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Sojourn to Tijuana with The Dream X’s Latest Serving of Hip-Hop Exoticism

After The Dream X racked up over 600k Spotify streams with his sophomore single, Tijuana, we had to know what the hype was about, and we quickly found it within the instrumental exoticism of the vibrant sojourn of a release which will leave you riding high on the waves of the oceanic production.

With the hazy melodies working in contrast to the bitter-sweet lyricism which explores the anti-climax of post-breakup hook-ups, there are as many layers to the emotions as there are to the genre-fluid instrumentals which fuse Latin guitars with a pseudo-trap backbeat and afrobeat colour.

Tijuana is the kind of track you’ll hit play on and feel the compulsion to crank up the volume until it’s slamming through your speakers and melodiously reverberating through you so you can savour the honeyed elixir which pours from The Dream X’s vocal harmonies which groove between his rap bars.

The Utah-based rapper, singer, producer, and actor is a fucking phenomenon, and we’re already desperate to hear what comes next.

Stream Tijuana on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Juracán reached the epitome of caressive seduction in his downtempo trip-hop track, Ya Te Olvidé

Trip-hop’s sultriest evocateur, Juracán, allowed raw emotion to pour into his most sensually sublime single to date, Ya Te Olvidé. If the intimate Spanish vocals don’t leave prickles of heat under your collar as they sweep across the mellifluous guitars, glitchy percussion, and trumpets, the caressive seduction in the trip-hop instrumentals will turn up the heat.

Ya Te Olvidé injects a brand-new context into the adage “gone but not forgotten” by alluding to how memories made with ex-romantic partners fade like old Polaroids, regardless of how much we want to cling to some of the sweetest moments in the bitter-sweet dichotomies that relationships inevitably traverse.

If you’re looking for solace after experiencing the obsoletion of inside jokes and watching pictures lose all meaning, you are sure to find it within Ya Te Olvidé. Either that or you’ll start a new sonic love affair with Juracán.

Ya Te Olvidé was officially released on November 3rd; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Droopy M explains why time isn’t relative in his latest hip hop video, Lost in Time

‘Lost in Time’ is the latest expression-focused Latin-infused rap track from the Texas-based gangster hip hop hustler, Droopy M. Atop the minimalist kicks and 808s, the raw and relatable lyricist finds plenty of room to flex his flair with the written word. In a subtly genius way, Droopy M alludes to the fact that time isn’t universal; it’s individualised by our experiences and senses of entrapment.

It’s safe to say it would take a serious concussion for me to forget the lyric “If your life is on the line then you’re lost in time, hearing voices in your head saying commit the crime”.

The official music video for Lost in Time officially premiered on May 15th. You can check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A1 Ali has delivered yet another flawlessly evocative fusion track with ‘Mia’

A1 Ali is fresh from the release of yet another flawlessly evocative fusion track that melds hip hop, RnB, pop and Latin to bring authentic world music vibes along with an earwormy structure that almost demands that you give the sun-kissed track repeat attention.

The Bahamas born artist poured plenty of timeless soul into the rhythmically exotic track, which comes with an intimate indie feel, thanks to the production that leaves the raw elements incredibly visceral as the lyrics that flit between salacious lust and old school romanticism.

The Bahamas-born artist spent some time in Santiago de Cuba before perusing his goal of becoming a global sensation. Based on Mia, we’d say he is well on his way to reaching the heights he’s aiming for.

You can check out A1 Ali’s latest single, Mia, on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nisa Pasha proves that passivity is out of trend with ‘Godfather’

Spanish guitars join and stinging trap beats in trailblazing hip hop artist, Nisa Pasha’s, latest single ‘Godfather’ which carries the theatrics of a telenovela while arresting you with the unapologetic attitude.

Lock into the lyrics, and you’ll find empowering mantras which will make you think twice about dealing with romantic frustration passively. We’ve seen enough plastic pop idols for a lifetime, it’s time artists as magnetically aspirational as Nisa Pasha shared the same platform. Just as stereotypes were smashed in the 1972 cult film, they were obliterated within Nisa Pasha’s feisty hit.

You can check out the official video to Godfather which dropped on December 3rd via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Niqua – Candy: Cinematically Sonic Experimentally Upbeat Hip Hop

Up and coming Alt Hip Hop artist Niqua’s latest single Candy is a cinematically sonic unforgettable track. Strap on a pair of headphones and give your synapses a rattle with this unapologetically huge feat of Latina-laced urban aural alchemy.

Candy may only be the LA-based artist’s second single, but she’s already proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with this adrenalizing monster of a track. It drips with attitude, it trembles with the blasts of bass. But, more importantly, it’s the perfect example of Niqua’s fiercely expressive approach to Hip Hop.

If you’re looking to inject a little energy into your Hip Hop playlists, you’ll be as hooked as we are on Niqua’s warm resounding sound.

You can check out Niqua’s single Candy for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast