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Kale Dumas – Fantastic Passion: A Seamless Convergence of Indie Pop

I’ll address the elephant in the room first; ‘Fantastic Passion’ as a title for Kale Dumas’ latest single really doesn’t do it justice. I’m not sure what I expected when I hit play, but what I definitely didn’t expect an experimentally vibrant Urban Indie Pop track.

There are few words to capture the aural alchemy of a drum machine matching the flow of a jangly, up-beat guitar progression with the smooth and light vocals of Kale Dumas resting comfortably above the resonance from the instrumentals. If you could imagine Mumford & Sons with a more polished Pop production and digital effect, you’d get close to having an idea of Kale Dumas’ inventive style as an artist. But, it’s probably best if you make your own mind up, you can check out Kale Dumas’ latest single for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Marco Tamimi – Different Eyes: Indie Pop with a Pensive Punch

I will always have time for tortured artists on my playlists. Which is exactly why after I checked out Marco Tamimi’s debut track Different Eyes, there wasn’t a moments hesitation in adding him amongst the other poignantly posed artists such as Jacko Hooper, Paper Hawk, Tom Waits and Elliot Smith.

Even before the first verse runs though, you become consumed by the melancholy which is being projected into the mic. The instrumentals to the track are stripped back to allow Marco’s resonant, piercing vocals to really take the lead in Different Eyes.

As first singles go, you really couldn’t ask for any more. Marco Tamimi has brought something delectably fresh to the table, and now I’ve got quite the appetite for his quaint Pop-polished Acoustic Indie soundscapes. The narrative of Different Eyes is almost heart breaking, it’s evident that the track contains a piece of the emerging artists soul. Hopefully he’s got a lot more to give, because I’m already eagerly awaiting an album.

You can check out Different Eyes for yourself by heading over to Spotify now,

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Love, Abbey – Slow Love; Infectiously Sweet Indie Pop

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview to Love, Abbey’s latest single Slow Love; I’m happy to confirm that Indie Pop fans are in for an absolute treat with the conceptually fresh soundscapes which the up and coming artist has cooked up. The verses are solid, the hooks are catchy, and the melodies have an almost irritating way of sticking with you and refusing to be forgotten.

With the same punchy melodies as bands such as M83, Haim and Tame Impala, the 21 year old vocalist and multi-instrumentalist created an anthemic summer-soaked rhythm with radio ready quality. There’s a maturity within Abbey’s vocal style, yet, the digital and acoustic instruments playfully bring the track to life in a slightly 80’s inspired anthemic, sun-soaked style.

Love, Abbey’s latest EP drops late July 2018, you’re not going to want to miss it. To check out her earlier releases head on over to her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nick McWilliams – Deprive: Viscerally Textured Indie Pop

Nick McWilliams is an emerging Pop artist who proved his ability to create an inspired, high-vibe Pop hit with his latest single Deprive.

Deprive may sound like a strange choice for a feel-good Pop hit, but the concept behind the single was complex, evocative and passionate which is not usually a feeling which registers when listening to music which loosely falls into the Pop arena. Yet Nick is an independent artist with the ability to create a textured soundscape which carries a flood of emotion thanks to his poignantly penned lyricism. Straight from the prelude it’s evident that Nick McWilliams is a Pop artist whose talent isn’t dependent on extensive polishing, his enigmatic passion flows through his vocals; which may not carry much range but with emotion so viscerally tangible that’s hardly an issue. I’d love to hear a track from Nick which really allows his own style to break through and show us what he can bring to the scene to set himself apart from the rest of the Pop scene producing digitally produced beats.

You can check out Nick McWilliams’ latest single Deprive which was brought out on July 3rd, 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jay – Luv Tape: Lo Fi High-Vibe Indie Pop

Jay is an up and coming Indie Pop artist that has no need for a polished production or the high glossing which strips most Pop artists of their autonomy. Instead, Jay stuck to his roots and created a sensationally organic mix tape dubbed ‘Luv Tape’. Each track flows with its own flavour, mixing up the pitch and sentiment to provide the ultimate rollercoaster effect. Yet, each of the 8 tracks on the album which was brought out July 2018 follows a melodic down-tempo Trip Hop pacing. In tracks such as Chocolate, he allows his lyrics to flow like spoken word poetry as he dusts off the window to his soul with evocative offerings of un-candied emotion.

There’s no wonder why track 3 on the album ‘Showers’ has already fallen under critical acclaim with streams already in the thousands for this emerging artist. There is no restraint within his lyricism, instead he projects it onto a digitally rendered funk-soaked mix which didn’t fail to leave me in awe of his prodigally pioneering sound.

You can check out Jay’s latest album Luv Tape for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


T.S. Monaghan – Movin On: Meet Your New Favourite Guitar Hero

With T.S. Monaghan’s latest single from his 2018 you don’t even need to wait for the track to kick in before you’re treated by the intricately blinding guitar riffs. The prelude gives you no time to question Monaghan’s prowess over electric guitar as the rhythm behind the Americana Blues hits you. If all Indie artists had the same level of talent as Monaghan them I’m pretty sure that guitar music would still be getting the respect that it deserves.

When you’re eventually lead into the verse of Moving On The Salt Lake City based artist proves that only a fraction of his true talent lies within his fingers as his overwhelmingly evocatively vocals kick in. Monaghan’s vocal styling almost has a touch of the Post-Punk melancholy, yet with the polished Indie Pop styling he creates an ethereal harmony which swamps the whole track.

You can download and stream T.S Monaghan’s latest single which was released May 2018 via BandCamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J.A – Moment ft. Kid Indigo: Organically Stripped Back Indie Folk Pop

Kid Indigo seems to be getting about a little bit these days, and there’s no wonder why he’s taken the industry by storm with his Indie Folk Reggae approach to style which creates unrivalled serendipitous sweet harmonies. If there’s one Folk artist that is going to introduce the sound to the mainstream my money is on Kid Indigo.

With J.A’s latest track Moment you can expect to hear a vibrantly jangly Trap mix which sits at just at the right tempo to create an ethereally amiable melody. In my not so humble opinion, Moment is exactly how a Pop anthem should sound; stripped back, organic, raw and organic. The lyricism may be a little Twee, yet unlike so many other artists J.A and Kid Indigo master the sound with their synergistically styled approach to their music. The dreamy ambience created by the instrumentals of the track is more than enough to move you through the sentimentality of this blissfully redolent indie anthem.

You can check out J.A’s latest track Moment ft. Kid Indigo on SoundCloud now, any fans of Ed Sheeran, Plain White Tee’s, the Weekend and Sam Smith are going to be in heaven.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Embassies – Pop Betty: Jangle Pop Doesn’t Get Much Sweeter

Pop Betty is the angularly astounding latest single from Embassies 2018 debut self-title EP. Their rhythmically guitar-driven punchy approach to sound is one which will never go out of fashion. With such an eclectic mix of styles riddled into the orchestration of Pop Betty the soundwaves translate as a fresh, high-vibe energy that is far from archetypal. The lyrics to their standout single are tinged with romantic innocent introspection, which, you don’t tend to hear from Indie Pop Rock outfits much anymore, thankfully Embassies are a band which exude the traditional style with a prodigal funked up twist. If the Beatles were still making music, I expect it would sound a little like Pop Betty.

The Arctic Monkeys may have sold out, but the embassies have kept it as raucously rhythmic as ever with their latest single which you can check out via Spotify now along with the rest of the tracks from their 2018 EP. Each track from their debut album proves that Embassies are an instrumental powerhouse of a band. With their ability to stamp down their instantly iconic style through their debut EP I can only imagine there is much more to come from Embassies.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Avocado Sunrise – Bones: Punchy, Angular Indie Pop Melodies

Is there any better sound than Jangle Pop guitars? No, I don’t think so either, which is why it took me all of two seconds to fall in love with Avocado Sunrise’s latest single Bones. The emerging UK based powerhouse of talent may have a way to come before they steal the limelight in the ever-crowded guitar-driven music scene in the UK, but there’s no disputing the band have a timeless style that will never go out of style. Their Indie style has been infused with an anthemic Folk vibe to create a truly up-vibe feel to the sound whilst the vocals are pensively poignant with a faint reminiscence to bands such as InME. There isn’t a flaw to be found in the emotive track.

If you’re a fan of Jaws, PEACE, Circa Waves or Wolf Alice, I can guarantee you will love the punchy, angular Indie Pop melodies so deftly yet resoundingly orchestrated into this sensational hit from Avocado Sunrise.

You can check out Avocado Sunrise’ latest single Bones which was released on May 15th, 2018 on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Indie Pop Artist ‘Cappellino’ Releases Newest Album Ghost Town

This is the definition of good music!!!

U.K. music sensation Robert Cappellino, who also goes by the stage name Cappellino, has finally released his highly anticipated album titled Ghost Town.

Cappellino became passionate about music at a very young age, and began performing in bands around his home town of Watford as a teenager. With loads of years put into improving his music craft while playing with countless bands, he finally came into his own in 2015 and released his debut EP.

The U.K. native spent the following year writing and recording songs for his debut album which was released just days ago. Listening to the album closely, one easily gets to see that the album Ghost Town was basically written about a painful break up experienced by Cappellino, and his journey of self discovery without the relationship.

There’s everything to love about this awe-inspiring album as it’s got an infectious melody, superb instrumentation and a beautiful vocal delivery that transports you to the ethereal realm. In addition to that, every track on the LP contains lyrics that are relatable, personal and honest.

The fourth track on the album Ghost Town, is a sad song that doesn’t drag you down the path of melancholy owing to the theme of the song, but lifts you with its delightful melody, smooth vocals and instrumental that gets you bouncing while still being introspective.

The story continues on the track Love Is All I Want, a song with an enchanting melody, great backing vocals, a peppy dance-able beat, and a voice as smooth as Craig David’s in his prime. Here Cappellino makes it clear love is all he yearns for. Subsequent songs on the album also bear intricate compositions and powerful crescendo that’s sure to have a profound effect on listeners.

The Things We Knew Before, My Heart’s In The Wrong Place, and The Better all tell the tale of the supposed break up and show how much progress the artist has made since waking up and coming out of the unprogressive relationship.

Teeth & Tongue, Mirror The Verb and Steps all bear powerful rhythms and impressive guitar strums. The final song Best Intentions, closes the album in grand style with its elegant sound, thanks to its well crafted beat accompanied by beautiful guitar jingles.

Ghost Town by Cappellino is indeed a masterpiece from an extraordinary artist, who does well to perfectly fuse indie pop and electro pop on this magnificent album we are certain you’ll love and get a satisfying listen from.

The album is now available for your streaming and downloading pleasure on all major media platforms. It is also available on limited edition splatter vinyl. Cappellino will be performing throughout out 2018. So be on the look out, as your city just might be his next stop.

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