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Vince Neel drops a house track we wish we could listen to in a club right now with ‘Lost Your Mind’

DJ and house producer Vince Neel has just released ‘Lost Your Mind’ – a 3:40 club-throbbing track with a title that perhaps feels a little too on the nose since we’re, well, still unable to lose our minds at the club. 

‘Lost Your Mind’ is a strong showing from this Munich house spinner. A mildly ominous bassline builds enough excited suspense before dropping into the first groove and giving a taste of what’s to come. Once things really get in the groove, the track’s vocals – leaning heavily on the house genre’s trademark chops – provide a syncopation that fits well in the beat’s pocket. helping it rise like well baked bread to its snare snapping apex.

Vince Neel’s tight production helps set ‘Lost Your Mind’ apart from a majority of house releases in the last month – it’s just a shame we can’t listen to this at a club anytime soon. Rest assured though, it’s going on the quarantine rave playlist. 

You can like and listen to Vince Neel’s ‘Lost Your Mind’ on his YouTube


Figgis has dropped a brand new EP ‘Movement’

Figgis has released his five-track collection ‘Movements’ bringing in many elements from the sound of EDM house.

Each track specialising in it’s own sound, having a different style and tending to keep that energetic flow pulsing out of every second. Combining many sound effects to flow through and bounce off one another to give it that beat that gets you moving.

Using the use of repeating lyrics in a more high-pitched tone over the top, whilst adding in that fast pace melody that tends to lead to a drop in the beat, to get the heart-pumping as the beat picks up the pace and begins to get louder.

Some tracks stand out more than others, ‘Yesterday’s Dance’ is one that is a killer tune, it has a lot more of an impact as you listen, the build-up of suspense, with the powerful drum beat as the electronic style effects begin to disperse. Then adding in the distortion, as the melody begins to fade in and out and this eerie sound begins to take over.

Listen to Figgis EP Movements by heading on over to HERE now.

Review by Karley Myall


Charles Hansen has dropped an aural EDM monster we can all relate to with “Quarantine Distress”

Synths don’t come much friendlier than the eccentrically accessible notes in the aural monster of an EDM mix “Quarantine Distress” by Charles Hansen which was released on March 26th.

The funky vibrant mix may bet short and sweet, but the instrumental track is entrancingly energetic from start to finish. Charles Hansen typically sticks to composing more melodically transient tracks. Yet, Quarantine is an organically uplifting mix which will be more than efficacious at pulling you out of your own isolated funk.

Finding Electronic Dance producers who offer personality and soul through their tracks may not be an easy feat, but Charles Hansen has more than made up for that shortage. It may not fix the current hand sanitizer and toilet paper scarcity, but any discerning EDM fans will agree that danceable euphoric earworms are just as essential.

You can check out Charles Hansen’s latest release Quarantine Distress for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


PowerStateFailure – The Selector: A Hauntingly Fitting Acid House Tribute to Andrew Weatherall

Just one minute into PowerStateFailure’s latest single “The Selector (A Tribute to Andrew Weatherall)”, tears affirmed just how fitting the ode was.

For those unaware, Andrew Weatherall was a British artist, DJ, producer and a pivotal part of the Acid House movement in the 80s. His tragic passing in February 2020 made us all too aware of how much he contributed to the music industry. His deft touch was put upon cult classics by artists such as Happy Mondays, New Order, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine.

After hearing PowerStateFailure’s tribute, I’m fairly sure Acid House Electronica has never come with such a pensively arresting feel. The Selector perfectly captures the industrious grassroots energy which surrounded the take-off of the Acid House era. It’s a nostalgia trip of how much life Acid House brought to the bleak Thatcher years. Yet, the single sits perfectly on contemporary airwaves and playlists.

With the haunting atmospheric tones, this reflective tribute will leave a lingering resonance long after the 6-minute track has faded to a close.

You can check out PowerStateFailure’s track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Johnny Paradiso – Hypermisery: Volatile in Nature, Transcendent in Tone Alt EDM

Even the concept of hypermisery is beguiling and thought-provoking. Yet, with his release “Hypermisery”, Johnny Paradiso has created a soundscape which will speak to more than your mind.

Prepare for your rhythmic pulses to be arrested by this progressive feat of experimental electronica. For their debut single, Johnny Paradiso merged elements from a myriad of styles to create a melting pot of danceable euphoria.

Once you find the groove in the mix which is volatile in nature but transcendent in tone, the entrancing essence to the soundscape is all too easy to latch onto. Any fans of ahead of the curve EDM will undoubtedly want to take the time to explore the ingenuity of this artist. He’d go down a storm in Berghain.

You can check out Johnny Paradiso’s debut single Hypermisery featuring Tradavious for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Atlas Finch – Telling You No: Lyrically Raw, Instrumentally Euphoric Indie Dance Pop

Some tracks you simply listen to, some tracks consume you as you hit play. Up and coming Electronic Pop artist Atlas Finch’s standout single “Telling You No” falls into the latter category.

In all honesty, I’m not accustomed to finding lyricism which emotionally stings in Electronic music. But Atlas Finch penned a potent serving for Telling You No.

The humbly candid lyrics versed through nuanced Indie Pop style vocals fall into perfect synergy with the energetic yet undemanding Dance Pop beats. By infusing elements of Hip Hop and House into Telling You No, the track definitely isn’t without euphoric appeal. But in its essence, Telling You No is a sublimely soulful Pop mix tinged with an all too resonant and humanistic dose of melancholy.

You can check out Telling You No for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Not Together by House producer Paul Costello featuring Abigail Bailey & ItsAllAboutAaron: A tale of lost love and loneliness

Not Together, a house track produced by Paul Costello, sounds very nineties in its composition.  Throughout the piece there is a narrative, told in masculine and feminine voices, about lost love and how both participants have only found loneliness since becoming separated from one another.

The song talks of two lovers, who felt complete by simply being together, that have been left with palpable feelings of regret because they failed to say what was needed when their relationship fell into ruin.

Repetition, in words and music, work well for this minimalist track that shows our protagonists will never know they share an identical feeling of regret.

There is a sense of grief, for words left unsaid, laid down in lyrics that feel calm despite talk of surviving stormy weather. Both parties know they’ve lost something, pieces of themselves that made them better people, and are trying to become whole again.

For many of us, the subject matter contained within this track is all too relatable.

Review By Lisa Knight


House Producer and DJ Nate C. The Chief releases latest single ‘Sucka’

Buckle your seatbelts, down that shot and, as a safety measure, you may want to secure your head!!! The Veteran DJ Nate.C The Chief is at it again.

‘Sucka’, Nate C. The Chief’s latest offering is a fresh and delicious cocktail of House, Trance, and Hip Hop, with nods to Busta Rhymes, Bassment Jaxx and David Guetta. His gritty vocal call to action and artful use of electronic beats and hypnotic baselines guide the listener unaware to an intoxicating, mind bending crescendo, guaranteed to displace even the very shyest wallflower and plant them squarely in the middle of the dance floor.

This clever mixture of old school riffs, new school tricks and, the ingenious blurring of traditional musical regional lines will please the club going masses greatly and secure a spot on the list of must-hear club anthems in 2020. If jumping dance floors is what Nate C. Is known for, then by jove, a lot of jumping is exactly what he is set to get.

Check out Nate C’s fantastic new release yourself over at Souncloud now.

Review by Susan Harriott


Clean Bandit – Symphony feat Zara Larsson SYSTEM KIDS Remix

Up and coming producer SYSTEM KIDS has put their deft touch on a myriad of iconic contemporary Dance hits. Yet, the perfect introduction to their sound is their sticky-sweet reimagining of the viral hit “Symphony” from Clean Bandit featuring vocals from Zara Larsson.

The mix amplifies the euphoric ecstasy which found in the original, making the soundscape even brighter, even more visceral, and infinitely more danceable. Straight from the first verse, you’re thrown into a high-octane Dance Mix which offers nuanced additions of House and Trance.

The Symphony remix stands as a testament to SYSTEM KIDS production skills. It’s only a matter of time before the world becomes just as enamoured by their stylish approach to EDM as we are.

You can check out the remix for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Philip STEVENSON – Where’s My Mind? featuring Emarie:

If you’re always on the lookout for new nostalgic Trance-laced House mixes to get your euphoric fix, look no further than the standout release “Where’s My Mind?” from EDM artist and producer Philip STEVENSON.

Even though there’s plenty of accessibility within the mix which will throw you right back to the golden era of Trance, there’s also a heavy serving of spacey futurism. The effortlessly smooth vocals from Emarie brought transcendent energy to Where’s My Mind? and made it all too easy to get caught up in the mellifluous danceable rhythms.

While it felt that there was an excess of reverb and effects in part, the structure and momentum put behind Where’s My Mind is an affirmation that the up and coming EDM producer has plenty to offer to the airwaves.

You can check out Where’s My Mind for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast