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Kate Gala has released her sticky sweet summer EDM pop earworm, Summer in October

Since making her 2019 debut, the EDM pop artist, Kate Gala, hasn’t failed to pick up traction with her progressively momentous instrumentals, consolingly sugared vocals and innocently candid lyrics. After garnering over 97k streams with her seminal single, Hold on Tight, she’s here with her sun-bleached earworm, Summer in October.

If Taylor Swift poured her endlessly bright vocal timbre over Avicii’s beats, the end result wouldn’t be far from the Virginia Beach singer-songwriter’s epically blissful hit that deserves to dominate the electronica charts. It shares plenty of the hallmarks of your average summer love song, but with Gala’s soul-deep vocal performance, few hit as euphonically as this.

Summer in October is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Will You Wait For Me: Lovely Virgina Beach artist Kate Gala knows that ‘Life Flies By’ (Pray For Me Remix)

As she looks into the splendidly clear sky above to question who is going to stick with her on this exciting journey, Kate Gala sings with such a meditative passion of emotion on her remix of ‘Life Flies By‘.

Kate Gala is a free-spirited Virginia Beach-born indie-EDM solo artist, model and mental health advocate, who sings with the gushing winds at her sails with stories about love and finding her true path in this rather confusing world.

A light-hearted individual with ambition, Kate began writing songs in high school as an outlet to cope with teenage struggles, bringing that passion with her through her college and young adult years.” ~ Kate Gala

Kate Gala has a magnificently alluring style that is so lovable and free – as her stunning voice is one that you won’t easily forget – as she takes you to a new sense of thought that washes all over you like a cosy hot bubble bath in winter.

Life Flies By(Pray For Me Remix) from the highly promising Virginia Beach-born indie-EDM solo artist and model Kate Gala, is a sizzling track that heats up your mind and takes you to a whole new world of deep thought. This is the true story about reflecting during a quiet time as to who your tribe is after all, and who is just around for their own selfishly greedy reasons.

Hear this fine new track on her Soundcloud and see more of her life via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kate Gala brings us hope on indie-electro love song ‘I Hope You Know’

Kate Gala brings us the indie-electro love song called ‘I Hope You Know‘ and this is such a catchy track for our healing hearts.

Kate Gala is a young singer-songwriter from Virginia Beach in the USA. She has been playing the guitar since she was young and music has helped her with her mind, body and soul.

This is a love story about hoping that the person you are with knows how you feel. Their support means the world and you feel like they are the most incredible people in the world. This has an air of gratefulness to it with a lot of gracefulness too. I love how this soul is so well constructed and sung, With a gorgeous voice and sweet nature, this is music that is so great to hear in 2020.

I Hope You Know‘ from Kate Gala is a magic mix of pure pop and edgy electronic and this is a fun song with a story of love, right for us to enjoy. This is a fine musician who puts her heart and soul in her music and we love it.

Head here for the Soundcloud link.

Click here for the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kate Gala brings out stunning indie-pop dazzler ”Almost Made It”

USA’s Kate Gala is a young singer-songwriter who was born and raised in the Virginia Beach area. Since she was a bright-eyed youngster, Kate expressed a massive interest in music and even taught herself how to play the guitar. Quite an achievement indeed.

Kate is a fun person with ambition and begun writing songs in high school as an outlet to cope with her life struggles. She hopes to use her growing platform to promote a healthy lifestyle for the mind and body, while encouraging people to explore more through her travel posts. This is one inspiring woman that is really going for it and who likes to bring out positive energy.

Almost Made It” says it all really. Kate Gala can feel that she is rising in the music scene and wants to make it huge. She has a lovely voice and this is pure indie-folk with some pop sprinkled in for good measure. One of the sweetest songs you will hear this year.

Stream this lovely song right here on Spotify.

Check this new track out here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen