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Don’t Like My Reflection: Selina Laubert leads us into her complex emotions on debut single ‘Most Days’

As she fights her inner demons to smile again despite the sadness deep inside, Selina Laubert puts on her cozy warm coat to avoid the coldness of this often-chilly world on ‘Most Days’.

Finnish-born singer-songwriter/pianist Selina Laubert, is a young and talented musician that fuses her own experiences from life into her deeply personal storytelling, to bring us something special that is emotional and made with honest truth.

This is the story about searching for that inner love, that is currently swamped by your distracted thoughts that need to turn positive quickly. Some days are okay but some are not, each time you know you should be looking upwards to the future, but the past memories still drag you closer to despair each time.

She sings with such sad energy, as she fights to lift herself up while looking for those to help take her hand, so she can feel that she isn’t alone anymore.

Most Days’ from the wonderfully elegant London-based, Finland-born singer Selina Laubert, shows you into the mind of a traumatized woman who is still finding herself, as she deals with her deepest feelings that are so relevant.

Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves when there is so much light within our heart — as the struggles with your own mind blocks the path to ever-lasting happiness — with who you really are. Those small-minded bullies must never win, as they were only hiding their own faults, by being selfishly harsh on others.

Stream this video on YouTube and see more news of upcoming releases on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Exercise Restraint: Leo Aram-Downs shows us the way to true peace on ‘A Life Abbreviated’

As he sings with such class and leads us into a world that is so much better that what we currently see, Leo Aram-Downs is quite tremendous on his new single called ‘A Life Abbreviated‘.

Leo Aram-Downs is a prolific London-raised, Brighton-based indie singer-songwriter, transcriber and multi-instrumentalist, who makes that thoughtful music, which opens us your heart to that pure bliss that is so hard to find.

”My music comes from a unique blend of influences ranging from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to jazz to tech metal, and everything in between.”- Leo Aram-Downs

No matter what madness is going on in the world — with the once valued real connection of all, slowly fading away unless you are self-aware enough to truly see through what is real and what isn’t — the message here is that he is enough and he knows it. Finding that true love is the only thing that matters, away from the distracting noise that can consume you and lead you into the wrong direction.

He sings with such delight and meaning, each lyric is so poetic and carefully projected, as his mind is so alive with possibilities, instead of looking to the negative channels like so many.

A Life Abbreviated‘ from the Brighton-based singer-songwriter Leo Aram-Downs, is the journey to finding that light at the start of the day, your mind is ready to do whatever you need to do, no matter what it is. That self-enlightenment is so hard to find but when you do, each day is so much better inside your happy soul.

Stream this new deep track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Journey To True Bliss: Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark are spellbinding on new single ‘Catching Paradise’

As they join forces beautifully to make this tremendously satisfying single, Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark are on a life-long mission to always be ‘Catching Paradise‘.

Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark are a wonderful London-based indie-electronic duo, who make that calming music that has a catchy cool beat which takes you to the place of your dreams, in spectacular fashion.

This is the story about wanting to stay in your ideal world as long as possible, your body and soul is tired from this insane world and you just need to break free, as you never look back to the past again.

You feel the colors wrap stunningly in your soul and you imagine the blue soul, with her soothing vocals holding you close, the background is so alluring and you feel so free while listening to this fantastic track.

Catching Paradise’ from London, UK duo Guy Jackson and Hetty Clark, is the elusive chase to get to where you need to be, wherever that is in your mind. This is a peaceful song that feels like you are in a different planet to the one that you find yourself in now. The journey to ultimate peace is a long one, but is achievable if you visualize it enough and never give up for this chosen path.

Stream this beautiful single on Spotify and see more about their journey on Guy’s IG and Hetty’s too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving Planets: Lee Michael Walton reflects on his twenties with ‘Photographs From Mars’ (ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes)

With a reinvigorated sound that shows his strength from beating cancer, heavy drinking and dealing with family issues in the past, Lee Michael Walton shows us his new perspective with a feature from his beloved Grandma in Wales urging him to come home called ‘Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes).

Lee Michael Walton is a fantastic Ystalyfera, Wales-born, London-based singer/pianist/organist, who has beaten the odds to fulfill his dream of making music that makes a worldly impression and helps others with their doubts too.

“The fun and adventurous nature of my youth is still in there though. It was a time of adventure, of risk taking, of self-discovery and of course MIS-adventure!”- Lee Michael Walton

This passion in his voice shines above the sky as he sees the big blue sea from above, as he knew he had to leave for a while to find himself. With a complex world that judges you quickly at times, the thick skin needs to be bulletproof to withstand the beating it can take. Finding that self-belief is hard for a while, but when you see it you will never let go and it is so warm and helps you through any darkness.

The story of the trip above is enlightening and helps you understand how he felt for so long before freeing himself. with his Grandma’s tea helping him through all the doubts and small-minded people that threatened to derail him forever. Luckily, through music and helpful mentors, he was able to move past it all and do what loves with no fear inside anymore.

Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes) from the London-based pianist/vocalist/organist Lee Michael Walton, is a touching tale from up above that shows you that you can succeed if you have a strong support system and are willing to be self-aware enough, to make that much-needed change.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Came To Win: JESSICA-DRUE has a sound that is so ‘Infectious’ for the soul

With her ten star flow rushing through into your veins like a powerful waterfall, JESSICA-DRUE puts the gloves on to wrap up the competition via her new fire track called ‘Infectious‘.

JESSICA-DRUE is a smooth-voiced London-based rapper with a leader mentality, who performs from the heart and makes that honest music about the path to true happiness inside the bottom of your soul.

This is the story of doing what you have to do in order to survive in this wild world, that is full of doubt and excuses. She throws down with the best of them here with her catchy rhymes about doing it the right way, as she ignores the lame wannabees who are so clueless that they will get stung sooner or later by the wild game, that she knows all too well.

Her style is raw and never corny, as she blazes in with a confident style that has you bouncing in your seat, as she raps with so much fierce ferociousness and refreshing self-awareness.

Infectious‘ from the superb UK emcee JESSICA-DRUE, takes us on a journey through her world as she rips the mic down to its fragile bones, cutting through all doubts on a catchy beat that matches her ambitions just right. This is a quality track that shows her growth as one UK emcee to truly embrace, as she throws her heart and soul into every line she drops.

Stream the track here and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In Memory: East London’s Drawn Tide gets inspiration from the ‘Wild Ocean’ (feat. Kofi1:11) as she remembers the ones that are in a better place

Featuring a soothing background of the ocean seas that is intertwined graciously with deep rap flows, Drawn Tide swims out of the ‘Wild Ocean‘ of her mind (feat. Kofi1:11) with a captivating dream of a track, that is all about losing those much-missed friends and family that are sadly gone but never forgotten.

Victoria Halliburton aka Drawn Tide, is an enchanting East London-based teacher, painter and indie hip-hop/electronica musician, who puts her whole creative energy field into making special music that helps to heal the wounds of the world.

Her soulful tone meshes so well with the conscious raps and artistic ambiance here, as the beat has you thinking so deeply about those that you wish were still around. You thought that they would be here a bit longer, as you want to ask them so many questions about their life. The world is a harsh place, so you have their memory to guide you still as you recall those moments together.

Wild Ocean‘ (feat. Kofi1:11) from East London’s multi-talented Drawn Tide, is a special song that breaks into your mind as you remember those close souls who you adored so much – that sadly passed away too soon – as you think deeply of their memory, whilst doing your utmost to do them proud in your own way.

Breeze into the wonderfully created music video on YouTube and see her IG for more beautiful visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The fire needs the cold: Ben Kezia heats up his motivational forces on ‘Charge’

Bringing us his lead single from 2021’s four-track EP named ‘Manifest‘, Ben Kezia takes ‘Charge‘ of his new sound that has been patiently waiting to be performed live to his adoring fans.

Ben Kezia is a supremely underrated crossover underground Manchester-based singer/producer with Jamaican, German and Syrian roots. He makes that RnB fused hip-hop with jazzy undertones from previous influences, that stirs up your emotions and quickens your heartbeat.

After studying songwriting in London, he morphed his sound and music style from being a saxophonist and clarinet player in jazz bands, half of an indie music duo called De Novo, to a melodic RnB vibe with so much soul squeezed in like that extra welcome piece of toasted cheese, inside your deliciously wrapped music sandwich.

His voice is so strong and creative, each verse is backed with that unwavering self-belief that either makes you, or breaks you down like a ton of bricks. The pleasurable beat has you in a thoughtful daze, with your mind wondering with ideas on how to do the things you thought were impossible before.

Charge‘ from Manchester, UK crossover-RnB/hip-hop artist Ben Kezia, is a delightfully genre-filled ear-warping track, that generates the elusive spark you need to take hold of your life too. You only have a short time around so instead of wishing, why not go and open those doors you know are there for you to unlock.

Stream this powerful track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look Upward: AINT hungrily tears the speakers to shreds on the thunderous techno single ‘AB’

With a mysterious start that wakes up your sleepy inner senses, AINT is back with a new single taken off his latest album called ‘E1 Massive‘, that gets you in the mood to party like it was 2019 on ‘AB‘.

London, UK-based techno producer AINT, makes that catchy bass groove that has you imagining those sweaty dance floor days, with a powerful array of beats up his sleeve for us to enjoy.

The underground and unsigned producer is influenced by artists such as Helena Hauff, Mall Grab, Mount Kimbie, Nine Inch Nails, Airhead just to name a few, as you feel all of his love for different genres shine through on this diverse single.

You feel like you are climbing high, stretching each sinew of your body to reach those heights that you truly desire in your heart. The soundscape has you motivated and ready to take on any challenge.

AB‘ from London techno producer AINT, is a rapid fire array of busty beats that certainly has your attention the whole way through. This is an ode to the good times when clubs were full and heads were a bit more weary at 4am.

Stream the new fast paced single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Lost Bandit Rises: LBFRmikey locks into his zone with eerily real three-track trilogy ‘Aim and Fire’

With his haunting demons firmly squashed and vanquished forever, LBFRmikey opens the door wide to the a new world of inner success with the excellent new three-track trilogy called ‘Aim and Fire’.

LBFRmikey is a fast-emerging London, UK-born, Wellington, New Zealand-based trap/hip hop artist, who brings those excruciatingly painful past experiences to the fore, as he destroys them forever into the home of his new strong mindset. He is on a life-changing mission to powerfully flick a match into his creative mind – to burn out the bad memories – as he starts fresh into a new path of self-enlightenment.

His lyrics are refreshingly real and catches your heart beating extra fast, his stories of surviving in this unnecessarily complex world has you wondering how we can slow it all down. This is an underground masterpiece from a quality artist on a perfectly captured beat, as his talent is wrapped with so much potential, oozing in his soul as he learns how to unlock all of his potential minute by minute, day by day.

This is all about the scary world of dealing with your inner self worth as you look into the mirror, addictions in this tempting world, toxic relationships with quick-swipe mentality ruining that essence of pure love and depression whilst trying to find a real home with your mind racing with over stimulation.

Featuring ‘Make Up‘, the lead track with incredibly real visuals called ‘Serve It On A Plate and ending off with ‘Ride To The End’, you feel his growing confidence in trusting himself, as he flows with such passionate anger, as stories merge into one as he finds the strength to rise above all self-doubts.

It feels like his blood flow is clear now after much deep thinking about who he wants to be as a man – as the evil energies are gone from an artist who gives us an honest look into his life – without leaving anything out.

Aim and Fire‘ from the deep thinking Kiwi trap artist LBFRmikey, soars vividly into your mind like an eagle flying majestically in the sky, the only way to help yourself is to fly to where you know you can breathe and get away from toxic energies that drag you down, into the undesirable mud of no return.

Hear this top shelf trilogy on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more stories of finding his true purpose.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fall into Crawford Mack’s Hauntingly Poetic Chamber Pop Single ‘The Art of Losing You’

Following on from the success of their debut album, ‘Bread & Circuses’, Glasgow-hailing, London-residing alternative artist, Crawford Mack has lavished the airwaves with their chamber pop single, ‘The Art of Losing You’.

With hauntingly poetic lyrics falling into the smoothly sparse production which teases nuances of jazz and folk, Crawford Mack exhibits an inimitable style, but more importantly, he doesn’t fail to appeal to the softer and more sentimental side of the human condition. Any fans of Father John Misty, Benjamin Clementine and Gabriel Kahane will want to delve in.

The single marks a new chapter for Crawford Mack who has shared stages with the likes of The Paper Kites, Damien Dempsey and Tom Walker. It’s a page-turner. Get him on your radar.

The Art of Losing You is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast