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Wild embrace of love: Imagesong (ft. Alexis Cole, Marc Phaneuf, Mike Eckroth and Jon Burr) bring that old school joy back on magnificent Jazz classic ‘Three Magic Wishes’

After the spectacular success of ‘Lost In Youin August 2020, Imagesong and their world-renowned team of Jazz greats (ft. Alexis Cole, Marc Phaneuf, Mike Eckroth and Jon Burr) are absolutely spell-binding on their brand new single called ‘Three Magic Wishes‘.

Well-known poet and songwriter Connie Marotta has brought her outstanding career as a poet and songwriter to life again, with her business called Imagesong.

Imagesong’s mission is to create beauty that inspires love and hope and an awareness of the beauty within that can flow out into the world.”- Connie Marotta

The quality on show here makes you blush at times, as you feel like you are lost in time, remembering hearing this type of world class sonic soundscapes thrust into you body like an invigorating bubble bath, to revitalize you spiritually again.

You feel like you are in a smokey but classy bar back in the 70’s, glancing at a smiling face who is looking deeply at you, your heart beats a bit faster and you feel the magic in your eyes light up longingly.

Three Magic Wishes‘ from legendary poet and songwriter Connie Marotta’s Imagesong (ft. Alexis Cole, Marc Phaneuf, Mike Eckroth and Jon Burr) is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks, to remind you that music and life can actually be about love and imagination.

The quality of music here is quite sumptuous and a real throwback, whilst reminiscing about when things were pure and simple, just the way it should be.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen