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‘Sinking’ from prolific new producer Galaso is a dream-filled journey of life in 2020

Sinking‘ from Galaso is a dream-filled galaxy riding journey of life in 2020 and this hits the tired soul just right.

The young United States producer returns with a new track that transforms the hungry music airwaves of the world. This is a fired up musician who is ready now to be heard worldwide.

You feel like you are going down for a while, your body is sore from the crazy times that you have faced recently. This is your time to reflect and build up your strength again. You will take this moment to change your battered mindset and delve into what you can do next time. Then you can find your peace and flourish.

Galaso are on top form here with Sinking‘ and this is a young, gifted producer who has an ear for good music. This is has a smokey breeze type of music you play with friends to chill and chat. Dance too and enjoy the day and night, moving your body to this lofo-fi waterfall of fresh water to cleanse your heart.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Writer’s Rain sings so passionately on debut single ‘Eleanor’

Writer’s Rain sings so passionately on debut single ‘Eleanor‘ and this is a fantastically sung effort here in 2020.

Nina Sundstrom aka Writer’s Rain’s ‘Eleanoris the type of song you have to take the time to listen to. This is a sung with such maturity and you can just tell that this is a gifted artist. Her words here shows us everything that we need to know:

“When I was a teenager a friend of mine casually said the words ‘I hate it when fat girls call themselves curvy, it’s like ew no you’re just fat’. These words stuck with me to a profound and painful extent, especially hearing them at such a formative time. Having grown exponentially since then, ‘Eleanor’ came about as a form of self reliant closure and a simultaneous plea for compassion and awareness when choosing words. It is everything I didn’t know I could have said at the time and everything I have needed to say since.”

Sometimes strong friendships just end. You just drift apart as you both change and perhaps start to think differently. Your values are different and you are sadly not close now. These things happen and is apart of life.

Writer’s Rain is brilliant on ‘Eleanor‘. Her voice is so golden and she sparkles here. This is a talent that shines above all else, this is a fabulous effort full of soul. With raw piano and a real story, this is a great song to lather in. With a mature mindset and a huge passion for music, this is an artist who will be in our hearts for a long time.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Talk’ from JJL & GLEV is a story of lost love that is now gone

Talk‘ from JJL & GLEV is a story of lost love that is now gone and you can’t even talk about it to each other now. This is a fine new school Hip Hop/R&B journey that will keep you entertained throughout.

Recorded, mixed, mastered by JJL, this is a new school love journey from these two conscious musicians. This is a mellow ride through working about what happened in the relationship. The trust was there but then it was gone so quickly. You were so loyal but sadly, your partner wasn’t and its time to move on.

Talk‘ from JJL & GLEV flourishes with the official visualizer. This feels like two artists who are just getting started and they have so much to offer. With great production and a vibrant vocal experience, this is a great listen and a warning to us all. Communication and trust is so important and without these two core components, things can turn dark really quickly.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Indian band The Fortune (Feat. Yash Raj Singh & Keerthana Menon) sprinkle erotic-pop in 2020 with ‘All Eyes’

Indian band The Fortune (feat. Yash Raj Singh & Keerthana Menon) sprinkle goodness in 2020 with ‘All Eyes‘ that is a fun, late night pop song with plenty of heat.

Written by Greg Van Kerkhof from South Africa, this is The Fortune’s international collaboration with different indie artists, with their dreamy guitars, intriguing melody, erotic vibes and emotive vocals that turn up the interest quickly, the band loves playing together. The vibe is steamy and the vocals are perfect for this picture.

Your heart is on fire and this is what you desire, you want what you can see. Can this love survive this crazy world?

This is a fun song, full of suggestion and the Indian band The Fortune (feat. Yash Raj Singh & Keerthana Menon) bring us a dance floor winner here. The candles are low here and the temperature is way up, you can hear the passion on each second. This is to be enjoyed with the volume up.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Belle Scar is set to release her most transfixingly arcane Dark Art Pop single yet  

The Eeriness is the arcanely transfixing forthcoming single from Montreal-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Belle Scar.

It’s almost a paradox how the soundscape unfolds as raw and cinematic simultaneously, but Belle Scar achieves it with her vocal timbre which is enough to make your soul quiver. The resounding vocals don’t just project power, but plenty of striking emotion which won’t fail to resonate as you listen to the artful instrumentals set up tribalistic intensity behind some of the best vocals we’ve heard this year. Belle Scar would seriously give Miley Cyrus’ larynx a run for its money.

You’ll be able to watch the surrealist official music video to The Eeriness for yourselves from November 11th. In the meantime, you can head over to Bandcamp and check out her equally as mesmerising releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KAIS – Take Me Home: A Provocatively Tender Indie Rock Ballad for the Homesick

Indie artist KAIS has moved from strength to strength throughout their accoladed career, after quite literally putting their birthplace of Jordan on the map, they’ve started to garner plenty of International hype for their provocatively intuitive approach to production.

With every note placed to sting and draw emotion, their single “Take Me Home”, serves as the perfect introduction to the artist’s tenderly resolving sound.

With hints of Post Punk lingering in the progressive Indie Rock Ballad, there’s a chilling atmospheric air to Take Me Home which collides with the soft, reassuring vocals which use repetition of ‘take me home’ to quiescently emphasise the need to feel familiar ground beneath their feet.

If you’re not remotely teary by the outro, that has more to do with the state of your own soul rather than the talent of this truly exceptional artist who we’ll definitely be keeping on our radar to keep up to date with their progressively powerful aural prowess.

You can check out KAIS’ single Take Me Home for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brendy is back with his new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer’ single and this is a brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is back with the nicely portrayed new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer‘ single and this is a soothing & brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is from Mississauga, Canada and performs with a real cool style, the vocals consistent always, with the long signature hair flowing so smoothly like the new song.

You miss them so much when they are so far away. You were together in December and things were incredible. Now you are so far away from each other and things can be tough with the long distance. You are worried that by messaging so much you are coming across as needy and that is worrying you. All you want is for you two to be together, then everything will be okay again.

Brendy sings and raps with sublime skill on ‘Sauga City Summer‘. This is a new wave of Hip Hop artists that are starting to gain much attention due to their much-growing popularity in the music scene. With a sound that keeps you hooked, you reminisce while listening to this new track and remembering similar moments in your life. This is much to chill with, think about and will get your head bobbing. This is a new name to keep a close eye on.

Stream here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The soulful Wonderson is quite brilliant on groovy debut track ‘Keep Loving You’

The soulful Wonderson is quite brilliant on debut track ‘Keep Loving You‘ and he sings with such pureness that is so welcome in 2020. There is purpose here on this excellent release.

This is a nod to that classic 60’s soul music feel and has a fresh spin to its creation. You can feel it, this is a song that is to be played at all times. This is fresh and fine, just how music was intended.

You are there for her and she is there for you. You love each other so much and will keeping on loving each other. When hope is gone, you will be there for each other. That is true love and the message here. When the world is grey and good friends drift away, that enteral love with her is all you need.

Wonderson shines bright like a light from the sky, he honest story of true love ‘Keep Loving You‘ is an ode to how things should be. Honesty and having a positive mindset is all that you require to be truly happy. Long live this message of keeping things simple and true, you don’t want to ever feel blue.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Debut track ‘Boy’ from the sultry but classy Stephània is a story about that intuition

Debut track ‘Boy‘ from the sultry but classy Stephània is a story about that intuition you have inside, you just know what is right and wrong.

Stephània is an Irish-Cypriot, Neo-Soul-RnB singer-songwriter from the island of Cyprus. She is currently based in Boston and is here with her exciting new song, full of fabulous melodies from his high-flying singer.

You can’t stay away but you know that you should. They are clearly messing you around so you need to keep your distance, you know this inside. The problem is that you can’t get enough. You love being with them but you know long-term that this won’t work. For now, when the lights are off, there is no looking back.

Stephània hits all the right notes here with vocals that make you catch your breath. You just have to take another listen with ‘Boy‘ and this is a fine song, full of sexy potential. This is a debut of the highest level.

Click here for that Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Two of Us have dropped their Melodic Indie Pop earworm “Always Attracted to the Wrong Kind of Girls”

Finnish Pop Rock trailblazers Two of Us blessed the airwaves with their energetically melodic Indie Rock hit “Always Attracted to the Wrong Kind of Girls”. We can’t help but be endeared by the stadium-filling sound and the playful charisma offered in this deeply relatable track. It’s got earworm written all over it.

You can hear the fourpiece’s hunger in each component in the track. The viscerally electrifying vocals, the way the growls of the bass lock into the rhythmically galvanizing drum beats, and of course, the soaring solos which bring a dizzying amount of depth to this high-octane hit. It’s enough to make you feel 16 again. Unless, of course, you’re already 16. Then you should probably heed the warning that you’ll probably have a fair few disastrous relationships ahead of you.

You can check out Always Attracted to the Wrong Kind of Girls for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast