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Jeremy Edwards – Try Too: Sticky-Sweet Soul-Deep Pop

Up and coming Pop artist Jeremy Edwards has recently released their sticky-sweet soul-deep EP “Try Too”. If you’re a fan of quaint, naturalistically expressive euphorically arrestive Alt Pop, prepare to become as enamoured as we became upon discovering Jeremy Edward’s resoundingly optimistic approach to the genre.

While we would highly recommend checking the EP out in full, special attention has to be given to the title track-featuring guest vocals from Joy Hanna whose Neo-Soul Pop style vocal talent brings alchemic chemistry to the soundscape.

Ukuleles may get a bad rep, but Jeremy Edwards has proven just how sweet melodies can sound when leading the way in an upliftingly sincere track. Try Too is a radio-ready hit which your playlists will thank you for including.

You can check out Jeremy Edwards’ 2020 EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hannah Evans – Crying on Your Own: A Moody Alt Pop Playlist Essential

With the release of her third single “Crying on Your Own” Hannah Evans has proven once more that she possesses much more than hypnotic vocal talent.

The beguilingly dark soundscape is bordering on Lynchian, but amongst the deep pensive reverberance, the snappy EDM beats bring a vibrant vitality to the mix allowing the sentiment to hit even harder. Undoubtedly artists such as Billie Eilish have influenced the Brighton-based artist’s sound. But Crying on Your Own contains an equal measure of striking soul and moody unapologetic attitude affirming that assimilation was never her intention.

Artists who are as bold with their sound and visceral with their lyrics deserve an infinite amount of admiration. It’s only a matter of time before her expressively nuanced sound hits the mainstream.

You can check out Hannah Evans’ latest single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


John Allred brings brand-new meaning to the phrase “Life on the Run” with their latest single  

American singer-songwriter John Allred has followed on from the incredible success of their 2017 album “Brave New World” which came in at #4 in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts with the soul-deep album “Anchor”.

Each single affirms just why John Allred was able to achieve such acclaim. But if you’re new to the artist, there’s no better introduction than their standout single “Life on the Run”. I’m a sucker for a pensive melody, and the melodies in John Allred’s single resonated like a significantly bruising sucker punch.

The single brings a brand-new meaning to having a life on the run. If you need an aural kick to get yourself into gear, you won’t find a more efficacious one than Life on the Run. It’s as inspiring as it is pensively striking. What more could you possibly ask for than an evocatively compelling track which deftly reminds you of your own mortality?

You can check out Life on the Run along with the rest of John Allred’s emotively serene album for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud. Grab the tissues.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Vincent Lima – Albany: Deep Cavernous Indie Folk Rock

Award-Winning musician Vincent Lima has released yet another resoundingly raw single with “Albany”. Any fans of the darkly alluring mesmerism of Tom Waits and Richard Hawley are going to want to jump on the singer songwriter’s first release in 2020.

There’s a unique tenderness to Albany, it’s rare for tenderness to accompany deep cavernously evocative tonality, but Vincent Lima has proven that the aural elements make for a potently alchemic mix. If you could imagine what it would sound like if Bill Ryder-Jones and Nick Cave collaborated together, you may get an idea of what Albany has to offer.

Yet, the distinction truly lies in the singer songwriter’s ability to lace the soundscape with a brand-new contemporary resonance through the infusion of nuancedly melancholic Pop.

The pensively deep quivering notes against the deep reverberance of Vincent Lima’s vocals in a cinematic production is something we’ll never forget. And we’re pretty sure that you won’t either.

You can listen to Albany for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Amie K – Bliss: Organically Uplifting Folk Pop

Amie K

If you’re always on the hunt for striking vocals, prepare to be aurally pierced by up and coming Folk-Pop artist Amie K’s latest single “Bliss”

There may already be plenty of uplifting Pop singles on the airwaves. Yet Amie K was able to project euphorically-laced passion in a completely organic way which amplified the resonance in the bright mood-boosting hit. All too often emotion feels forced or plasticised. Yet, Bliss will leave you under the impression that it contains a piece of Amie K’s soul.

The single was inspired by the feeling of elation felt when you take a moment to reflect on your life with gratitude and get to experience that often inexpressible swell of visceral joy. Somehow, Amie K found a way to infuse that gratified ecstacy into a blissfully empowering soundscape which drips with commercial appeal.

You can check out Bliss for yourselves from January 24th via Spotify.

Keep up to date with the UK-based artist’s latest releases and news by heading over to their Facebook page.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Get Hyped for Summer with Cars on Mars’ Latest Indie Pop Single

Cars on Mars’ latest single “Summer” kicks off with quite possibly the most distinctive Indie Rock bassline you’ve ever heard.

The fuzzily striking licks introduce a soundscape which finds the perfect balance between the dark tones of Post Punk and the jangly quintessence of Indie Jangle Pop.

Any fans of the Wombats, The Kooks, Two Door Cinema Club, and the Vaccines are sure to appreciate Cars on Mars’ summer hit dropped in January.

After hearing the effervescently sun-kissed mix, I’m now under the firm impression that there is no better time to be listening to tracks which capture the warm nostalgia of summer’s past and instil you with anticipation for the ones to come.

In short, Summer is a vibrant hit and you’ll be doing yourselves a favour if you add it to your playlists.

You can check out the official video to Summer for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Blue Envy – Tell Me Why: Pensively Soulful Alt Pop

“Tell Me Why” is the latest pensively soulful Pop single from up and coming Nevada-based Pop duo Blue Envy.

With Blue Envy’s captivating mix of 80s Synthwave, Pop, Neo-Soul, and moody bluesy Rock which almost veers into Post Punk Tell Me Why offers a dizzying amount of distinction.

Whether it was the pure ingenuity found in their sound, the evocative amount of emotion which comes as a courtesy from vocalist Keva Tanyi, or the unexpected atmospheric guitar work, Tell Me Why isn’t a track which asks for your attention. It steals it anyway. It may give it back at the end, or you may be left with the lingering affirmation that you’ve just stumbled upon an artist who deserves to be on your radar.

You can check out the lyric video which dropped on January 3rd for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Indigo Blue has released their latest genre-defying feat of Alt Pop with “Shape Me”

Alt Pop artist Indigo Blue has proven with their latest single “Shape Me.” that Pop can be just as progressive as Rock and Metal.

Their standout single will aurally crawl under your ribs from the minute you press play. Within it, you’ll find subtle elements of RnB, Hip Hop and Rock all sat alongside Indigo Blue’s eccentric soulful daringness to sound completely distinctive.

There’s so much personability to be found in the vocals that you’d have to be without a soul not to feel the weight of the deftly penned lyrics which inject just as much atmosphere into the single as the pensive keys.

Their bold songwriting approach definitely paid off if the hype around their tracks is anything to go by.

You can check out Shape Me along with Indigo Blue’s earlier released singles by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Soul Natural Remedy – Don’t You Know: Kaleidoscopically Distinctive Psych Pop

Under the influence of the Beach Boys and Frank Ocean, California-based artist Soul Natural Remedy released their own sun-soaked melodically kaleidoscopic soundscapes.

Their standout single “Don’t You Know” from their self-titled EP, is slightly more eccentric than the tracks offered by the aforementioned artists. But that’s all the more reason to fall in love with their effervescent tonally diverse sound.

Their approach to Psychedelic Pop is something which we definitely won’t be forgetting in a hurry. The vibrato on the vocals, the consistent tonal fluctuations, the sweet sentimentality in the lyrics, the archaic magnetism, they all play their part in making Don’t You Know the perfect track to turn to if you’re looking for a little sunny catharsis.

You can stream and download Soul Natural Remedy’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Charlie Moss – Scared to Be Lonely: The Future of Evocative Indie

Given the title, I knew Charlie Moss’ latest single “Scared to Be Lonely” was going to hit hard. But the up and coming Indie artist surpassed my expectations with their sticky-sweet evocative aural assault.

As much as I love Elliot Smith, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and all of the other pensively iconic greats. I love nothing more than hearing a new Indie artist offering the same lovelorn magnetism under a completely new guise. And that is exactly what Charlie Moss achieved with Scared to Be Lonely. It’s contemporary, it’s authentic, and its beguiling progressions will have you hooked from the prelude.

With elements of Post Punk, Indie, and Pop in Scared to Be Lonely it’s as cutting as it is mellifluous. That should be paradox. Instead, it’s proof that Charlie Moss can summon plenty of alchemy through their deftly constructed tracks.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can feel the weight of the single for yourselves. In the meantime, head on over to Spotify where you can check out earlier singles from Charlie Moss & follow them to make sure you don’t miss out on the release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast