Defying the odds: Blaine Sharp and Oz Noy send us a glorious message on lockdown-made ‘Merry Christmas’

Blaine Sharp and Oz Noy join forces to send through a happy festive song that celebrates a time that has been dark but the lights become brighter on ‘Merry Christmas‘. With Blaine on vocals, he is joined by renowned jazz guitarist Oz to bless our hearts with some old fashioned good music.

Canadian-born singer, actor and songwriter Blaine Sharp is now based in thriving Los Angeles and has spent large parts of his life in England, the United States and France too. He is a jazz-influenced performer with undeniable charm and his love for music is so easy to see.

The theater and film influenced creative has a sensational voice and he seems to grab your attention and doesn’t ever let go as he is so glorious to listen to. This is a song that wasn’t supposed to come out but it did anyway and celebrates a special time in most of our lives.

Jazz and blues together is such a wonderful mixture and when you add in a singer of this quality and a guitarist that is so skilled, it ends up being a holiday song of absolute class. This is exactly the type of music to play when family and friends are around and you need some soulful music to cheer you up.

‘I didn’t plan on releasing a single for Christmas this year but when I heard the lyric of this song I just had to do it, it’s been such a tough year and this song feels right’- Blaine Sharp

Click here to hear this fun song on Soundcloud and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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