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Speak, Memory – Trails: an instrumental art-rock exploration of unrequited love

Speak, Memory

Oklahoma-residing alt-indie artist, Speak, Memory are set to release their highly-anticipated EP ‘Adirondack’, which allows the listener to see the beauty in shared experiences – no matter how harrowing they may be to endure on a personal level.

‘Trails’ is the first of three singles on the live-recorded EP to explore the torrid emotions surrounding unrequited love through instrumentals alone. After waves of spiritual reverb ease you into the soundscape, angular jangly indie-pop guitars start to cut through the accordance until the track builds up an all-consuming wall of guitars that could rival My Bloody Valentine’s sonic constructions.

It’s a track that you can’t help getting caught up in, making it impossible not to get excited about the future of this artfully astute outfit.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Adirondack for yourselves. In the meantime, head over to their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Mikaela Seegers & KOLA take us on a cinematic journey with ‘Inside Out’.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more captivatingly heartfelt pop track that hit the airwaves in 2021 than Mikaela Seegers & KOLA’s single, ‘Inside Out’, which was co-written and produced by Karan Wadhwa for his short film, ‘THE DUO’. You’ll also be able to see Wadhwa’s work in the official Inside Out music video. With every progression in Inside Out, you’ll be as emotionally connected as you are rhythmically arrested in the cinematic release. Paired with the music video, Inside Out is enough to swallow your consciousness entirely.

Mikaela Seegers’ pop vocals spill poetic imagery to paint a picture of a tainted, torrid romance with affection as KOLA’s rap bars lay down harsh unfiltered truths to provide powerful duality. It’s a single which gets better with every listen; one that compels you to squeeze every ounce of powerful meta wisdom from it.

You can check out the official video to Inside Out that has already garnered 23,000+ streams since its premiere on February 26th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Damian – gentle melancholy with ‘Can’t Have You’

Continuing this week’s theme of hot Australian artists come singer-songwriter, actor, and model Damian. Performing since the age of 8 in one form or another, Damian is perhaps best known for the TV series ‘Deep Water’ and indie film festival shorts ‘The Paper Rose’, ‘Pepper’, and ‘Absolutes’, and for his debut single ‘Perfect To Me’.

Damian now returns with follow-up ‘Can’t Have You’, a delicately picked acoustic guitar-and-vocal paean to unrequited love in the balladic style of early Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Lukas Graham, or Hozier. It’s gentle, soulful, and melancholic in that ‘wistful hopefulness’ sort of way that adds a dash of sad world-weariness without ever slipping into melodrama or schmalz. Damian’s voice lifts and falls but carries that sense of longing and desire atop the graceful picked guitar chords and backing; it’s a beautiful pairing.

Hear ‘Can’t Have You’ on Spotify, and follow Damian on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Paul Marotto showcases his new ‘Chemical Compound’

‘Chemical Compound’ is a clever little mishmash of a showcase song, starting off with some elegant picked guitar and bass parts before adding dreamy, ephemeral synths and a wonderful little phased and distorted guitar lead part, before dropping into total strummy acoustic guitar singer-songwritery-ness.

With less talent, that might all sound a little disjointed, but in the hands of Paul Marotto, it’s skilfully woven together into a cohesive, clever little whole all held together with a lazy, languorous, Plain White Tees-style vocal that perfectly fits that track. It’s reminiscent of those North-East US college radio indie-rock tracks that seem to permeate consciousness every so often – They Might Be Giants, Bare Naked Ladies, or the Presidents of the USA. That’s a very, very good group to be a part of, and Paul Marotto is in some very clever company with ‘Chemical Compound’. We can’t wait to hear more.

You can check out Paul, and his ‘Orange Crush’ recording set-up at Haunted House Studios, here; listen to ‘Chemical Compound’ on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

Music Rock

Grabbing The Loot: Indiana’s DAXXX wants it all on ‘The Heist’

With a mysterious edge to him that is full of ferocious guitar solos, DAXXX is in the mood to get what he wants on the fast-paced single called ‘The Heist‘.

Tyler Collier aka DAXXX, is a tremendous multi-skilled and highly motivated indie-rock solo singer-songwriter, drummer, pianist, guitarist and music producer from Indiana in the USA, who makes that spellbinding music that grabs your mood and shakes it into feeling positive about life.

He sings with so much flamboyance as he shows us his quality vocals skills, a passion for the guitar that is remarkable and a story about taking it all when you can and never looking back.

You can’t help but feel a bit sweaty after all of this, as his energy flows over into your speakers to generate sparks in your system. This is a man on a mission to get his music out there and you can feel it deeply.

The Heist‘ from Indiana’s DAXXX, gives you a feeling that he is ready for the next step as he believes in the bottom of his heart that he is destined for greatness and is just waiting for the right time to blow up. This is the vault-snatching track that has your heart beating extra – as he takes us for a ride into the distance – with all the loot in the world.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

In Memory: East London’s Drawn Tide gets inspiration from the ‘Wild Ocean’ (feat. Kofi1:11) as she remembers the ones that are in a better place

Featuring a soothing background of the ocean seas that is intertwined graciously with deep rap flows, Drawn Tide swims out of the ‘Wild Ocean‘ of her mind (feat. Kofi1:11) with a captivating dream of a track, that is all about losing those much-missed friends and family that are sadly gone but never forgotten.

