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MACK delivered the ultimate hyper-pop indie hip-hop track, U COMING WITH ME?

The New Jersey-hailing hyper-pop hit maker MACK has launched another infectious hip-hop-pop-punk fusion with their latest single, U COMING WITH ME? Currently, the 20-year-old artist is known for winning the Write Out Loud songwriting contest hosted and judged by Taylor Louderman; it is only a matter of time before her accolades are 100% independent.

With an earworm of a melody that won’t quit until you have immersed yourself repeatedly in the alt-indie pop guitars, body-rocking pop beats and vocal lines you’d go to the ends of the earth to hear again, the single is a powerfully vulnerable hit that inhibits nothing.

So when MACK poses the titular question, it is hard to envisage anyone not falling head over heels for her talent that has seen her original music break the 1 million stream mark with her original music across all platforms.

Lyrically, the track encompasses the insecurities that can transpire when someone shows unconditional affection but long-lingering and intrinsic complexes make us feel unworthy. It’s an incredibly popular phenomenon, not that the airwaves would let you believe it. MACK isn’t just pushing sonic boundaries. She is bringing in a new wave of lyrical candour too.

U COMING WITH ME? along with the EP, WHEN DOES IT GET BETTER?, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mars Alva shares the euphoria of escaping toxic relationship dynamics in his latest alt hyper-pop single, Erase

Here to prove that there is nothing sweeter than the euphoria of breaking free from a toxic relationship dynamic is the alternative Houston, TX artist Mars Alva, with his latest indie hyper pop single, Erase. It is a markable sonic shift from his spacey single, CRASH!, which came four months prior. The raw nature of the lyricism necessitated the off-kilter production that reflects the tumultuousness of dissonance gifted by narcissists.

Erase looks back on the love-bombing stage of a relationship, where the facades that were painted on thick soon started to slip. Upliftingly, Alva supercharged his release with the visceral energy that manifests when the only regret you have from walking away is the time and energy you wasted. Even if you haven’t been there yourself, you will still get the rush from this sonic firestorm, influenced by the 1975, Kanye, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd.

The official music video for Erase will premiere on October 14th. Catch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Roman. & Ella Shreiner brought the intensity out in each other in the HipHop/EDM Pop mash-up ‘Mortality’.

In the most momentous hip hop & EDM pop mash-up of the year Roman. and Ella Shreiner brought a brand-new intensity out in each other. ‘Mortality’ is just one of the tracks to feature on Roman.’s debut album, Own World (20 Pages); icons have ended up on the hip hop map for far less.

After an immediate introduction to the soul in Shreiner’s vocal timbre, the single picks up even more gravity when Roman.’s realism-soaked bars kick in. Instead of launching scathing attacks on the usual insidious aspects of our existence, the up-and-coming rapper kept it resonant by highlighting the flaws in the hoop-jumping music industry, in turn, he gave the promise that he will always keep it real.

Check out the alchemic collab for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hyper Pop Hip Hop: Rufio Spenz – Adesanya

Hip Hop got a higher vibe with the release of LA-based artist Rufio Spenz’ latest energetic hyper-pop-tinged single, Adesanya, which proves that in our 21st-century, there’s no need to splinter our culture. If everyone could put their differences aside with their love of the Prodigy, they can do the same for the former punk and metal frontman who has transformed his sonic palette in line with the contemporary genre-melting times.

By fusing elements of West Coast hip hop with 90s alt-rock and dance-pop and running them through his melodic hooks, Rufio Spenz finally gave Labrinth some competition.

Adesanya is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast