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Joe Astley – Revolution Postponed: Nuancedly Captivating Indie Folk Rock

"REVOLUTION POSTPONED" Written and Performed by Joe Astley***** - UK Songwriting Contest "As soon as I saw the video and heard the song, I had to have Joe on the show" - Mike Sweeney, BBC Radio Manchester"Revolution Postponed dutifully explores the current state of the world." - Michael Hall, Radio WarringtonProduced by Gareth Nuttall - The Lounge Recording Studio📷 Video by Ryan Connor

Slået op af Joe Astley i Fredag den 6. december 2019

With a debut album due to be released in 2020, there’s no better time to jump on the hype of the captivating sharpness found in Joe Astley’s nuanced Indie Folk Rock songwriting.

If anyone can be accurately referred to this generation’s Billy Bragg, it’s Joe Astley. It says a lot about the lack of societal progression that those lyrics could have been written 40 years ago. But the arrestive resonance in the aural mirror which is held up to our society could only have come from an artist writing in our 21st century bleakly unbalanced country.

With vocals which will crawl under your ribs and intensely rhythmic melodies, Revolution Postponed came together as a track which offered that rare unifying aural radicalism which we desperately need on the airwaves right now. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who appreciates the up and coming artist’s distinctive sound. He’s also been championed by BBC Radio Manchester’s Mike Sweeney, and Radio Warrington’s Michael Hall.

Morrissey may have let the North down, but Joe Astley is more than capable of picking up where he left off.

You can check Joe Astley’s performance of Revolution Postponed at the Lounge Recording Studio via Facebook. Or you can listen to the track via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Conor Mac – Atlantis: The Artist Putting Jangle-Pop into Indie Folk Rock

If you get hit by that sweet warm tingling feeling when you listen to an Indie Folk Rock track you know you’ve found an absolute gem. There may be swathes of people attempting to stand out in the genre, yet Northern Ireland-based singer songwriter Conor Mac stood out by a country mile with his debut single Atlantis. His jangly guitar progressions accompanied by the deep reverberant basslines and light piano melodies came together as a work of aural alchemy. With Conor Mac’s vocals and poignantly piercing lyrics combined, you can be sure that you’ll knee deep into the track before you realise how entrenched you are in the delicate yet heavily weighted composition.

You can check out Conor Mac’s single, along with his latest single releases for yourself by heading to SoundCloud now. If you like your Rock a little heavier and infused with a pinch of Post Punk ‘Horns’ is a sensationally cataclysmic track which rolls with a relentless fluidity which I’m sure most Indie Rock artists on the scene to day couldn’t keep up with.

Review by Amelia Vandergast