JAC’s new track Country Road is a trap-infused singalong ballad


R&B and hip-hop artist JAC is releasing Country Road on the 28th June, it’s a trap-infused singalong ballad emulating a new wave of country tinged hip-hop. 

With a piano-led melody underscoring the hometown-feeling behind the song, JAC’s combination of high-pitched and autotuned harmonies help Country Road manage to sound impressively produced and float in a sort of halfway house between a truly emotional ballad and a clever hit to follow up on the streaming audience’s love for previously un-refined genre combinations. 

The track stands out most where JAC is able to layer a significant amount of vocal power in the chorus. And, while auto-tune indeed takes a strong presence in the track, a clear ability to find the right melody to complement the warmth of the keys beneath it helps this release stand apart in a wave of genre-bending work. Take this country road home with you, and listen. 

You can pre-save JAC’s ‘Country Road’  here.

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