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The love will be back: Florida indie-rock band Venture Motel bring back the optimistic energy on ‘Till the Summer’

Taken off their latest four-track EP called ‘Summer’s Over‘, Venture Motel open the door ‘Till the Summer‘ starts again on this vibrant new single, that will have you thinking about the best time of year.

Central Florida five-piece indie-rock act Venture Motel, fuse together that happy music that makes you fall in love, heals that broken heart faster and gives you a reason to be optimistic in this gloomy world. The vocals are crisp and loving, with the band pulling heartstrings with classy abandon.

His vocals give you a sense of reassurance as you close your eyes and imagine how sweet and simple things can be in this unnecessarily complicated time, full of gadgets and tools that are meant to bring us closer, but does the complete opposite.

The band stride in and leave a lasting impression with an assortment of sonic soundscapes, that replenishes your soul, breaks you free again to dance and listening to a quality outfit like this, brings you hope for better days again.

Till the Summer‘ from the lovable Florida indie rockers Venture Motel, gives us the key to what pure love should be all about. The catchy melodies transform your mood, you feel alive and remember that first time you saw their smiling face and wanted to be closer to them, learning all about what really makes them tick.

That feeling in your stomach never passes and you just know when they are the one. That summer love is the best and you can’t wait for it to happen again, as you promise yourself you will only sleep when its all over, as you don’t want to miss a second.

Hear this summer time groove on Spotify, YouTube and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Defying the odds: Blaine Sharp and Oz Noy send us a glorious message on lockdown-made ‘Merry Christmas’

Blaine Sharp and Oz Noy join forces to send through a happy festive song that celebrates a time that has been dark but the lights become brighter on ‘Merry Christmas‘. With Blaine on vocals, he is joined by renowned jazz guitarist Oz to bless our hearts with some old fashioned good music.

Canadian-born singer, actor and songwriter Blaine Sharp is now based in thriving Los Angeles and has spent large parts of his life in England, the United States and France too. He is a jazz-influenced performer with undeniable charm and his love for music is so easy to see.

The theater and film influenced creative has a sensational voice and he seems to grab your attention and doesn’t ever let go as he is so glorious to listen to. This is a song that wasn’t supposed to come out but it did anyway and celebrates a special time in most of our lives.

Jazz and blues together is such a wonderful mixture and when you add in a singer of this quality and a guitarist that is so skilled, it ends up being a holiday song of absolute class. This is exactly the type of music to play when family and friends are around and you need some soulful music to cheer you up.

‘I didn’t plan on releasing a single for Christmas this year but when I heard the lyric of this song I just had to do it, it’s been such a tough year and this song feels right’- Blaine Sharp

Click here to hear this fun song on Soundcloud and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The soulful Wonderson is quite brilliant on groovy debut track ‘Keep Loving You’

The soulful Wonderson is quite brilliant on debut track ‘Keep Loving You‘ and he sings with such pureness that is so welcome in 2020. There is purpose here on this excellent release.

This is a nod to that classic 60’s soul music feel and has a fresh spin to its creation. You can feel it, this is a song that is to be played at all times. This is fresh and fine, just how music was intended.

You are there for her and she is there for you. You love each other so much and will keeping on loving each other. When hope is gone, you will be there for each other. That is true love and the message here. When the world is grey and good friends drift away, that enteral love with her is all you need.

Wonderson shines bright like a light from the sky, he honest story of true love ‘Keep Loving You‘ is an ode to how things should be. Honesty and having a positive mindset is all that you require to be truly happy. Long live this message of keeping things simple and true, you don’t want to ever feel blue.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen