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Miami-based modern RnB duo Soulpax finds that place to keep the energy alive on ‘Moonbeams’

With a magnifying lens looking at ways to keep this incredible love alive as long as possible while gazing above for inspiration, Soulpax brings us a stunning new single that has a groovy vibe and features gorgeous vocals to uplift your mood on ‘Moonbeams‘.

Soulpax is a Miami, Florida-based indie modern RnB and Dreamy Pop duo who make a crisp blend of world-class soundscapes that raises you off your seat and into a better place.

Couples with their songwriting, Soulpax focuses on cultivating an immersive and interactive live show that will make even the shiest venue goer want to jump into the crowd and shake their hips.” ~ Soulpax

There is so much to love about a band that use their close connection with each other to make something so beautiful on this soul-grabbing experience. Soulpax fuse in a mood-transforming blend of delightful melodies that has your heart beating like a determined lover, who knows now what is needed to keep this love from burning out like a lost candle in the wind.

Moonbeams‘ from Miami, Florida-based indie RnB/Dreamy Pop duo Soulpax, is a track all about attempting to keep this flame lit bright no matter what. There is an elegant nature on offer that takes you into a wonderful world that is away from all the doom and gloom, gliding you high and to a fabulous location that has you finding true comfort as one.

When you both want it to work out, the power you possess is mightier than you can even fathom.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see their travels via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

An Assortment Of Pictures: Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT astounds on new single ‘Supercritical’

With a progressive sound that feels like it belongs in an intense movie where we are about to see the twist, Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT returns with his high-energy mix that will have your heart quivering swiftly on ‘Supercritical‘.

Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT is a classically-trained Pittsburgh-born, Phoenix-based modern jazz composer who fuses in rock, metal, EDM, ska, and world music.

His favourite composers include John Zorn, Alfred Schnittke, and Richard Wagner, with whom he identifies for their eclecticism and unpredictability.” ~ Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT

There is no one in the world quite like Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT. Launching like a catapult with a style of music that has been laced with so many different genres it is hard to name them all, he shows us the inner workings of his racing mind that is always looking for that extra edge.

Supercritical‘ from the wildly creative Phoenix-based modern jazz composer Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT, is a fascinating combination of soundscapes that seems to smash through all self-doubts that were inside you before. With a speaker-booming experience for us to enjoy, this is a new track that certainly wakes up your ears and assists in getting your whole body moving for the exciting adventures ahead.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yønah – she do it to me: Atmospheric Modern Chill Pop

I love it, overly love it, when I’m listening to a song that does not carry any lackluster parts that could be trimmed off. Not the all-lowercase lettering of the title track, not a single thing on the music production, even when it’s a wee bit cluttered. Everything falls in place here, forming a magnificent musical puzzle. Well done Yønah.

Yønah’s newest joint is called “she do it to me” and there’s a sample of birds chirping at its beginning and at before its end. The devil is in the details, however many times it is the beauty that also lies in the details too. This is a tune with a flawless, cluttered music production that is going to force you to add it to your Chill playlist on Spotify. And you’re not going to skip this for a really long time, take my word for it. Yønah’s singing is a bit whispery, but not Billie Eilish level of whispery. And those backing vocals during the chorus? Talking about fierce attention to detail.

In terms of numbers, “she do it to me” is crushing it on Spotify at the moment, as it should. You can listen to it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Brandon Tyree – The sound of future past

Brandon Tyree is a torch bearer, one of those artists who is taking the musical traditions and classic sounds of the past and bringing them into the future and repackaging them for a modern audience. Not that there is too much of an overhaul going on in his soulful R&B, you can clearly see the lineage of his music but here the dexterous band sound is channelled through a more modern set of sounds.

This more electronic rendering adds sophistication and effortless uptown cool, and whilst classic piano sounds are still at the heart of the music its clinical beats and synth driven swirls mark it out as a part of a cutting edge soul reinvention. That said, some things never change and Give Me Another Chance is an expertly and exquisitely delivered vocal and despite its modern trappings a sassy and soulful groove beats at the songs heart.

HIDDENHILLS Release Punchy Rap Track “Full Throttle”

HIDDENHILLS managed to create a stunning and lush tracks, with some beautiful layers of melodies converging together with a massive and explosive groove. The vocals create some stunning harmonic layers, while the punchy and modern electronic beat samples are packed with punch and edge.

What I really love about this tune is certainly the transcendental power of this track. It has elements of pop, trap and R&B, and it is a really well-constructed track that defies elements and songwriting ideas, in order to come up with something unique and innovative.

Produced by LarryBeats, the track feels modern and punchy, with a special tone that really highlights the arrangement’s crafty ideas and insane musicianship that went into the creation of this gem. The song begins with a softer intro that hints at the upcoming groove with a bit of a lo-fi feel. Later, the song opens up beautifully, with a crisp and melodic sound. The 808-style drums cut through the mix beautifully, just as much as the vocals, which bring melody and rhythm to the mix in equally balanced doses.

Morgan sets the bar with R&B track ‘Upgrade’

Singer and performer Morgan was aiming to set the bar higher with his most recent single, Upgrade – and we can certainly say he managed to accomplish that!

The track falls somewhere in between the beautiful melodies of R&B track and the energy of hip-hop, going for a unique approach that has the best elements from both words. The edgy 808-style beats and beautiful melodic synths are perfect to drive the sound of the music, making for a truly suitable backing track for Morgan’s unmistakable vocals.

His tone is clean, bright and lush, echoing the work of extraordinarily gifted performers, including Frank Ocean, Drake or even Prince, just to mention but a few. Morgan’s singing is a perfect showcase of his lyrical abilities, as well as his talent for crafting memorable melodies and hooks that will undoubtedly remain stuck in your head for quite some time to come.

Every element in this track is top-notch, ranging  from the audio production down to the lyrics, performance and the stunning cover photoshoot, executed to absolute perfection.

Myra Hotazz releases sassy-modern track ‘REMIND YOU ft B’

Myra Hotazz sits at the collision point of so many genres as they reinvent themselves for a future generation. Pop, rap and R’nB are all fed into one end of her song writing and the result is a sassy, ultra modern, ultra hip blend of all three. The rap/soul vocal trade off is a classic harmonic device but the song also buzzes with cutting edge studio textures, grooves on a chilled dance beat and crackles with pop energy.

But for all its forward thinking, it’s very much of the here and now vibe, the song is also the oldest story in the book of a girl being taken for granted and moving on. It just shows that as much as some things may change musically, emotions are doing the same things that they always have done.

A Certain Energy releases ultra modern, hip-hop track ‘Know That’

Despite having turn his back on his early passion for music, rapper Shain Romanowski, better known as A Certain Energy, found that its seductive ways were never going to let him go and after one life changing moment was propelled back into its embrace. With an EP about to drop, Know That is the perfect calling card for his ultra modern, hip-hop driven rhymes.

He takes the classic themes of fame and fortune, singular devotion and the drive to make it but delivers them with more melody and intelligence than the genre has seen in a long time and when he sings of his ambitions, far from coming across as just another street corner wannabe with all the words and no plan, with A Certain Energy you are as convinced as he is that he will get there. It is easy to draw parallels with a certain Canadian hip-hop heavy weight but maybe following the Drake Equation is exactly the path to take.