Keep On Calling: That Is Good grows tired of being used on Get Shut Off

With a debut album on the way soon, That Is Good shows us what it’s like to feel like a trophy on his goodbye-forever single called Get Shut Off.

That Is Good aka Dan Fielding is a Leeds-born, London-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who makes a highly memorable blend of catchy music to never forget.

On a stunning single that will have many questioning whether they are in the correct relationship, That Is Good shows us it’s okay to end things if you feel like your soul is being damaged.

With an ear-soothing soundtrack to assist anyone who needed a reminder that you can indeed get away from dark days, this is a highly impressive release that might be stuck in your head all day.

Get Shut Off from Leeds-born, London-based indie alternative artist That Is Good is a terrific song which will lead you to that door if you know that it’s time to walk away. Sung with a real intensity and a foot tapping groove, this is a reminder that sometimes people just want to use you for their own greedy ways. Filled with a vocally excellent vocal ambience and a lyrical awareness, this is that story about waving goodbye and never looking back.

When you don’t want to answer your phone, you know that it’s truly over forever.

Listen up loud on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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