Victoria Halliburton aka Drawn Tide, is an enchanting East London-based teacher, painter and indie hip-hop/electronica musician, who puts her whole creative energy field into making special music that helps to heal the wounds of the world.

Her soulful tone meshes so well with the conscious raps and artistic ambiance here, as the beat has you thinking so deeply about those that you wish were still around. You thought that they would be here a bit longer, as you want to ask them so many questions about their life. The world is a harsh place, so you have their memory to guide you still as you recall those moments together.

Wild Ocean‘ (feat. Kofi1:11) from East London’s multi-talented Drawn Tide, is a special song that breaks into your mind as you remember those close souls who you adored so much – that sadly passed away too soon – as you think deeply of their memory, whilst doing your utmost to do them proud in your own way.

Breeze into the wonderfully created music video on YouTube and see her IG for more beautiful visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

He’s A Bully: Sky Olson sticks up for her on ‘F*ck That Guy’

As he sticks up for his innocent friend who has been treated badly, Sky Olson sings with heightened determination on the new single called ‘F*ck That Guy‘.

Sky Olson is a new Utah-based multi-instrumentalist pop/folk/blues artist, who is finding his sound through a prolific start to his career, as he makes that honest music about love and living life in this wild world, that certainly keeps you on your toes.

This is the story about expressing his raw emotions to what what a horrible act from someone that is too big for their own boots, as he sings about his sweet friend with a heart of gold. He tells it how it is on a groovy song that has unexpected solos that capture your mind intently, entrenched with honest lyricism that has you moving your head to attention.

F*ck That Guy‘ from Utah’s multi-genre artist Sky Olson, is a snarky song about someone that really got on his wrong side, as he tells us how he made his friend cry and he isn’t taking this mean action lightly. He sings with real venom on a cleverly lathered ambiance of blues that sprinkles in some hip-hop for good measure.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and check out his IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


I Don’t Need This: Ireland’s CloudYeller cross themselves off the list with ‘Unsatisfied’

Rocking in with their second single that screams quality, CloudYeller are back with the story about being careful about following the sheep mentality on the fast-paced ‘Unsatisfied‘.

CloudYeller is a motivating three-piece Ireland-based hard rock/punk band, who make that thoughtfully conscious music that has your mind in a fresh place, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

The vocals here are full of passionate energy that has you nodding your head in approval, the band have that cinematic style that has your mind awash with ideas and thinking about how you will spend your hard-earned money in the future.

This is the story of how you can get easily sucked into what the world wants you to do, as people buy things to impress people they don’t really like. With consumerism at an all time high, it takes a wise person to sit back and realize that they can find that elusive satisfaction, in other things that make them smile for days.

Unsatisfied‘ from Irish punk/hard rock act CloudYeller, is that song to inspire you with a breathtaking sound that is all about not doing what others do, as you want to be happy inside and buying things that you don’t need, will never make you happy.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

Feelings Lost: Kyle Sirk brings us the thoughtful track about those memories that faded away on ‘Heavy On’ (feat. Noah Marr)

With a deeply lit tone that has you feeling extra introspective, Kyle Sirk is back with the bass on low with the new single all about those relationships that have run their course on ‘Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr).

Cleveland, Tennessee-based indie hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk makes that supremely motivated music as he is only focused on growing and succeeding. Its this extra fire that sees him wanting to see his hard work to the finish line, that drives him to push as hard as he can go.

Their music flow has you sparked up, your eyes are alight with thoughts on what went wrong and how to fix things. Life is a crazy game and you just want to win once in a while after all.

We are enterprisingly wrapped into the relevant message of once wanting someone so bad, as then it all faded away like the winds of change, as you just knew that you needed something more. You were together just the other day but its not the same now, as you wish they were the vaccine but they just make you feel all empty and lost inside.

Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr) from the hard working Tennessee hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk, is a track that has you feeling super reflective, as you gaze into the sky and wonder about past love and what it was all supposed to teach you in the end. With a mellow style, this is a perfect track for those rainy days when you just want to be by yourself so that you can replenish your energies, as you work out what to do better next time you fall in love.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

Lewca’s just ‘Doing His Thing’ with musical poetic vibes

With influences ranging from Tom Waits to Class A drugs, the Clash, expensive rum, Ian Dury, and The Streets, Lewca was born in a squat in Brixton, and by age nineteen had graduated to living in a squat in Paris. The more things change, and all that…

Now living in Normandy, and with three kids, a mortgage, and a pet hedgehog, ‘Doing My Thing’ is taken from Lewca’s new – you guessed it – ‘3 Kids and a Mortgage’ EP, and kicks in with a full-on early-Eminem-style Dr. Dre orchestration reminiscent of ‘The Real Slim Shady’, but when Lewca’s vocal joins us we’re suddenly all Mike Skinner/Sleaford Mods ‘Lahndahn, Innit?’ attitude and Scroobius Pip meter, mixed up with a little bit of ‘Alright, Still’ Lily Allen picture-painting cleverness. Lewca’s got great flow and a wonderful ear for rhyme, there’s a cracker of an ear-worm hooky ‘na na na’ chorus in between the pomp and heavy bass, but really ‘Doing My Thing’ – and the whole of the ‘3 Kids and a Mortgage’ – is a well-written, catchy little pop/hip-hop street-poetry-to-music thing about booze, bonds, Brixton, and, weirdly, bacon & eggs.

You can check out ‘Doing My Thing’ on Spotify and Bandcamp, and follow Lewca on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes