single called ‘No BS(feat. Gifted).

Renowned audio engineer, singer-songwriter, online class educator and proud owner of Southern Royalty Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Genevieve Zamora makes music that helps you relate to real life, as we all go through ups and downs whilst desperately needing that heart-warming uplifting feeling that helps things be better again, after a cold winter of chaos.

After being married for twenty years and having two beloved children, she has decided to get more of her music out there to the world and this feels like a renaissance to see what else there is to achieve. Her creative juices are flowing over the top of the waves and you can just sense that she doesn’t ever back down from any challenge.

This is the story of showing that you don’t play any games and this what you do is for real, you don’t have time for seeing those fake sharks bite themselves on social media while doing nothing of substance, as you are making things happen and keeping life legit.

She sings with such class and the raps bounce perfectly on a crisply produced beat that has you nodding your head, whilst your body just wants to dance and get into the mood.

No BS’ (feat. Gifted) from the inspiring and multi-talented Genevieve Zamora, is a sign of things to come from a woman who knows what she wants. Everything screams quality here and the subject matter is real, which is a welcome curve away from the usual overly embellished stories on the airwaves, that has you questioning their morals. Keeping things in reality is what this whole project is all about after all.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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