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Robert Prester & Adriana Samargia gave jazz a sophisticated edge with ‘Altar Ego’

Two major talents collided for the creation of the superlatively cultivated jazz-pop score, Altar Ego; with Robert Prester in deft charge of composition, lyrics and piano & Adriana Samargia lending her cinematic vocal timbre to the number, it unravelled as a standing ovation-worthy triumph.

Sophistication spills from every note in the sublime, bordering on baroque, score which exhibits Robert Prester’s virtuosic flair when his hands find harmony over piano keys while Adriana Samargia’s vibrant-with-zeal contribution to the single infuses Altar Ego with swathes of commercial appeal. With a voice which wouldn’t be out of place on Broadway, Adriana was the perfect fit to add even more vigour to this exhilaratingly distinctive number.

Stream the official music video for Altar Ego on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Charlotte Lansman grooved through the last rays of summer while celebrating new love in her jazz-soul single, Stupid Love

Charlotte Lansman delivered the definitive London jazz sound while lyrically moving away from soul cliches in her latest single, Stupid Love. The London-based, Bristol-born singer never fails to hit the sultry with a little bit of grit mark in her singles that bring elements day to day-to-day reality into luxe installations of sonic beguile; Stupid Love is far from the exception.

By evading hallmarked cliches, she was free to focus on the way we wear rose-tinted glasses to cope with the false truths and how wearing your boyfriend’s shirt to the station in the morning cloaks you in impassioned ardour and enables you to fall in love with the world of around you. It’s almost a paradox how her song crafting is completely antithetical to your average love song but reaches the pinnacle of romanticism regardless.

With Joe Rodwell in charge of the production, which sees new romance explored through laid-back grooves, retro synths, rhythmically arrestive Latin jazz beats and guitar riffs that will make the last rays of summer feel even sweeter, Stupid Love became an uplifting triumph.

Stupid Love was officially released on August 24; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Latin Jazzy soul perfectly nurtured with ‘Only Me And You’ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller is a lovely new entry into 2020 and this mellow love song is an ode to wanting that special moment.

Saudy Familia is a New York based singer-songwriter, producer and composer who has a lovely style that is soaked full of latin jazz that is so soulfully aware. The pioneers of music in his family were his father and his uncle. Each born in the Dominican Republic, his father was a pianist and singer while his uncle was a percussionist. Music is in this artist’s veins.

Only Me And You‘ from Saudy Familia & Rose Stoller comprises some peaceful guitar skills and stunning vocals. These two are a wonderful duo and you can feel the love in this song. This is all about wanting that special time with that one person. This is a story that we can all relate to.

Stream this peaceful new song here on Spotify.

Find out more on the act here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kelly Teh and Cris Tanzi: Exotically Inviting Latin Jazz

Malaysian born multi-instrumentalist Kelly Teh and London-based Jazz singer Cris Tanzi teamed up to create the most exotically inviting single which you’ll hit play on this year.

The chemistry perceptibly spilt from “Amano” as the Indie power couple poured their respective talents, soul and culture into the incandescent soundscape. The Latin Jazz single boasts accessible elements of Hip Hop along with infusions of Funk and Soul to create a dynamic hit which may put you off monocultural music for life.

My unilingual mind may not have been able to extrapolate the exact meaning from the lyrics, but the purifying, warming tones were efficacious all the same.

You can check out the sublimely sun-kissed soundscape for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

David Seymour – Cuban Bars: Indulgently Intricate Latin Jazz

Whilst Urban Latin Jazz isn’t commonly described as haunting, the quivering notes of the violin contained within David Seymour’s latest single “Cuban Bars” allowed the urban cool vibes to take a totally new tonality.

Multi-layered beats may be commonplace, yet not many musicians are able to compose arrangements which hit you with melancholy and an alluringly arrestingly melody at the same time.

With Johanna Martin’s indulgently sultry vocals added to the experimental arrangement, Cuban Bars set the scene of a smoky Havana bar. In short, Cuban Bars is aural escapism. The fluidly contemporary masterpiece carries the perfect amount of ambience to allow you to sink into the sound completely.

So, for those who appreciate an evocatively resounding yet downtempo sound, you can check out David Seymour’s latest single Cuban Bars for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast