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Roy Dae speeds in with the the striking ‘One of Them Ones’

Rapper Roy Dae speeds in with his latest effort called ‘One of Them Ones‘.

Former Pro Basketball player and now emcee, Roy Dae, first began to gain traction in the music business with his previous street banger ‘Rolex Diamonds‘. He returns with this new release and shows a growing wordsmith who is very confident in his abilities. He sets the mood here on this one and is worried that a girl wants to tie him down. He is in no mood for this and feels like this is his time.

She wants to be with you so bad but you like being single, this is your moment in the music career and you know you will have time for that later. Things could be bumpy as you are great together but you like being free and partying wherever and whenever you like.

One of Them Ones‘ from rapper Roy Dae flows in with a tight Hip Hip track with lots of trap influences. It will be fascinating to see if this artist evolves or stays with this sound.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Digital Dan rides through to see if the ladies follow through on ‘Baguettes In The Mouth’

The mysteriously brilliant artist Digital Dan aka Danny Digital aka Don Danny slides in with the stylishly smooth Hip Hop single ‘Baguettes In The Mouth‘.

After 3 years in the game, this is one of his best songs yet. Featuring a raw start, getting out there that lots of people like to talk but can they back it up? Talk is cheap and you wonder if what you are saying now will follow through later on in life, or never.

Digital Dan breaks this song into two and I like the way he starts off with the build up and sees what happens at the end. He definitely got his answer it feels like. Some people go quiet and others stepped up to back their talk.

It feels like Dan knows what he wants and ‘Baguettes In The Mouth‘ is a quality Hip Hop track from the artist who seems like is getting better and better. Perspective and self-awareness has propelled him to make music that is real.

Streaming on Soundcloud will up your soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scoot Feat Balmane – My Whoadie; An unbesmirched colossal hit

No matter the way you might wanna slice this one, you can deny the fact that Scoot put up a pack of uptight technical doggedness to further reveal the level at which he so much relishes in the clarity of his impeccable rap prowess.

Scoot, with the collective effort of Balmane, practically served us a fine wine in perfect nature of a song right on this track; you might as well drink to get drunk if you can smell already the “whoadie” that’s been cooked up by this two artist, yeah that’s my “Word-ie”.

The song’s instrumental is a gorgeous array of warm sound and thump that’s carefully synthesized and repeatedly leathered in a reverb. The dexterity of the well-penned lyrics of this song alone is glorious.

On a lighter note, when you’re clogged with zero burden and nothing to worry about, you’ll literally throw dab severally throughout the whole four minutes playtime of this song.

The flow of the song: check. The lyrics of the song: check. The vocals: check. The catchy rap line: check. That trumping beat: OMG double check!

Have you still got any iota of doubt on how true this can be? Do yourself a favour and cop this legit smash hit and get your dabbing skills levelled up.


Taj-95 – Releases Skillful Hip-Hop Track “Diamonds Dancin”

This artist so much skillfully referenced contemporary icons in his song “Diamonds Dancin”, it’s not too hard to affirm that this is exactly a true story because it’s obvious and crystal clear from the moment the first chord of this music was strummed.

Taj-95 must have probably gotten his musical influence from Wiley and Nelly because his annunciation, delivery and music swag takes a cue from the conspicuous tactfulness of those two aforementioned incredible rappers. Mirroring almost exactly Nelly’s apt delivery and having that thick deep kind of voice like Wiley’s is apparently what makes the texture of this song appear so sexy and irresistible.

More so, it’ll be nice to add that Taj is refreshingly different and unique in his own special way as well. If there’s a medal of honour to present to this artist, it will most definitely be; being able to have great taste in music and a good ear to identify great beat and at the same time being able to produce something magnificent with it after a plethora of different the studio sessions.

A rollercoaster rhythm that sets in whilst the song gathers up its momentum is also a special trait to this great song that shouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry.

In Summary; “Diamonds Dancin” is a hyperactive rap song that’s smoothly delivered by an artist that’s endowed with a really sexy deep bass vocals and as for the records; there’s not an iota of transatlantic distortion that succeeded in ridding this song of its element of quality.