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North Carolina’s Jennifer Alvarado knows that they shouldn’t be together but feels so ‘Curious’

With her much-awaited second album ‘Songbird‘ on the way later on in 2022, Jennifer Alvarado knows that their friendship is at stake but those sweet kisses just feel so right on her romantic new single, ‘Curious‘.

Jennifer Alvarado is a Vale, North Carolina-based indie Country/Pop singer-songwriter who lets her heartfelt faith guide her into a better place with true love.

She has been recognized locally for her songwriting and was named ”One to Watch” by Nashville Songwriters Association in Spring 2021.” ~ Jennifer Alvarado

Dispatching our minds into a lovelorn spin with an elegant display that has so much substance and care encased inside, Jennifer Alvarado sings with an affectionate ambience that has you in a reflective mood thinking about somebody you love so deeply.

With her enchanting vocals and honest lyrics on offer for us to bathe into, this is a story all about wondering if you should take the plunge or rather stay as friends while you safeguard what you have already.

Curious‘ from Vale, North Carolina-based indie Country/Pop artist Jennifer Alvarado, is a relatable story about letting your good friend know that you have such strong feelings that don’t seem to be able to pass. The love is strong but you are both worried that if something goes wrong, everything might shatter into tiny pieces and be lost forever.

Sometimes the risk is worth it if you both sense that you belong together.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jennifer Alvarado is red hot and ‘Playing With Fire’

Songwriting from the tender age of four, and with an album of Christian music (2015’s ‘Hello Life’) already under her belt, Jennifer Alvarado was named ‘One To Watch’ by the Nashville Songwriters Association off the back of her 2020 single ‘I Break Things’ and its four follow-ups. With a Commscope award for original songwriting, Alevarado’s new single – from the freshly released EP of the same name – ‘Playing With Fire’ is a gentle, mid-tempoBlues-tinged Country ballad.

Acoustic-guitar and chilled Texas shuffle drums on the verses, with big powerchord uplifts on the choruses, ‘Playing With Fire’ is perfect summer driving music; simple and immediate, catchy as hell, gritty and honest, with a big pentatonic-focused guitar break and Alvarado’s excellent, emotive vocal carrying the song. There’s obvious reference points; Shania, Taylor, maybe a little of the Meredith Brooks, but it’s exactly the sort of song that should be all over daytime radio and Country Music Television. It’s a great single, and it’s easy to see why it’s already been voted Number 1 on Indie Star Radio’s ‘Top 21’.

Check out ‘Playing With Fire’ on Spotify now; follow Jennifer Alvarado on Facebook and here.

Review by Alex Holmes