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Don’t Get Trapped: Iisaac bravely breaks the chains away on 2nd single ‘Set Me Free’

After impressing us all with his recent dynamic debut single ‘Tired Of You‘, Iisaac tells us the story about fighting to be truly loved and free in his own mind so he can love without fear of control again with ‘Set Me Free‘.

Isaac Hernandez aka Iisaac, is an indie RnB/Soul artist who sings about things which truly matter in his life. He performs with a sterling blend of courageous lyrics, mixed with a tremendous vocal elegance.

Previously a creator of Indie and Alternative music, he has returned to creating music after taking a break from it. Realizing that making music was his passion, iisaac refuses to let anything or anyone stand in his way.” ~ Iisaac

With a crisply layered lofi-energy and peacefully intertwined vocals which has all his pain wrapped inside so we can enter into his mind, of those days when he though that true freedom was just a fairyland imagination from a movie. The world was harsh before but he broke out after smartly finding the missing keys, to enter into a world that he really cares about.

Set Me Free‘ from the youthful RnB solo artist Iisaac, is an emotional single that has you looking around to wonder how many others feel like he does. With too many manipulative humans around that try and lock you away in their own corner, he has decided to rather fly away from the bad energy forever. Being happy when you look in the mirror, is the only way to really enjoy life after all.

Hear this brand new Spotify track and see his movements via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

iisaac channels hypnagogia in his debut lo-fi single, ‘Tired of You’

The title to iisaac’s debut single, Tired of You, might be cutting and direct, but sonically, it’s a totally different story. The melodic lo-fi indie trap release sticks to the dreamier tones on the palette while iisaac feeds his whispered gentle vocals into the soundscape.

If Elliott Smith used 808s, the aural result wouldn’t be a far cry from what you can expect to sink into you when you hit play on the hazily cathartic release. There’s also an artful touch that almost strikes reminiscence to art-rock artists such as Thom York yet, with the originality, iisaac poured into this expression of exhaustion, nothing feels assimilative. Everything resonates with a sincerity that leaves you eager to hear more from the candidly soulful artist whose sound is sure to be a hit with fans of Portishead.

Tired of You is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast