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Hawaiian Hip hop royalty Mac Foreign reaps the rewards of that hustle with a purpose on, ‘God Works’

Taken from his February 2022-released 14-track album ‘Love Hard 2‘, Mac Foreign shows us all that if you have the right mentality, anything is really possible once you know your true value with the visuals for, ‘God Works‘.

Morris A Clarke IV aka Mac Foreign is a 28-year-old Mākaha, Hawaii-based indie Hip hop artist and business mogul who is a prolific artist with 10 albums released so far.

This song meant more to me because not only did my mom intro on the song but she also engineered the session! And me being me I actually went back and recorded the hook in my grandma’s house and placed it in the track just so that real energy could be captured no matter what.” ~ Mac Foreign

With a hustle mentality and his clear love for an art form that he is surely mastering, Mac Foreign is in exemplary form with a phenomenal display that skillfully brushes away the hater bandits, who just detest him because they gave up when the going got tough.

God Works‘ from Mākaha, Hawaii-based indie Hip hop artist/business mogul Mac Foreign is an excellent track that shall inspire you to make sure that you keep your dreams alive and never sell out no matter what figure they throw at you. Putting faith in his skills and never giving up has clearly paid dividends, as we are treated to a top-notch display from an artist who is looking at the bigger picture.

Keeping that respect of those close who believed in him first, this is an absolute anthem made from the heart that should show you that anything is actually attainable if you have that drive and determination to succeed where others failed.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only See A Shadow: Oakland-based hip-hop artist Mellay kicks back and reminisces about a past love on ‘Rewind’

Inspired by Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, and the late-great Mac Miller, Mellay remembers when he was with someone who took his confidence away for a short time, but still wishes they had more time together as the sparks were raging hot on ‘Rewind‘.

Mellay is an Oakland, California-based Asian hip-hop artist, music producer and visual artist who is originally from Hawaii.

While most hip hop artists keep their flaws hidden behind confidence, Mellay lets them shine through his music.” ~ Mellay

He has a quality-lit flow and seems to possess that old school mentality through his rhymes, as he raps with a rare confidence and certain conviction of his ever-evolving abilities. It feels like you are listening to an underground legend who is only going to improve on each track, as his voice keeps that cool consistent edge throughout this gem of a release.

His unique ability to let his guard down allows him to stand out as an artist that many can relate to, something that has become less and less common in today’s roster of rising artists.” ~ Mellay

Rewind‘ from the Oakland-based hip-hop artist Mellay, is a well-made track with a catchy chorus, a sizzling beat and bars filled with some smoothly layered lyrics that take you back to the classic days of this classic genre. This is the type of introspective track to lay back with as you think back to when you were with someone who made your heart beat, but couldn’t see yourself being with long-term.

Sometimes your memory takes you to places you have forgotten about before, as you smile and gaze to the skies to wonder who will be the next romantic soul in your life.

Check out the new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fill Em Up: STAR stacks up the Benjamin’s on ‘Boxes On Boxes’ (ft. Aktion and StreetPlug)

The young rapper with a shining flow and that money-make hunger named STAR, stacks them up to the brim on ‘Boxes On Boxes‘ (ft. Aktion and StreetPlug).

STAR is a fast-rising Honolulu, Hawaii hip-hop artist, who makes that new school flashy kind of rap that tells you how it is all the time, without any need for clues, as he shows you exactly what he intends to do with his quick-fire rap delivery skills.

This is the story of showing that you are ready for the next level. you crew is with you tight, as the deliveries are happening quick and on time, so the watches need to be synced to perfection for this to work out with no drama.

His style is to the point and with this team of more than capable co-artists on his side this round, this is a track you have be sharp to stay in tune with, as they show us how business needs to be done in order to be successful.

Boxes On Boxes‘ (ft. Aktion and StreetPlug) from Honolulu, Hawaii rapper STAR, is a statement of intent from an artist with lots on his mind, as he ships out the cargo that bring in he dough, his flow getting more and more ambitious after every flight, as he soars free on his own terms. Big label connections await.

See this paper stacked video on YouTube and follow more visuals via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Taurean Meacham – Checks Over Stripes feat Aka J. Gatsby

Checks Over Stripes is the latest mantra-filled track from Hip Hop newcomer Taurean Meacham featuring Aka J. Gatsby which pays ode to 80s Hip Hop while bringing introspective wisdom that anyone in 2020 will be humbled by.

The steady rhythmic grind runs through at an arresting pace to allow each syllable to sink in and resonate as Taurean Meacham commands that you stay real, forget the hype and “do it for the love, not the likes”. Every artist needs this groundingly ensnaring track on their playlists. The beats are the hypnotic and the lyrics are practically prophetic.

You can check out Checks Over Stripes by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Smart Moves And Pretty Words

Anyone who begins in Damien Rice’s minimalistic territory, slowly shifts up a gear into psych driven, cosmic Americana and finds room for blistering alt-rock guitar work outs, all in the space of three and a half minutes is someone that you really need to keep on your “ones to watch” list. Eli Smart’s Pretty Words, No More Words is a song built on simple lines and hypnotic and repetitive phrases, but it is the continuous layering up, texturising and dynamic growth of the song that is the real joy here.

By twists and turns it offers something new at every step, you can feel the weight of the song gradually growing but doing so organically, a gentle blossoming rather than being forced anywhere against its will. There is something wonderfully detached and remarkably loose about the sound Eli Smart creates here but it is also flooded with acid tinged psychedelic waves washing in from the darker underbelly of California’s lost hippy dream. Very smart indeed!