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Kamanda feels blessed that he is still breathing as he shows us to stay true to ourselves on, ‘Tighes Hill Memories’ (feat. Regikay)

With a soothing environment that is sealed with a head-nodding beat and quality vocals, Kamanda knows that the past shall never define him as he takes us back to where it all started on ‘Tighes Hill Memories(feat. Regikay).

Kamanda is a Liberia-born, Australia-based indie Hip hop artist who rivets the airwaves with accounts about what happened before and he vows to silence those who doubted him before through his lyrical acumen.

I write lyrics about my life, my struggles & overcoming hard times.” ~ Kamanda

Pulsating the mic awake with a smooth flow and smartly contested bars that have you feeling rather refreshed like a cold shower after a scorching day outside dealing with fools, Kamanda dusts off the doubts and keeps us in the loop of where he is headed. It feels like he has a smart head on his shoulders on knows where he needs to be in order to succeed, on a track that will light up your mood like candles on a date night with that genuine lover.

Tighes Hill Memories(feat. Regikay) from the Newcastle, Australia-based indie Hip hop artist Kamanda, is a wall-around-my-heart message that urges us to stay real and to never falter from that path. With advice from his Grandma and a determined outlook on life – this is that true message that so many need to hear again and again until it sinks in like glue – that fills you up with hope after hearing those small-minded naysayers try and bring you down to their level for too long.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen