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Tom Bailey – Out of Time featuring Diviners and BUNT

Trippy chamber pop, indie-folk and electropop coalesce in Tom Bailey’s latest single, ‘Out of Time, made in collaboration with Diviners and BUNT.

Out of Time is a consistently enthralling progressive single that kicks off as an accordant feat of acoustic pop before sonic crescendos gear the single in the direction of danceable anthemic pop. The track perfectly captures the nature of time, how we start at a meandering pace and find ourselves desperate to do our best before a window of time closes. During lockdown, it may feel like we need to endure an endless succession of indistinguishable days, but Out of Time allows you to appreciate just how precious time is. It comes as no surprise that Tom has achieved over 62 million streams on Spotify, to date.

Out of Time is now available to stream via Spotify. You can also check out his work via his official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Damian – gentle melancholy with ‘Can’t Have You’

Continuing this week’s theme of hot Australian artists come singer-songwriter, actor, and model Damian. Performing since the age of 8 in one form or another, Damian is perhaps best known for the TV series ‘Deep Water’ and indie film festival shorts ‘The Paper Rose’, ‘Pepper’, and ‘Absolutes’, and for his debut single ‘Perfect To Me’.

Damian now returns with follow-up ‘Can’t Have You’, a delicately picked acoustic guitar-and-vocal paean to unrequited love in the balladic style of early Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Lukas Graham, or Hozier. It’s gentle, soulful, and melancholic in that ‘wistful hopefulness’ sort of way that adds a dash of sad world-weariness without ever slipping into melodrama or schmalz. Damian’s voice lifts and falls but carries that sense of longing and desire atop the graceful picked guitar chords and backing; it’s a beautiful pairing.

Hear ‘Can’t Have You’ on Spotify, and follow Damian on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Richard Tyler Epperson wants to take us for ‘Another Day’

Richard Tyler Epperson

Recorded in his home studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, Richard Tyler Epperson’s ‘Another Day’ is a beautiful, poignant acoustic guitar and piano-led number, an ode to desperation leading to hope, depression and anxiety mixed with the desire for another chance, hope that tomorrow might be better. There’s very much a Paul Westerberg/Replacements ‘Aching To Be’ vibe about the track, with a touch of very quiet Husker Du or Sugar, The Jayhawks, or Buffalo Tom’s ‘Tail Lights’ somewhere in the mix, too.

It’s a beautiful, gently soulful track, Epperson’s vocal, guitar, and piano soft and powerful but added to by the additional instrumentation of guest Jacob Montague, who also added mixing and mastering sparkle. The strength of a good song is in its ability to be told in the simplest form – acoustically, with a voice and simple instrumentation and arrangement – and by those criteria, Richard Tyler Epperson’s ‘Another Day’ has all the hallmarks of a great.

You can hear ‘Another Day’ on Spotify, and follow Richard Tyler Epperson here.

Review by Alex Holmes


Feel the apathy dissipate with My-Key’s hazy RnB-pop track, ‘Mint’.

Throughout his career, My-Key’s aspiration has been to transmit good vibes and frequencies through his hazy pop tracks, based on their most recent release, ‘Mint’, he succeeded. As soon as you hit play, you get the instant shoulder-drop-catharsis as you render the grooves well-worth sinking into.

Instrumentally, there is an intricate mix of indie, pop, soul and hip hop that pulls together with plenty of magnetism to create the perfect platform for My-Key’s humbly-sweet vocals that don’t hold back on vulnerability or the grit of reality. My-Key has a unique way of grounding you with his grind and making sure he imparts ennui-abstracting wisdom. If you could bottle My-Key’s charisma and optimism, it would out-sell Coca-Cola.

Mint (produced by L!tino) is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Philp Guele has released their intimate indie-pop earworm ‘She is My Summer’.

You’d assume that a retired airline employee would have plenty of stories to tell; based on Philp Guele’s single, ‘She is My Summer’, we can confirm that is the case.

The prolific traveller got some crimps in their travel plans during the 2020 lockdown; instead of jet-setting to new locations, he revisited old memories and pulled the poetry out of them. The poetry soon ended up as lyrics to their amorous indie-pop earworms such as She’s My Summer.

The slightly lo-fi vibe amplifies the intimacy of the proclamation and shows just how torrid and intense our lives can become when a whirlwind romance starts to kick up dust. It’s a timelessly relatable release that falls nicely into the contemporary demand for folky acoustic pop.

She is My Summer is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chasing Those Stars: Lindsey Marie is the ‘Shure Thing’ on terrific new single

With her much-anticipated album ‘Good Girl‘ on the way, Lindsey Marie teases us with her stunning new single that will have you smiling for days on ‘Shure Thing‘.

Solvang, California-born, San Francisco, California-based Lindsey Marie, is an emerging indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer and fit trail runner with a kind soul, her music is real and sweetly textured as she sings about love, life and finding the one who truly gets her.

Inspired by artists such as Phoenix, SZA, Beach House, Odesza, and Billie Holiday, her thrilling voice is crystal clear with so much love and pureness, each note streams vividly into your content mind with an elite sound that will have you shaking in delight.

This is the story about being past the pettiness and chasing anyone, your mind is made up on where you want to go and that is what you are going to do no matter what.

You feel her vocal delivery in the deepest parts of your fragile bones, as they eagerly creak a little bit with her powerful tone that sparkles like the stars at night. This is a quality artist who has been manifesting her energies during this bleak time in the world – as you feel her time is coming to shine bright – while you close you eyes in delight at her wonderful talent.

Shure Thing‘ from San Francisco’s terrific indie-pop artist Lindsey Marie, is a glorious single about being so focused that she doesn’t have time for just anyone, as he reaches for what her dreams are up above. She has no time for games and puts together a special single here that shows her growing independence that is mightily impressive.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New Love: Monet feels the special energy within on his ‘Time Travel’

As he sings with such passion and class, Monet is confident that he is going to find that elusive waterfall that will fulfill him forever, with his new special love right beside him on ‘Time Travel‘.

Monet is a captivating indie-soul/pop singer-songwriter who is inspired greatly by nature, drawing inspiration from mountains, forests and the seaside as he performs with such uplifting energy, that has your mind drifting into space to find the right answer.

This is the story of a future that was so uncertain just a short time ago but now he feels totally different – as this mysterious new love is making his heart beat so fast – as he hopes that this will be the one he has been waiting for.

You feel his world class voice stay in perfect melody the whole time, as the beat takes you to places you haven’t felt for so long. His vocal ability is quite outstanding and you just know that this is a special artist, who hasn’t even reached his full potential yet.

Self-written and with top shelf production by Grammy nominated vocal producer Simon Cohen and ARIA Chart producer JhayC, Monet has cleverly constructed a song that is so beautiful and striking to your inner senses.

Time Travel‘ from Australian-based singer-songwriter Monet, is a story about knowing that the hardest days are gone, as you look into their soul knowing that only good times are ahead, with a new love that you feel is the right one.

Stream this wonderful song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Harry Bodley-Scott offers solidary to anyone locked in a cycle of unhealthy idealisation with ‘Instagram’

Harry Bodley-Scott tends lyrically delve deeper than most singer-songwriters, the London-residing artist’s latest indie-pop single, ‘Instagram’, is the perfect example.

While it is no revelation that social media can be an alienating toxic cesspit, the evocative indie pop rap vocals paint a poignant picture of just how unhealthy being locked in a cycle of idealisation can be. Whether you feel empathy or solidarity, you’re sure to feel something while lyrical blows such as ‘I’m in love you, but you’re just a fucking idea now’ hit.

The sparsely accordant instrumentals leave plenty of room for the vulnerability and honesty for Harry Bodley-Scott’s vocals to lure you into the progressive single which may have started in the archetypal acoustic pop genre, but as the track grooves towards the outro, you’ll start to pick up on reminiscences to the likes of the 1975.

Instagram officially released on February 26th; you can hear it for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Allanah Jeffreys – Alone: Ensnaring Alt-Electro-Pop

At the age of 16, Allanah Jeffreys has already graced hundreds of stages across America and performed alongside some of Canada’s most luminary artists. Her latest pop-rock single, ‘Alone’ is a minefield of ensnaring hooks, unapologetic attitude and all too relatable emotion. But you’ll find it pretty hard to feel apathetic about isolation as you listen to the galvanising feat of dance-pop run through.

Alone isn’t just a radio-ready single. It’s a platinum record-ready release that will undoubtedly disrupt the negative narratives around loneliness as we wait to emerge as social creatures once more. Alone may allude to a particular kind of absence, but after the 12 months we’ve all had, it’s safe to assume that plenty of people will find resonance in the lyrics projected by Allanah Jeffreys’ dynamically fierce vocals.

Alone is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ready To Explore: England’s exquisite dreamy-pop artist Bow wants it all on enchanting new single ‘Three’

With her stunning voice so captivating as she naturally makes you nod your head in approval, Bow opens her eyes wide to show that she is ready to take the next step on ‘Three‘.

Bow is a highly determined and sensationally-voiced indie dream-pop singer-songwriter from the South Coast of England. She makes that sweetly textured and truly uplifting soundscape, that is inspired deep within from her fathers love for music.

Her voice makes you shiver slightly – each word sung is so thrilling and intoxicating – your mind races and you can’t help but sing with her, as you curiously wonder how far she can really go to achieve her wildest dreams.

This is the romantic story about having that deep feeling for the person you care for so intently – you have taken things slow and now its time to fully immerse your hearts together as one – as your mind is made up and you want to feel everything they feel. Your love is so pure and this is all you think about as you gaze into each others eyes, your lips close and eyes immersed tightly, like you have been together for years.

Three‘ from England’s authentic indie-pop artist Bow, is a hypnotizing journey through the moments that you truly treasure as your body and connection transfixes each other to radiate a glow so pure, you smile deeply like you are in total bliss.

Music really does make the world go around if you let it into your inner soul, so it can lather your senses and never let go. Bow gets it and will go as far as her imagination allows.

Hear this fresh song from this incredible talent on her Spotify and see more as she rises up on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen