Treat You Like You Golden: JThree looks for his heart again on Moving On

Wondering why his ex never truly loved him in the first place, JThree senses that now is the time to be Moving On so he can avoid those horrible calls of hate that only make his priceless heart sore.

JThree aka BJ Johnson is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip hop artist who makes an inviting blend of catchy music to get your soul happily enthused again.

Filled with youthful honesty and a fiery flow that will get you thinking deeper about that time a relationship flipped over unexpectedly, JThree shows us his impressively growing skill set as he flows rather briskly and with a wise head on his shoulders. Rather than trying to fix something that is clearly broken beyond imagination, he has walked away for good in order to save his own soul from further issues down the road.

Moving On from Michigan, USA-based indie hip hop artist JThree is a quick-fire track from a potently proficient artist who seems to shred the mic like cheese on a grater. Flush with home truths about modern day dating in a seemingly flaky forget-me-quick world, this is a song that so many (probably too many of us) will sadly relate to. With a formidable beat to boot, you shall reflect on how things can break so fast romantically sometimes. Even if you wanted the opposite.

Love is a cruel mistress sometimes, you see.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more stylish moves.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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