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Lillibet explores patriotism through a new lens in her soul-pop single, ‘Kingdom’

After her debut single, I Love You When I’m Drunk, was met with rapturous acclaim; there was plenty of anticipation of what Lillibet’s sophomore single would bring. The feisty indie soul-pop track, Kingdom, certainly didn’t disappoint. The Milton Keynes-hailing singer-songwriter surpasses Winehouse in terms of attitude and experimentalism while offering the same soulful connection and rich and resonant vocals.

Paradoxically, Lillibet exudes the grace of a Parisian chanteuse while simultaneously carrying the grit of our modernity in the socially aware single that shows England through the lens of an immigrant’s eyes. Regardless of how many times you listen to Kingdom, you will continue to take something new from the single. The wit-soaked meta lyrics weave through stunning parables that are powerful enough to shift dim-witted perspectives.

Kingdom is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

James Jones – Christmas Passed (Feat. Olawale)

When you can count supporters as diverse as Eamonn Holmes and the great Dave Swarbrick, something’s clearly going well for you; James Jones had his first gig at the age of 11 as a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra of London at Cardiff International Arena. Since then he’s gone on to support Swarbrick, his childhood inspiration, and performed at the BBC Proms In The Park.

‘Christmas Passed’ is Jones’ new single, from his album of classical and jazz-inspired pop songs due for release on the 29th December; featuring the wonderful vocals of Olawale Ojo (the winner of Project Fame West Africa) over Jones’ beautiful fingerstyle mildly jazzy classical guitar accompaniment. It’s an exquisite piece of work, the melody line of the guitar perfectly complimenting Ojo’s sublime voice, never intrusive but shadowing and balancing in a stunning counterpoint.

Hear ‘Christmas Passed’ on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

Lea Keeley has released her mindfully meta RnB single ‘Who You Are’

Lea Keeley has released her self-produced soul-infused RnB Pop hit ‘Who You Are’, it’s an irrefutable invitation to find some perspective and get to know yourself while you get acquainted with an inspiringly meta singer-songwriter.

We’ve all had plenty more time for introspection lately, one major drawback is the increased amount of time to find doubts and fear. Lea Keeley’s succinctly mindful single is powerful enough to wrangle stray strings of sanity while it persuasively affirms that any trust you place within your own mind, desire and determination is well invested if you look for signs of synchronicity.

You can check out Who You Are for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stükenberg calls for socio-political peace with their idyllically transformative single ‘Blind Unity’

US Indie multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer and Grammy-nominated songwriter Stükenberg’s latest release “Blind Unity” operates on a celestial level. Hit play and you’ll feel the pure weight of the emotion it contains crawl beneath your ribs as you drink in the idyllic peace-inspiring tone.

The mellow progressions prop up Stükenberg’s resounding vocals as they bring harmony to the conversational lyricism which offers so much imagery Blind Unity becomes so much more than an aural experience.

His succinct way of reflecting reality and commonality back at you is practically unparalleled. Emotion and introspection are fed in fragments, but together, they weave an intricate tapestry which illustrates the frustrations of navigating 2020. Ultimately, Blind Unity is an invitation to put rise above the hysterical partisan ideals and misconceptions which is tearing our society apart more than whoever is sitting in the White House ever could.

You can check out Blind Unity which is part of Stükenberg’s 2020 album Double Plus Panic via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Piff Cherry has released her distinctively seductive genre-mashing track “Ride”

The first few pensive notes in Piff Cherry’s recently released single Ride set you up for a stylistic feat of Indie in the same vein as the likes of the National. Yet, the ever-evolving soundscape was given free rein without the constraints of genre boundaries.

With elements of Hip Hop, Indie, Pop and NeoSoul all weaved into the short and sweet mix, it’s dynamically captivating from start to finish. There’s little room to wonder why Piff Cherry has garnered plenty of hype with her distinctively seductive sound. The contrast between the plaintive keys and the sharp rattle of the Trap-style beats adds enough depth to Ride that it’s all too easy to sink into.

You can check out Piff Cherry’s single Ride for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Annie Green – Butterfly: Accordantly Mellifluous 21st-Century Soul Pop

Up and coming RnB Pop artist Annie Green has recently released her accordantly mellifluous single “Butterfly”. The soulfully-rendered single brings Soul right into the 21st Century with the pitch-perfect Pop finish, yet, the roots of the genre are still palpable within the soundscape.

The warm and inviting track is extremely efficacious at stripping tension as you appreciate the ease and the fluidity in the progressions. There’s also plenty of poetry to pick out of the metaphysical lyrics which may at first seem a little archetypal for a track pertaining to this genre. Yet, Annie Green’s nuanced talents shine through before you get the outro and leave you well and truly under the impression that we’ll hear plenty more intoxicating Soul Pop earworms from her in the future.

Don’t just watch this space. Show her some love. You can check out Annie Green’s latest single Butterfly for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hatty Keane – Diggin’ You: Stylistically Fierce Retro Soul

Breaking Neo-Soul artist Hatty Keane has proven that soul and attitude can go hand in hand with her strikingly Funk-soaked latest single “Diggin’ You”.

From the first few notes in the prelude, you’re immersed in the snappy electronic beats which are joined by smooth Jazz licks until the instrumentals reach peak momentum and you’re well and truly locked into the magnetic groove of Diggin’ You.

Any fans of Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith and Lana Del Ray will undoubtedly see the appeal in this firestorm of a radio-ready hit. Yet, you can expect plenty more than assimilation.  You’ll never have heard anything quite like Hatty Keane’s stylistically fierce approach to Retro Soul before.

As Diggin’ You is the first track to be released from Hatty Keane’s EP “Nostalgia”, you’ll definitely want her on your radar.

You can check out Diggin’ You by heading over to Spotify where you’ll also find Hatty Keane’s previously released singles.

Review by Amelia Vandergast