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Stevie B brings it back to ‘Old School’ in his latest elevated rap hit.

Up and coming hip hop artist, Stevie B, put his own spin on the old school style with his latest rhythmically captivating rap single that unfolds as an ode to old school like no other.

Instead of trying to brand old school styles as his own, the New Delhi-based rapper championed the records he was raised on and used enough passion to leave anyone enthused and gratified for the movement that the OGs created. It’s impossible not to be hooked in by his lyrical wit that is just as sharp as the hooks in the Eastern-inspired melodies.

The official video for Old School premiered on November 6th. You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You Can Win: New Delhi’s Sanchit Agarwal leads the way on ‘Victory’

After winning the internal battle against his previous personal demons which threatened to seriously destroy everything he loved, Sanchit Agarwal sends the world an instrumental anthem to convey his positive energy to defeat all that isn’t helping your life on ‘Victory‘.

Sanchit Agarwal is a confident New Delhi, India-based indie Rock artist, music producer, pianist, composer and songwriter.

This song is about the realization, that the fight is over, the mirror is broken, you’re the victory.” ~ Sanchit Agarwal

This feels like a raising-the-hands-to-conquer-all-doubts message which fearlessly shows you the way forward, from a world that can consume you so easily if you don’t get out of the quick-sand of no return. The powerful rock ballad is a vocal-less experience to truly remember – as you blend into the healing waves and come out feeling refreshed – whilst asserting like you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Victory‘ from the mightily skilled New Delhi, India-based indie Rock instrumental artist Sanchit Agarwal, is a thunderbolt of a track from a musician who uses the past to define his future in an inspiring way for us to learn from. This is a cinematic entry that deserves so much love, to move us away from the negative overthinking which can cloud your mind forever if you let it.

Hear this euphoric new release on YouTube and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Corin deliver us ‘The Moment Of Realization’

Moira by Corin

Deep, subtle instrumental backgrounds open ‘The Moment Of Realization’ by ambient artists Corin, gentle echoing guitar chords over the slow, mellow swell of keyboard parts, a repeating, descending motif of picked, chorused notes which then build slowly, drums and bass adding an extra colour to the palette, increasing dynamics until overdriven guitar kicks in around the four-minute mark, reprising the descending riff but with greater power and emphasis.

‘The Moment Of Realisation’ is taken from Corin’s debut, seven-track ep ‘Moira’, a progressive neo-classical journey from prologue through to ending, a soundscape journey through an instrumental landscape of shifting moods and tempos.

You can hear ‘The Moment Of Realisation’ on BandCamp; follow Corin on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes