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Neontown slide into the club with cool party track ”One Of Us”

Neontown are here with their dance-pop style melodies and bring the vibe with debut track ”One Of Us”.

Producer Auree and guitarist Jac are both from Italy and are now based in Leeds in England. They are a brand new duo that are self-confessed misfits and want to share their message with the world.

One Of Us” is a song that makes you want to touch the sky and dance all night. Neontown bring the highest of energies for this dance-pop track that is full of star-gazing beats and catchy vocals. The duo might be very new to the scene but the music is of an act that have released many a song.

Neontown are fully in the mood here on ”One Of Us”. This is a track that is going to be played loud in the clubs when they open up again as this outfit reach for the stars on this release. Their music is pure and you can tell that they have fun making songs together.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this new party track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JAC’s new track Country Road is a trap-infused singalong ballad

R&B and hip-hop artist JAC is releasing Country Road on the 28th June, it’s a trap-infused singalong ballad emulating a new wave of country tinged hip-hop. 

With a piano-led melody underscoring the hometown-feeling behind the song, JAC’s combination of high-pitched and autotuned harmonies help Country Road manage to sound impressively produced and float in a sort of halfway house between a truly emotional ballad and a clever hit to follow up on the streaming audience’s love for previously un-refined genre combinations. 

The track stands out most where JAC is able to layer a significant amount of vocal power in the chorus. And, while auto-tune indeed takes a strong presence in the track, a clear ability to find the right melody to complement the warmth of the keys beneath it helps this release stand apart in a wave of genre-bending work. Take this country road home with you, and listen. 

You can pre-save JAC’s ‘Country Road’  here.