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Marcus Liuzzi is the last of the great romantics in ‘Right Whatever’s Wrong’

Marcus Liuzzi’s latest standout single, Right Whatever’s Wrong, teases the soul with flawless feel-good finesse by sprinkling layers of spacey Ziggy Stardust over kinetic drumbeats; the fluidity of the intricate laid-back grooves behind the nostalgia of the 80s synths are just as rhythmically compelling as the infectious beats in the Stone Roses signature sound. Paired with the soulful crooning vocal lines, Right Whatever’s Wrong efficaciously embodies the warmth of the sensation of finding perfection in someone that obliges you to never do them wrong or let them down.

Liuzzi, perhaps the last of the great romantics, crafted an atmosphere where the soaring 70s rock guitar riff tears through the euphony towards an ardent outro, giving the track another sweetly exhilarant dynamic. This colourful prism of a pop-rock hit ensures anyone who delves in will feel the full force of the earworm.

Influenced by the likes of the Beatles, ELO, Queen, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie, Liuzzi finds perpetual inspiration in themes of love, hope and peace; his latest single is a scintillatingly soulful amalgamation of his diverse influences, making Right Whatever’s Wrong a testament to his passion and artistry. Dive into this track and let it sweep you into its vibrant, nostalgic embrace.

Right Whatever’s Wrong hit the airwaves on May 10th, stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Transcend gravity with Marcus Liuzzi’s spacey 80s synth pop serenade, No One Better Than You

There was no forgetting Marcus Liuzzi after his lasciviously hooky 2022 single, 2 Night Stand. He’s swooned in with the Chris Isaak 80s vibes once more in his proclamation of enduring passion, No One Better Than You. The synthy, spacey pop tones push the single beyond the earth’s atmosphere, transcending gravity and every pop archetype that came before it.

No feeling quite matches the sensation of earnestly upholding someone as the reflection of perfection in your eyes – especially when their own self-image is dimmed with doubt, leaving you compelled to celebrate them to put back the shine in their tear-streaked aplomb.

“you feel as though you’re broken, you’re not the only one, you put your trust in someone else, and look what they’ve done” may just be the most compassionate lyric penned in the last decade.

Listen to No One Better Than You on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marcus Liuzzi became the sweetest power pop heartbreaker on the airwaves with ‘You’re Not the One’

Power-pop heartbreaker, Marcus Liuzzi, has released his latest no holds barred single, You’re Not the One. Those words sting even when they’re not about you. But for anyone that knows how it feels to be corrected after they think they found one, there’s a certain solace in knowing you’re not alone on that particular emotional ride, and that painful transition is one step closer to a happy ending.

With the college radio rock vibes coalescing with the garagey 70s rock stripes and plaintive yet playful piano scores, You’re Not the One peddles a fair amount of nostalgia, but there is no disputing that the Boston, Massachusetts singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brings a certain autonomous je nais sais quoi to the airwaves.

You’re Not the One is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Americana goes pop in Marcus Liuzzi’s latest single, I Met Her in Memphis

Marcus Liuzzi’s latest single, I Met Her in Memphis, has shifted his alt-country sound to a poppier territory; it is a move we more than approve of. With the playful college rock radio vibes in the vein of R.E.M., mixed with the Memphis Americana instrumentals, you’ll get just as hooked in the narrative lyrics as you will the poppy country guitars that compliment Marcus Liuzzi’s viscerally upbeat vocal style.

It is impossible to listen to the roots deep record that comes with a twist of modernity without turning a smile. We can’t wait to hear what follows. If there’s anything the world needs more of now, it’s stellar songwriters that know how to bring the escapism.

I Met Her in Memphis is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Country hooks up with 70s cosmic pop in Marcus Liuzzi’s latest single, 2 Night Stand

Country meets 70s cosmic pop in the Massachusetts-hailing singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marcus Liuzzi’s latest single, 2 Night Stand.

The deeply candid and narrative track spins the whiskey-soaked tale of a hook-up that left the hook firmly embedded itself far beyond the hungover sunrise. If there is any definitive proof that the loss of the object of our lust is as crushing as the loss of love, it is this humbly honest track. It wears its heart on the shimmering guitar progressions, Americana-influenced basslines, psychedelically warm keys, and the occasional orchestral sing motif.

There are hints of R.E.M. in the vocals that rest atop the country twang and influence from ELO, Bowie and the Beatles. Only an insanely talented artist could pull that off in such an endearing fashion. It is safe to say that we are pretty hooked.

You can get down with a 2 Night Stand for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

For Peace: Marcus Liuzzi remembers the conviction-filled tumultuous sixties on ‘Whatever Happened To Aquarius’

As he carefully opens up the memory book and shows us that standing up for your rights is the only way to go, Marcus Liuzzi recalls when marching was so frequent and still groovy at the same time on ‘Whatever Happened To Aquarius‘.

Marcus Liuzzi is a highly respected Boston, Massachusetts indie Pop singer-songwriter and theatre actor. He makes a sterling blend of nostalgic music that brings you back to a time that must be never forgotten.

This song is a reflection on how things never change – we’re still fighting the for same things year after year. Whatever Happened to Aquarius is about the tumultuous sixties, when we fought for our rights, for equality, for ideals, and for peace. We marched against the Vietnam war and police brutality. We shouted loud in the streets to make our voices heard. We never gave up, and we’re still fighting today.” ~ Marcus Liuzzi

There is so much style with groove-laced vibrations in this epic track – packed full of important lyrics for those who have no idea about the past – with a blend of vocals that has your mind alive and glowing about such incredibly real music. He sings with a real purpose, packed with a tremendously uplifting energy to educate those who feel that the fight isn’t worth it.

Whatever Happened To Aquarius‘ from the experienced Boston, Massachusetts indie Pop singer-songwriter Marcus Liuzzi, is that memory lane lane type of experience that has you feeling united as you stand. With so much hate and divisiveness around that is sadly so abundant, this is a real insight into the brave folk who stood up when the time was right. Being free is the only thing that should ever matter after all.

Hear this new freedom-inspired track on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen