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The Real Mr B Ft Xei Release “Devil’s Game” – The Perfect Blend Of Hip Hop And Soul

It’s not very common to find a song which features two distinctively different artists who manage to create just the right blend of stylistic elements into one track. “Devil’s Game” by The Real Mr B ft.Xei is an example of such a collaboration which works out so well. It is a rare discovery that not only delivers a strong message through the rap verses but also features sultry soulful adlibs and melodic phrases. With smooth female vocal harmonies in the background creating a vibe nostalgic of the Spooks’ “Karma Hotel” in combination with a chorus that is not only soulful and catchy but also melodically intriguing, Xei colourfully contrasts the rap verses with her authentic vocal tone and melodies

The song starts off with the catchy melodic chorus but a short instance later the rap verse comes in and grasps the listener’s attention even further. With a strong flow that is not lacking in expression, the delivery of these verses is on point and relatable to a lot of people who experienced being the underdog during particular life experiences. Apart from simply speaking about struggles the song also carries a very important and thought provoking message. “Someones God is another ones Devil” Emphasising this statement is also the second half of the song which features nothing but Xei’s sultry improvisational phrases, highlighting her unique vocal timbre while also providing a perfect contrast and balance with The Real Mr B’s rap verses.These two distinctive artists truly come together to form a Jin-Jang balance in music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Designated Drivers Bhagboyz – Crash The Audi

Crash The Audi ties a relentless and ruthless rap salvo to a mid-paced drive built of skittering percussion, pulsing back beats and clever electronic weaves to build a track which bristles with energy without resorting to flooding the track with tricks and gimmickry. And that is the art of it, capturing the energy of the idea and the live performance via the studio process, an art that this Queens trio seem to have nailed down.

And it is the balance of pumping underground cool and far reaching commercial potential which is their greatest asset, chart accessible yet cultish enough for those who like to act as the movers and shakers and stay ahead of the curve, mass appeal yet walking with a select minority, that’s the real trick. And if that is the case then Bhagboyz have things sown up.


London-based Trio Distant Bonds Release Alternative Rock Track “Defender”

London-based trio Distant Bonds brings forth something so different and original with their single “Defender.”  Amazing, acceptable, adequate, satisfactory, catchy, and classic are just a few adjectives used to describe the song as a whole. Aside from their tailor made catchy hooks, and awesome instrumentation, the group as a whole presents an awesome dynamic. Their vocal presence is unique, and each voice blends perfects with the other. What intrigued me the most about this band is there inept ability to tell a unique story.

“Defender,” is a well written musical masterpiece. The track is a subdued tale of a hero, who is also simply human flaws and all. I love the play on words, the lyrical intensity and the vocal arrangements. The song hits a few climatic moments which really bring the piece together. Overall, beautiful sentiment of good versus evil, done via the soundtrack of an amazing band.


London Taylor’s “Kind Of Love,” Is Something Special!

London Taylor’s energy on the track, “Kind of Love,” is simply put amazing! The track is almost anthem like, it’s a passionately driven emotionally realized pop classic. In listening to London it’s easy to tell she’s in tune with her head and her heart; she has an extraordinary voice, and she exemplifies it in every word she utters on the track. The song is such a statement of strength and energy over a pulsing drum cadence, simplistic piano, nice synth, and some smooth guitars.

London might just be providing a template for how innovative pop music should be done. The vocals are layered, the instrumentation is smooth and her sound is more than millennial its influential. This track is a canvas of musical amazement produced and written very well. Solid track solidifying London’s place in the pop music world.


Relationship therapy and great grooves courtesy of HunnyB

Even though HunnyB’s latest single comes from her own personal experience, it is still wonderfully relevant and totally relatable, describing as it does the endless spirals and running around in circles of a relationship which is not working out. We have all been there, it is part of growing up, part of the human experience, part of life. And whilst normally we would seek solace in our friends or family, Round and Round is nothing short of a session of relationship therapy set to music.

A slick and vibrant piece of R&B, it is built on sassy grooves and modern dance floor chic whilst offering a shoulder to cry on. Joe Budden is the balancing male vocal in this duet, kicking things off nicely but this is Hunny’s moment to tell it like it is and she does so with confidence and defiance. It is always great when you come across such a stylish soulful-pop song but the fact that if you are indeed going through a tough time in a relationship, Round and Round reminds you that you are not alone and hopefully offers you the strength and comfort you need to work things out.


Brooksy’s New Track ‘Just Written’ Will Make You Wish You Were Smitten

Brooksy is a UK based acoustic singer song writer; orchestrating an innocent sound for all of the modern romantics out there. The artists flits between London and Manchester, he’s certainly got the classically dulcet Manchester twang to his voice. It’s a sound that’s been infectious since the 80’s, and acts like Brooksy prove that Manchester Music won’t be laid to rest quite yet with his angelic sound revival.

Following the same beat as Pulp’s iconic hit Year 2000, it’s instantly catchy as you embrace the infusion of the iconic Manchester sound. To say that Brooksy has a unique voice would be quite an understatement, his wonderfully raw voice has the ‘boy next door’ quality that is all too easy to become infatuated with. There’s no excessive polishing of the track, the finished product sounds like a humbly blissful love song that every girl craves to hear. His voice is wonderfully raw that most would find adorable, yet some may believe to be a little awkward. I’m glad that Brooksy didn’t churn out yet another hit for the masses to indulge, that’s what makes the experience of listening to his music that little bit more enjoyable.

As a Manchester girl myself, it’s hard not to be a little biased, however he harnesses everything that bands such as Oasis, Joy Division, and The Smiths have achieved. His acoustic sound, with a wonderfully light piano arrangement to uplifts the guitar in empyreal sound to create a colossally adorable track.


Hyphen Works With An Amazing Sound Palette With “Lost”

Hyphen works with a quite amazing sound palette. Whilst many people see rap as an ever shrinking of musical boundaries a slimming down to a core of lyrics and beats, Hyphen looks the other way, towards the various musical associations and related genres. As such Lost is a blend of pop-soul, accessible electronica, rap, hip-hop and breezy brass, a wide screen and forward thinking move which broadens the genres musical horizons rather than shrinks them down.

It is a personal comment on the vacuous nature of the modern social life, something which he has replaced with the solitary focus of making music and reveals his feelings that he is not in any way missing out on much by locking himself away and pouring out his own creativity. The clever part comes in the form of the spoken word break, where the lyrical equivalent of the guitar solo would normally appear, Hyphen goes the other way and throws in the what almost sounds like an answerphone message which reveals a lot about the artist himself, both in what he says and the fact that he uses this device in the first place. I like the way this man’s head works.


London Duo FIKA Release Groove Pop Track “Wide Eyed”

Apparently Fika is the name of the Swedish concept to take a break and have a coffee, and Wide Eyed is certainly the sound of taking some time out of the hustle and bustle of modern life and switching the brain off for a while. It is also the sound of timeless soul and modern pop, chilled dance and subtle and supple grooves co-existing. There is also a wonderful intricacy here, built largely on slick guitar motifs which run around the main riff adding interesting detail without adding weight to the song.

In fact that is the joy of the music, that often there is a lot going on but as one musical idea is threaded through another, as hooks and riffs compliment each other, finishing each others sentences rather than talking over each other, what is created is a delicate weave of sound which seems to remain as light as air. You have heard the old cliche less is more, well, this maybe the first band you will ever come across who could be described as being more is less. How do they even do that?


Mórtola’s Recent Release “Alive” Reminds Me Of Artists Such As Haim Or Daughter

Mórtola is a passionate singer and songwriter with a deep fascination for new wave textures, electronic music punch and plain pop appeal. Her music is rich and really lavish, yet very personal and direct – obviously stemming from the artist’s great dedication to her craft.

“Alive” perfectly portrays the artist’s instinctive and personal songwriting style. Although the sound is big and powerful, it is also very intimate with only a few, yet well-focused elements that embrace a “less is more” philosophy, blending old-school and new school tonal ideas.

One one end, the track echoes back to the principles of classic songwriting. On the other end, however the sound is modern and impactful, featuring powerful drum samples and tight beats with a gritty feel. The rhythm section offers a perfect musical backbone to the excellent synth melodies and far-reaching lyrics. It’s always fascinating to me to hear how artists are able to turn a simple riff or even a simple rhythmic idea into a full-fledge song with a powerful sound.

This is definitely the case of Mórtola;s new single. This talented artist can seamlessly start from a relatively simple concept and build up the foundation to an inspiring and direct tone, which deeply connect with listeners of all walks of life.


JustMac: When’s The Last Time Music Gave You Goosebumps?

JustMac is an underground Hip Hop rap artist based in London UK with a vast repertory of skill, talent and soul.

His debut track 3rd Strike feat Eyes and Pacc has just been released, I’m almost stumped for words on how to describe the pure transcendence that the talented artist, rapper and poet has created with his lyrics that capture his disdain, pain and passion so succinctly it’s impossible not to be moved with his sound that’s been placed so carefully over angelic chords and beats.

His poetry is just as uplifting as his lyrics which are planted between lucid beats that are sure to pull at the heart strings. The progression through the track is steady, fuelled with immersive breakdowns and layering of contrasting vocals thanks to the help of the contributing artists that make this track a masterpiece of rap, melody and melancholy with a hint of conflicting aggression that gives the track soul.

JustMac doesn’t play it safe with his music which gives his debut track an exuberant roller-coaster edge through his electronic trappings. With the avoidance of studio sheen from this track it’s organic perpetual flow gives a natural and organic feel through the andante five-minute track.