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Burst of Electricity: Ilustrado feels that sensational spark of passion on Ecstasy

Wrapped in an illuminating bundle of vitality which shall shock many, Ilustrado shall send our minds into a thrilling place of pure sensual enjoyment on Ecstasy.

Ilustrado is a New York-based Manila, Philippines-born indie EDM artist and music producer who slams the door shut on any doubters with blazing hot creations to savour.

After finishing his studies, he carved out a career in opera, musical theater, and sacred music with critical acclaim. When all his performances took a hit during the 2020 pandemic, he turned to songwriting as a creative outlet and rediscovered his passion and gift for it. Finding his renewed artistic calling at a time when the world stood still, Ilustrado is currently producing the Pearl Drive Project – his first anthology of works in rock, soul, and dance.” ~ Ilustrado

With a locked in spirit which will please many ravenous souls, Ilustrado has changed the game with a true ear-heater which might make many humans blush with excitement.

Ecstasy from New York-based EDM artist and music producer Ilustrado is one of the steamiest efforts so far in 2022. Drenched in so much glorious splendour to turn up loud, this is a sexy track for all those sweaty nights when two souls have decided to connect as one.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Detroit’s Jade Judo demands respect as she turns the taps onto full with ‘Wet’

With that fill-the-bag-up mentality that drives her to the tantalizing treasures that urge her on even when she is totally exhausted, Jade Judo chops the competition up like a real pro as she stacks up that money to the ceiling on ‘Wet‘.

Jade Judo is a determined RnB/Hip-Hop artist who was raised in the slums of Detroit where she had to learn to defend herself before finding her way into the music world that has set her free.

Drenched enthusiastically in different activities such as modelling, entrepreneurship, acting, and making those millions, the Manila, Philippines-born Jade Judo is in tap opening form with another single from her well-received 5-track ‘The Empress‘. Her rap ability is punchy and leaves you in no doubt that she is making boss moves, in the world that is crying out for new leaders to take charge and lead us into a better place from the scarred past that needs to be forgotten quickly.

Wet‘ from the Detroit, USA-based indie RnB/Hip-Hop artist and former cheerleader Jade Judo, drips appetisingly all over our emotions with a statement track about running things around her streets as she feels like no one is better. With confidence clearly at 100%, we feel the full force of her lyrical prowess that reigns supreme here as we are drawn closer into her motivated stance that oozes self-belief.

When you are doing well and things are flowing like a clean stream that is full of power, why stop the momentum right?

Hear what honesty sounds like on Spotify and link inside her world via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manila-based L!FE shows us the long game on ‘Mood’

On a self-made catchy beat that leads us into the mindset of a musician who values his creative output, L!FE knows that he needs to keep busy but feels that sometimes he is not always in the ‘Mood‘.

L!FE is a Manila, Philippines-based indie hip-hop artist/bassist, and music producer who makes all his own tracks from the comfort of his studio bedroom.

His music mostly comprises of sample-based melodies with old school hip hop drums funky bass lines and a lower registered voice when singing and rapping.” ~ L!FE

In a world where so many people bleat on about how many songs a musician needs to make each year, L!FE directs us into his life as he shows us a relatable message out knowing that the long-term game is where he is headed. This is an artist who would rather take his time and make classic gems, instead of assembling average music than might dehydrate his heart.

Mood‘ from Manila, Philippines-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer L!FE is an insightful track all about the life of an artist who is perhaps not feeling the creative juices flow into his body today. He guides us into his mind as he wonders why some people just don’t get it – as he slides his headphones on – to get into his zone again to block out anything negative that could ruin his day.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen